Does His Love Make Your Head Spin?? (Dally Imagine ((: )

Im literally so excited to write this holy shit. Thank you to the anon who sent this to me, thank you for the creative freedom and I hope you like it!!

I dated Dallas Winston for a year and seven months, that boy was the best thing that happened to me in a long time. I loved everything about him and He loved everything about me just quietly. I loved that about Dallas, if he loved you, you knew and that’s for sure but Dallas loved a little differently. He loved all the small things, underneath all his toughness and cold stares and his mile long record known for at least two county’s back, Dallas was passionate and observant. Dallas Winston was all I could ever ask for without knowing it. 
Dallas and I broke up six months ago, all his jail time was getting to me, all the nights he wouldn’t be home until three o’clock. I had no idea what Dallas was out doing and it was killing me to think he could be dead for all I knew. So I ended it, reluctantly. He made my head spin and I was crazy about him, He still consumes most of my thoughts but how could you blame me. I was in love with him long before he was mine. 
Currently I’m dating a guy named Aiden Smalls. He treats me real well and tells me he loves me all the time. I tell him I love him too but i pretend I’m telling t to Dallas. I did everything in my will to get myself to hate him but I just cant.
"Hi sweetheart, I’m home from work." Said Aiden as he walked in the door and sat down a bag of grocery’s. I smiled up at him from the couch and he bent down to give me a kiss. 
"I’m going to Bucks’ tonight with Sodapop and Darry, do you remember them?" I flipped through a magazine as he was in the kitchen.
"uh yeah…The Curtis boys right?"
"yup, that’s them"
"okay well I’m going out with a couple friends to so I guess that works out just fine." I sighed, Dallas was always protective over me even if I was just hanging out with people in his own gang. Aiden doesn’t really seem care what I do around boys. His trust in me makes me feel like he doesn’t care.When i would get mad at Dallas for not trusting me he would always say 'The best things come with time doll, trust is one of them.'
Aiden sat down next to me as I watched ’ I Love Lucy ’
Dallas would always say ‘oh look I Love (y/n) is on’ and then kiss me on the cheek. Aiden hasn’t said a word, I wish he would make conversation. God sometimes I think hes a sociopath. After thirty minutes of him sitting across the couch from me and occasional small laughs from his end I stood up and went to our room to get ready.   
Roughly an hour later The Curtis buys pulled up outside and honked their horn. i ran outside my heels making noise across the hard wood floors. 
"bye bye Aiden" I waved and then I was out. 
I hopped in to the car an immediately was crushed in hug from Sodapop. 
"hey there Soda." I smiled 
"Hey Doll, how have you been." 
"welp just chuggin along how about you guys?"
"Oh you know, same ol same ol, working a goofing around with the gang, causing trouble." 
"way to speak for yourself Sodapop" said Darry from the wheel. 
"what about you dare, how you been?" I asked with a smile 
"Just fine (y/n), thanks for asking" He wasn’t being rude that just Darry, he wasn’t much for talking unless we got a couple drinks in him. We got to Bucks’ and we could tell the party had already started, as we got out of the cab of the truck we could here loud music and smell booze. I laughed to me self as Soda opened the door. I walked into the crowd of already drunk and tipsy partygoers and headed straight for the bar. I sat down and watched as Soda got swarmed by girls and Darry by old pals. 
After a while of chatting with the bar tender over two shots of Bucks’ finest a guy sat down next to me, I glanced at him and took in his features as much as i could. He had long brown hair that kicked up in the back and fell over his forehead in wisps, It curled around the shape of his ears and met his strong jawline. I couldn’t see his face but i knew he had to be handsome. He wore a brown faded leather jacket and some Levis. The never ending wardrobe of a greaser, I smiled and turned back to the bar. 
"You’re wearing my favorite outfit you know" I looked to were the voice came from, it was the handsome boy i was admiring earlier. my eyes trailed up to his face. Boy Dallas sure did get better lookin. Dallas, its Dallas. I couldn’t think of words to say so I looked down at my outfit. It was a black satin blouse tucked into some high waist shorts that were black with red polka dots. I smiled. 
"Thanks Dallas" I said in a real quite voice. 
"what didn’t expect see me here? Well neither did I." ad scratched the back off his neck "how’s life been to ya?"
"well Its been alright, I gotta a boyfriend and my own apartment." I smiled
"Life seems to be treatin you pretty well." I guess so except for the part where you’re stupid face is all I ever think about, and how i hate my apartment and wish we had our own little condo back.Life isn’t so well Dallas Winston, a life full of missing you isn’t in my favor. 
"yeah, what bout you Dallas?" I shrug through my thoughts so we can have a normal conversation, I don’t want to ruin this. 
"pretty good I guess, I haven’t been in the cooler and I’ve been gettin into less fights. I even got Buck to rent me out a room up there" He said motioning to the staircase. I smiled to Dallas’ new accomplishments, he seems to be real proud of him self. "why don’t we go up there and catch up" Dallas didn’t wait for me to say anything he just grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd of people and up the stairs. I savored the feeling of his hand in mine and I couldn’t hide my smile. He opened the door for me and I walked in, I looked over his room. Nothing special, A couple of book cases filled with things like old newspapers and cigarette cartons. I looked at his bed side table and saw a lamp and the picture we took at cape cod, we went there for our one year anniversary. The picture had me and Dallas both in your swimwear and we were standin in front of the sunset and Dallas had his arm around me, I was on my tippy toes and he was bent down slightly so he could kiss me, the picture captures pure bliss for me.
"Dont be shy you can sit down" said Dallas as we both went to sit on his bed. "so uh tell about this boyfriend of yours.." He was actin reall cool as he pulled out a smoke and struck a match on his tags.
 ”Hes not real important.” I said in a quiet tone. 
"well he must be if you’re datin him." 
"His names Aiden, nothi-"
"Does he know not to talk about your dad?" Dallas cut me off
"well I doubt he even knows i had a dad." I look down and mess with my thumbs.
"does he know when you’re sad?"
"im sad all time Dallas"
"Does he  know you tremble when you havent had any sleep"
"I dont sleep much these days" 
"does he know that your lip shakes when you’re mad?"
I was silent. All the little things
"Does he know who you are?" 
"I dont even think I do anymore."
"does his love make your head spin?"
"All im left with is headaches for you" I sigh " If i spun anymore Id get nauseous."
Dallas kissed me, He kissed me hard. Like he had been waiting years to kiss me again. I kissed him back letting my hands run through his hair, He pulled me closer to him his hands taking in my curves and everything they could.
"Dallas, do you know who i am?"
"I know one thing (y/n) and that is that you’re mine. You always have been." 

I told the boys I was staying here tonight, I told them not to worry. They knew I was safe, they knew I was with Dallas.

Dallas and I dated for another 2 and a half years until he was shot down by police and killed the night Johnny Cade died.
He left a simple note before he left me.

    Just Remember its always me that loves you (y/n).
         I’ve always known who you are.
      Goodnight darling, please get some sleep.
                              Love, Dallas Winston.