That’s his story. You wanna hear mine? Hmm? FP was a mess. He was stealing from the company and selling stuff on the side. All things considered, I was pretty generous. [So generous you didn’t give him a second chance?] Of course I did! You have no idea how many times I bailed that man out of jail. Son … when someone is drowning, you can try to save them.

Fic Rec Central UPDATED!

These are all the fics I reviewed in October! 

They’ve been added to the appropriate category(ies) in the Theme Rec: canon, friends to lovers, pining, PWP, fashion, fake boyfriends, supernatural, enemies to lovers, uni, time travel, musician, fics that made me cry, adventure, angst, crime, ABO, and banter


Taste of a Poison Paradise - REVIEW

Louis notices Harry’s mouth right away.

How Fast the Night Changes - REVIEW

“I’m sorry, Dominic. I’m-“ Harry tugs on his trousers again, finally getting them to slip over his arse. “I’m pretty sure my boyfriend would be opposed to me going on a date with someone else.”

Harry thinks he delivers the lie pretty convincingly but he doesn’t stop to check, reaching for the next shirt on his rack. Isn’t there supposed to be someone helping him with this?

Dominic stiffens at Harry’s words. “You have a boyfriend? Who is it?”

“That would be me,” an absolutely gorgeous man that Harry’s never seen in his life answers…

They Never Quite Leave - REVIEW

When Liam Payne inherited his great aunt’s mansion, he never expected it to be haunted. With the help of famous ghost hunters Harry and Niall, Liam is hoping to evict the ghost and sell the house once and for all.

There’s just one problem: Louis has been in that house for a hundred years, and he doesn’t much feel like leaving.

Alternatively; come for the ghost sex, stay for the feels.

Like You Hate Me - REVIEW

“You have poor taste for someone with the last name Styles,” he says, turning to show the back of his pants to Harry—the pants Harry had just stitched his name across last night to keep this type of thing from happening again.

Of course, he’s accomplished nothing but indirectly making himself pop a stiffy over Louis fucking Tomlinson.

The Impossible Now - REVIEW

A wish on Christmas Eve sends Louis to an alternate dimension where Harry is a member of One Direction.

Once Upon a Dream - REVIEW

Louis is psychic and gets caught in the middle of a murder investigation led by FBI Special Agent Harry Styles.

aka. the Medium/Criminal Minds-inspired AU no one ever asked for.

Cameras Flashing - REVIEW

With his breakout single platinum three times over and his second album still selling out in stores around the world, Louis Tomlinson has made it to the top. However, his position as Pop Heartthrob of the Decade is threatened by the edgier, more artistic Zayn, who happens to be releasing an album a week after Louis’ upcoming third. Louis needs something groundbreaking- scandalous, even- to push past him in the charts. Much to Louis’ dismay, his PR team calls in The Sexpert.

Consulting with PR firm Shady, Lane and Associates pays the bills so that Harry Styles can spend his down time doing what he really loves: poring over data. On weekends and late into the evenings, he researches gender, presentation, and sexual orientation, analysing the longitudinal study that is his father’s life’s work. That is, until his newest client, the popstar with the fascinating secret, drags him off his couch and frighteningly close to the spotlight.

As the album’s release date approaches, will Tomlinson and Styles be able to pull off the most risky PR scheme of the millennium and beat Zayn in sales or will the heat of their feelings for each other compromise everything?

and last but CERTAINLY not least, I want to give a huge shout out, thank you, and hug to every author, artist, and moderator involved with @30daysofsmut. You made October a FANTASTIC month, and gave so many people something wonderful and smutty to look forward to every day. Congratulations on your massive success, and I’ll be patiently (read: not patiently at all) waiting for the next edition :P 

If you haven’t checked it out or want to reread - Crave Me: The 30-Day Smut Challenge <3333


Great Central Railway Loughborough Leicestershire 4th May 2015 by loose_grip_99
Via Flickr:
The Bank Holiday service began this morning with Stanier 8F 2-8-0 48624 departing on the 10.00 from Loughborough. Rob seems to be looking far out from the cab for something, maybe the hi-vis of the photographer who had just walked up the line. Alongside in the Up Through is Class 08 diesel Jocko D3690 shunting stock.

YO i’ve got some stuff from the new darth maul comic lined up in my queue - everything’s tagged with ‘dm spoilers’ and ‘wednesday spoilers’ if you don’t wanna see it!