Joanna Dunford
Dorset, UK
iPhone 6 (96.5%) | Fuji X100 (3.5%)

What emotions do you intend to portray through your work?

Through my photography, I try to portray a feeling of solitude and loneliness.  Maybe also a feeling of bleakness by using some of the wide open spaces here in Dorset.  Most of my work is black and white and I find that the monochrome’s  really help me express these emotions.

What are your favourite places to shoot, and what unknown areas would you suggest that travellers visit in the South of England?

My favourite place to shoot is on the beach and preferably in winter. It makes for some quite moody scenes. Although lately I have been more spending my time along the Jurassic Coast, capturing the rugged cliffs.

There are so many touristy places to visit in Dorset (West Beach from the TV show Broadchurch is one of the biggest draws for tourists right now) and I am not sure if there are any ‘Non-touristy’ areas but the best advice I can give is to take a drive into the countryside and get a little lost. You are bound to discover something special.

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Instagram: @joanna
Twitter: @justjo


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Post made by: @oba_tayo