Three passenger trains at Aurora, Illinois on July 10, 1965:

Top: Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad Observation Car 483, named MINNEAPOLIS CLUB, on Train # 26, the eastbound North Coast Limited

Middle: Great Northern Railway Observation Car 1193, named ROCKY COULEE, on Train # 32, the Empire Builder

Bottom: New York Central Railroad Budd Observation Car 67 on the rear of CB&Q Train # 22, the Twin Cities Zephyr

Photos by Chuck Zeiler


Great Central Railway Loughborough Leicestershire 4th May 2015 by loose_grip_99
Via Flickr:
The Bank Holiday service began this morning with Stanier 8F 2-8-0 48624 departing on the 10.00 from Loughborough. Rob seems to be looking far out from the cab for something, maybe the hi-vis of the photographer who had just walked up the line. Alongside in the Up Through is Class 08 diesel Jocko D3690 shunting stock.

the eternal struggle

Me: OMG it’s so great that the central relationship of this series is a platonic friendship, so often stories rely way too heavily on romantic/sexual relationships in order to drive the plot or to create tension, I mean, platonic friendships are just as important and can be just as emotionally deep and harrowing as romances, UGH you never see this in anything I love it so much ;___;


Me: …but I would also like to see them bone


The Sarah Silverman Program’s tribute to the late Harris Wittels is heartbreaking

Harris Wittels fans know the late comedian got his start in Hollywood as a writer for The Sarah Silverman Program and that Silverman, in particular, took Wittels’ recent death fairly hard. That’s why it’s so sweet that Silverman, Rob Schrab, and the rest of cast and crew of the show put together a tribute to Wittels’ work on the show. It’s bittersweet, to say the least—especially with Silverman singing a sad Bright Eyes song over the closing montage—but also a funny look back at just how Wittels’ singular voice shaped so much of the show.

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