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AU Meme: You’re dating Ethan Part 2

Part 1

Yayy! You guys wanted more Imagines with Ethan and I finally got to do something. Hope you enjoy! :) Leave me comments and feedback if you did, I love reading you guys responses so much <3

Daddy Dearest [G.D]♕

WARNINGS: Sexual content/Graphic depictions of violence ahead. Read at your own risk.

SUMMARY: After meeting the infamous boxer known as Grayson Dolan, you both begin to play a dangerous game that involves an excessive amount of flirting, violence and sex.



Grayson ignored the pounding ache reverberating in his skull. Ignored the fragile brittleness of his countlessly bruised bones. Ignored the thick trickle of blood seeping from his nose. He remained motionless upon the mat, too exhausted and sore to summon any semblance of strength to his trembling limbs, his swollen eyes screwed tightly shut, his breaths heaving and jagged.

Storm sneered at him whilst chucking his shirt across the room. His dark chocolate skin glistened with a sheer coat of sweat, abs embedded into his skin as his muscled flexed. He glared down at his pupil coldly,

"On your feet, Dolan.”

Grayson shakily stood, his knees buckling underneath his shifting weight, his legs wobbling as he struggled to regain his balance, and, without warning, without waiting, he was immediately upon him again. Two punches to the right cheek, three jabs to the left, a swift duck to dodge Grayson’s clumsy attack, a quick uppercut to the underside of his student’s chin that stilled his motions, knocking him flat onto his back once again.

“How can you expect to win against the rookie,” Storm questioned, looming over the collapsed body of Grayson, nonchalantly removing his gloves to crack his knuckles. “When you can’t even win against me?”

His cold question wasn’t expected to have a verbal retort, Grayson had learned that at the modest start of his career. Storm was a former boxer who had taken Grayson under his wing, spotting him at the gym and peaking his interest. Ever since then he became Grayson’s second father basically, the one person Gray could trust with his life besides his brother.

At times he was hard on Grayson, only because he loved him dearly, he wanted to push him beyond his limits, he gave him tough love and Grayson didn’t seem to appreciate that until now.

Grayson instead sucked in a steadying breath through his clenched teeth, braced for the ruthless agony awaiting him as punishment for exceeding his physical limits, and forced himself back onto his feet, controlling the uneasy sway of his body underneath the waves of pain coursing through his system.

Storm’s stolid gaze eased into a cruel, calculating smirk, almost as if he was satisfied with the unspoken answer Grayson had rightfully given, as he slipped on his gloves.


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Cherry Cola [G.D]

SUMMARY: When your father hires a young man to take care of your mother’s plants, he easily becomes intrigued by you and your obsession with cherries, making it his mission to fuck you in the garden that you seem to adore so much.

Words: 11.1k

Warnings: smut and maybe a small age gap idk ion say it


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Dolan Twins AU: You’re dating Grayson Part 2 

Part 1

As I promised. I hope you enjoy! :) 


Skater-boy [E.D]♕

WARNING: Sexual Content Ahead. Read At Your Own Risk.

SUMMARY: The famous skateboarder known as Ethan Dolan seems to take an interest in you, when your brother accidentally introduces you to him and his brother. 


“Castle, please.”


“C'mon, you’re my brother-”

“And I fucking said no. Now drop it.”

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Snapchat AU (Grayson): this one is much longer than ethan’s, so i hope you guys like it. DONT LET IT FLOP IVE BEEN FLOPPING LATELY.


Dolan Twins AU: You’re dating Ethan Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

So many Dolan Twins AUs lately, yay :)
The reason I made so many was because I’ve been watching so many videos of them and I wanted to make use of that. 
Hope you enjoy!

The gif with him in the snapback isn’t mine! If you’re the owner of the original video or gif please let me know, I’d love to give you credit!


boat dream guys | grayson dolan & noah centineo



WC: 5.6K


“This is Peter Kavinsky, right?” Grayson asked you as he pointed his finger towards the tall guy. You rolled your eyes and elbowed him in the ribs earning a groan from him.

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Webcam Boy [G.D]

Continuation of: WEBCAM GIRL

Summary: When Grayson takes on a friend’s advice and visits a site he recommended, he meets a webcam girl that unveils his sexual fantasies while being completely unaware that it’s the shyest girl in his grade.

Words: 14.9k

Warnings: im not even gonna go there. newbies? it’s graphic 💦

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Enemies With Benefits - E.D.

Summary: You hated Ethan Dolan, except when he was on top of you. On a stressful day you realize maybe you don’t hate him so much, and the day becomes just that much stressful. LacrosseCaptain!Ethan x CheerleadingCaptain!(Y/N)

Warnings: swearing, sexy ;)

Requested: nah son || yeah boiii

Word Count: 6.1k


The day was shit from the minute you woke up. Waking up before sunrise for high school was never a great way to start the day, but this time in particular, your alarm for some reason or another, never rang. You only woke up because you had to pee, and when you checked your phone for the time you noticed it was already half an hour past your usual waking up time. You ran to your bathroom to clean yourself up. You had no time to shower, so your hair remained tangled from pillow head.

You brushed your teeth and tried to fix your hair, but after throwing a tantrum to yourself when it wouldn’t settle how you wanted it to, you just pulled it back in a ponytail. The only product applied was mascara, since you still had to get changed and have breakfast. You hurried to your closet and didn’t dwell too much on what clothes to wear. You settled on your favorite jeans and a sweatshirt before sliding on a pair of sneakers that were very worn out from how much you used them. After glancing at yourself in the mirror, you grabbed your backpack and your duffel bag, the one that held your cheer gear, and headed downstairs.

You had cereal for breakfast, which you didn’t usually like because you would be hungry again soon after, but time wasn’t on your side. You got out of your house about ten minutes late, and you had to drive quicker than usual to get to school, which was stressful the throughout. You didn’t have time to drive to Starbucks to get your usual morning drink, and as if everything else wasn’t enough, your car radio wouldn’t work.You ended up getting to school at the time you normally would, but your mood wasn’t the best; in fact, it was the worst.

You walked out of your car and when you were already halfway to the school’s entrance, you had to go back to get your backpack, which you had forgotten in the back seat. Once inside the building, the chatting in the halls felt louder than every other morning (probably because of your lack of morning drink) and the walk to your locker seemed eternal.

On your way there, your best friend catched up on you and greeted you with a smile, which soon faded when she saw your face.

“Are you alright?” she asked you when you didn’t say hey back.

“My alarm didn’t go off and I had to do everything in a rush.” you said bitterly. “The lacrosse final is today and I’m so tired. We’re supposed to do the routine we’ve been practicing all semester on half time. Plus, I’ll be looking like a fucking vampire if I don’t find a way to cover these bags under my eyes.”

“I’m sure someone in your team has concealer.” your best friend rolled her eyes. “Besides, you’re the captain, no one knows the routine like you and…”

Her words faded in your brain, you knew she was talking, but weren’t listening. You were too busy noticing the captain of the lacrosse team, Ethan Dolan, who was casually leaning against the lockers surrounded by a couple of his friends. He was smiling at whatever, but when he looked up at noticed you walking his way he stopped. Only for a second, though, because soon his lips curled into a smirk.

You stopped behind one of his friends, who didn’t notice you were there until you spoke.

“That’s my locker, Dolan.” you said loud enough to be heard over their conversation. His friends turned around to see you and then moved to the side so their backs weren’t facing you anymore. “I’m sure you know that, no?”

Ethan smiled cockily and stood up properly, not leaning anymore. His arms were crossed resting on his chest, making the muscles in them look bigger.

“I didn’t know that, sorry.” he said giving a couple steps forward. You looked up at him with an eye roll. Of course he knew, the little shit.

“Right, whatever.” you said. “Get out of my way.”

Ethan looked at you with a frown as you walked past him and opened your locker.

“Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed?” Ethan teased with a smile.

“Leave me alone, Dolan, I’m not in the mood.” you said without looking at him; instead you focused on getting the books you needed and leaving the ones you weren’t going to use.

“Fuck, alright.” Ethan said, clearly upset with your rude responses. He said one more thing before walking away. “Nice hoodie.”

The sentence made you stop with your books. You looked down and noticed the hoodie you had chosen to wear that morning was his. You looked to your left to see Ethan and his friends had already walked away.

“Damn, (Y/N),” your best friend started. You had almost forgotten she was with you. “Your boyfriend looked offended.”

“He’s not my boyfriend.” you told her with a sigh. Then, you shut your locker with a little too much strength, making the metal boom. “How many times do I have to tell you?”

“Right, you don’t like him.” your best friend said as you both walked to your first class.

“Exactly.” you nodded.

“You just fuck him for the hell of it.” you friend continued.

“Shhh!” you let out angrily, as you looked around to see if anyone ha heard.

“Oh, come on, (Y/N), the whole school knows there’s something going on between you two.” your best friend rolled her eyes. “Even if you pretend to hate each other all the time.”

“Everyone knows Ethan is a dick.” you said as you arrived to your classroom. “I don’t have to pretend much.”

* * *

You dazed off during class, not even realizing the bell had rung until your best friend tapped on your shoulder. The classroom was almost empty.

“(Y/N), class is over.” your best friend laughed. You blinked a couple times to come back to reality. “Where did your head go off to?”

“I was going over the cheer routine.” you said honestly, not in the mood to make a joke. You stood up and grabbed your backpack after you shoved your books in it.

“You’re gonna do just fine.” your best friend told you as you walked out of the classroom.

“I need to relax for a second, honestly.” you said heading to your locker again. You didn’t like carrying all your books around all day. “A massage would be nice.”

You stopped in your tracks as your phone vibrated in the pocket of your hoodie. You took it out to check who it was, not noticing you were in the middle of the hallway. Ethan had texted you twice and the messages made you nervous.

english classroom


You raised your eyebrows at the demands and then turned to look at your best friend.

“What?” she asked.

“I’ll meet you later for lunch.” you assured her. “I have something to do.”

“Or someone.” your best friend mumbled. You glared at her, which she replied to only by shrugging.

“See you at lunch.” you told her before walking away and to your English classroom.

On your way there you had to walk past a lot of people, but of course Gina Holloway wasn’t someone that let you just walk by.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” she said as you tried to rush through. She was talking to one of her many friends by the lockers. You knew ignoring her wouldn’t work, so you stopped to talk.

“What’s up, Gina?” you said, clearly not excited for the conversation.

“Are you ready for today’s game?” she grinned, but you knew it was fake. “I’m so excited for the routine! I can’t wait for the celebration when our team wins.”

“We don’t really know if they’ll win, the other team is apparently very good.” you said, just wanting to get out of there. She always acted so pumped about cheering and talked to you as if she didn’t hate you, which by the way she did. Ever since you were chosen captain of the cheering team, she had been jealous. She claimed she deserved to be captain better because she had “a background in gymnastics.”

“Oh my God, (Y/N), come on!” she said patting your arm. You looked down at her hand in confusion, not liking the touch. “Ethan Dolan is the best captain out there. He will for sure win us that trophy. How cold he not with those muscles.”

You only fake smiled and nodded, ignoring the intense burn of jealousy in your stomach. You questioned yourself for it. You shouldn’t be jealous of anyone touching Ethan. He wasn’t yours.

“By the way, do you know where he is?” Gina continued. “I want to talk to him.” the burn only hightened, but you were determined to hide it.

“Why would I know where he is?” you asked with an eye roll. Gina raised her eyebrows and giggled as she looked over to her friend.

“I’m sure you know the answer to that.” she said now looking at you, her brows still raised.

“Don’t be late to the game, we need to warm up.” you told her bitterly as you were about to leave.

“Yes, captain.” she told you in a devilish voice. You said nothing and walked away instead.

You finally reached the English classroom a minute later. The door was closed and the little shade that covered the glass in the door was down, not letting anyone see inside. You opened the door hesitantly, walking in the classroom with a nervous walk.

As soon as you entered the room, Ethan was all over you. You didn’t even get to see him before he started kissing you against the closed door, but you knew it was him. You heard a click, indicating Ethan had locked the door, a habit he had gained after being caught in the janitor’s closet with some girl right after his ex had broken up with him.

He kissed you hungrily, like he hadn’t kissed you in weeks, and he ran his hands down and around your body, going from your back to your waist to your hips. You let him taste you and feel you. He was the stress relief you needed on such a tense day. You let your hands play with his hair, you liked how it looked when you had stopped kissing and it was wild and messed up. You couldn’t help but let out a small moan when his hands reached your butt, and when you did you remembered you were at school.

“Ethan, stop.” you said against the kiss. “We’re in school.”

“When has that ever stopped us?” Ethan replied, not planting his lips on your jaw.

“Ethan!” you called with a chuckle. You pushed him away, which didn’t get him off you, but he did stop kissing you. “Not during class hours, don’t be gross.”

Ethan chuckled as he smiled at you with sparkling eyes. His gaze lowered to your chest.

“Were you planning on giving that back?” he asked. You noticed he was referring to the hoodie you were wearing.

“It’s not my problem you left it in my room.” you shrugged.

“So you’re just gonna keep it?” he asked raising his eyebrows.

“Yeah?” you said. “What are you gonna do, Dolan?”

Ethan smirked, raising only one of his brows that time around. He looked like he was going to say something, but then he decided not to. Hi expression changed to a soft one. His eyes sparkled again and he smiled as he looked at you. He seemed to want to talk again, but he stopped himself once more.

“What?” you asked. Ethan hesitated for a while before finally letting it out, bitting his lip for a second.

“What was that about earlier?” he asked you. You frowned.

“Earlier?” you asked, struggling to remember if you had even seen him before. You then remembered your conversation in the hallway when he was blocking your locker. “Oh, yeah. What about it?”

“You seemed… I don’t know.” Ethan shrugged. “I didn’t expect you to be so rude.”

“Isn’t that our thing?” you asked Ethan. “Being rude to each other?”

“Our deal is teasing.” Ethan emphazised. “This was different.”

“Awww, was that too hostile for you?” you teased Ethan. He rolled his eyes and turned around.

“Forget I said anything.” Ethan said as he walked away to the other side of the room.

“Oh, come on, don’t be a baby!” you told him with a laugh, but he didn’t laugh back, he only leaned on the teacher’s desk. “We fight, it’s what we do.”

“Maybe I don’t want to fight all the time.” Ethan told you. You looked at him frozen.

Of course the thought of being with Ethan for real had crossed your mind before. He wasn’t always a huge fuckboy, he used to have a girl and he treated her like a queen until she cheated on him. Then he must’ve realized how good looking he was, because he started going through the girls at school. Then he found you. You really did hate each other at first. He was always teasing and bothering you and to be honest it was annoying.

Then you ended up kissing on the lockers after a game when the lacrosse team lost by many points. Ethan had angrily walked in the wrong lockeroom. He found you and you only, still in your cheer uniform as you put your stuff away. After screaming at each other for a while, you called Ethan a pretentious dick and he called you a bitch. And then he kissed you and you couldn’t help but to kiss him back.

His whole face was sweaty and he had already taken his shirt off before, so the sight was a little hard to resist. There was something about the way his jaw clenched when he got angry. From then on, you had decided on taking pleasure on each other’s company without any compromise at all. You still agreed Ethan was a pretentious dick and he still agreed you were a bitch, you just also happened to be good at making him feel good, and he reciprocated.

So as stated before, yes, you had thought of the imposible what if? The possibility of Ethan holding your hand through the halls and kissing you after he won a game and taking you on dates on his car, him calling you baby… Then you had to stop yourself, because it wasn’t possible for you to actually have feelings for Ethan, because he was still an asshole, because whatever you had going on with him was too fun, because he wouldn’t feel the same way.

“What does that mean, Ethan?” you asked, thoughts racing through your head like lightning bolts. You walked to him and he kept your eyes on you the whole time. “Oh my God, do you actually like me?” your tone was still a joking one, but you were wondering for real. Ethan rolled his eyes and all your hope was lost.

“No.” he stated. “You’re a bitch.”

“Ah, you’re back to normal.” you told him. “I was worried you might be broken.”

Ethan suddenly pulled you close to him for another kiss that heated your entire body. His fingers gripped your hips with strength as you grabbed onto his arms like they were railings. Then Ethan was the one to break the kiss, leaving his face only inches apart from yours before speaking.

“Try to be nicer.” he demanded in a growl. Then he leaned in to whisper in your ear. “Or I’ll be rude too.”

He slid away from you and left the room, closing the door behind him. His words gave you chills across your body.

You waited a couple minutes to leave the room. When you did, you saw Ethan talking to Gina by the lockers. He threw a glare your way followed by a wink as you walked past him. In that moment, you wished you had let him finish what he was up to when you first walked in to the English classroom.

* * *

The day went by excruciatingly slow. You had fallen asleep on your least favorite class, the teacher had put a documentary on, clearly not in the mood to explain anything to teenagers. It helped you relax a bit, with your mind a bit more rested the stress from doing the routine justice faded.

You were heading to the field with your team, talking with some of your friends about an upcoming party when you realized you forgot the colored ribbon you wore in your ponytail. You stopped for a while to decide whether you should go back for it or not, deciding finally to just get it from the lockers. The game wasn’t starting for another hour anyways.

You walked to the locker room as you stared down at your phone. Once inside, you noticed the room smelled unpleasant. It didn’t take you long to realize you weren’t in the right locker room. The first clue was the smell, the second one was half of the lacrosse team standing before you in silence. You looked up and blushed instantly. They were all wearing their uniform shorts, but none of them had a shirt on. You didn’t know where to settle your eyes.

“E, I think you’ve got a visitor!” one of the players shouted. They were all on their lockers getting stuff.

Ethan’s head appeared poking out of the back of the room around a locker. He smiled cockily.

“(Y/L/N).” Ethan said as you walked your way. “What can I do for you?”

“I’m not here for you, I just walked in the wrong locker room.” you said rolling your eyes. “Sound familiar?” you teased.

“Why haven’t you left then?” Ethan asked you. You scoffed with raised brows. “I think you should anyways, this is no sight for a lady.” Ethan said extending his arms to his sides completely exposing his bare torso.

“Now I’m not leaving just because you told me I should.” you said crossing your arms over your chest.

“Don’t you have anything more important to do?” Ethan asked, now crossing his arms over his chest too. “Or are you all done doing your tumbles?”

“Do you need to make degrading comments to make up for your small dick?” you asked Ethan, faking confusion with a tilt of your head. The team let out a round of ooooh’s. Ethan’s jawline tightened as he looked straight at you.

“Anyone in this room could testify against that.” Ethan said with a poker face, never taking his eyes off you. “Including you.”

You scoffed again, this time with a slight smile and your tongue between your teeth.

“Oh come on, just kiss already.” another one of the boys, Kyle Stevens, said.

“Shut it, Stevens.” Ethan growled. His eyes were locked to yours, even if he was still standing many feet.

“We all know you like her, Dolan.” Kyle continued. The expression on your face softened. “Maybe it wouldn’t be so obvious if you shut up about her from time to time.”

Ethan’s face was still immobile, but you could read a hint of nerves on his body. He pulled his stare from you and turned to his team.

“Stevens, why don’t you start the warm up by running a few laps, huh?” Ethan told Kyle.

“What?” Kyle complained as the rest of the team laughed.

“And take everyone else with you.” Ethan demanded.

“This is bullshit, you’re not the coach!” Kyle said. He looked to the rest of his teammates for back up, but no one said anything. Ethan laughed, but it wasn’t in a kind way at all.

“I’m your captain.” Ethan said. You recognized that tone so well. It was almost a growl, but not quite. “You either respect that or you get the fuck out of my team.”

Seeing the way Ethan’s muscles tightened with anger and hearing the raspiness of his enraged voice made your knees weak. You felt your heartbeat pound faster, the familiar feeling growing in your stomach.

“Don’t be a whiny bitch, K.” Ethan’s best friend said.“Let’s go.”

The team all started walking out of the room, passing right past you in a group. You didn’t move at all until the only team member present was Ethan.

“Didn’t we talk about being rude?” he asked you, getting closer to you with every word. You grinned at him in a mischevious manner.

“Maybe I want you to be rude.” you told him. Your words made his eyes fill with darkness.

“Fuck.” he whispered before rushing to you and grabbing you harshly, pressing his lips against yours with force. He kept giving steps forward as he kissed you until your back hit the wall right next to the door. Ethan carried you up, allowing you to wrap your legs around him.

He was eating you whole, and you loved it. He held you so steadily, not for a second making you worry he was going to drop you. He started sucking on your neck, something he seemed to enjoy just for the sake of seeing the mark it would create. His hands started going up your skirt, and just for a second you worried your team wasn’t doing the warm ups, but the second his fingers got to your inner thighs you forgot. You let out a moan, forgetting you were in school grounds and anyone outside could hear you if they passed by.

“Shhh…” Ethan demanded as he went back to your lips. “Mmm… shit, (Y/N), we’re at school don’t be gross.” Ethan said, using the words you had told him before as he let your legs drop to the ground and stopped kissing you.

“Are you really leaving me like this?” you asked in annoyance. “Right before the game?”

“Like this how?” Ethan asked innocently. He brought his fingers up to your neck, tracing the bruise that was probably already forming. You looked at him bothered. He knew exactly how, he just liked hearing the effect he had on you.

“Like this.” you stated as you brought your hand down to his crotch and slowly ran it up and down. Making Ethan tense up and clench his jaw again. A groan got stuck in his throat when someone knocked on the door.

“Ethan, the coach wants you to come on out.” the voice of one of Ethan’s players said from the hall. Ethan cleared his throat before talking

“I’m coming.” he replied. A smile appeared in your face.

“Are you?” you mouthed to him with a brow raised. Ethan let out a breath through his nose and bit the entirety his bottom lip.

“Alright.” whoever was outside said. Then footsteps walking away were heard. You waited until they disappeared to let go of Ethan.

“Good luck out there, Mr. Captain Man.” you said with a smirk before walking out the door and making your way into the field.

* * *

The good luck you had wished Ethan seemed to be working, because he was on fire. The other team was putting up a good fight, but there hadn’t been a moment in which they were in the lead. The routine had gone just fine on half time. The bleachers cheered and some words were shouted your way. Ethan was looking at you from the bench. He had removed his gear and there was a towel resting around his neck. His dark hair was flat from the helmet and his face was covered in sweat. His eyes were full of lust as he watched the routine. You tried to ignore his gaze as much as you could, since he was definitely a distraction.

You ended up in the air. As you came back down to the ground with the help of your teammates, you stared back at Ethan, who was sucking on his Gatorade bottle, eyes still on you.

“Are you really dating him?” your friend Julie asked you. She was fixing her ponytail as she talked to you. “I think you’d make a hot couple.”

“Fuck no.” you told her. It was true, whatever was happening between you and Ethan wasn’t dating.

Ethan threw a smirk your way and put down his bottle as the coach started giving him instructions. His eyes finally drove away from you.

“Why do you say it as if you would never be with him?” Julie laughed. “He’s gorgeous.”

“I don’t like him.” you said, and suddenly something shifted in your stomach. You realized you had stung yourself with your words. You had told people so many times Ethan was a dick, that you knew better than to get tangled in his games, that you didn’t like him. You never felt guilty of doing so, because you really believed it was true, but this time it felt like the biggest lie.

“Well, good, because Gina is hunting him.” Julie said as she eyed Ethan. He had stood up, he seemed to be cheering his team up, telling them to not give up or something. You turned to Gina, who was talking to another girl in the team. They were both looking at Ethan too. “She says she can’t graduate without doing him. Rumor has it he’s… pretty good. What do you think?”

You looked at Gina again and then at Ethan, who looked incredibly attractive as he talked to his team.

“He probably has a small dick.” you lied.

The game resumed and both teams scored, but ultimately your team won. The celebration was loud, people started coming down from the bleachers to congratulate the team. The players’ girlfriends flooded the field, showering their men with kisses and hugs. You were with the rest of the cheerleaders jumping and shaking your pom poms in the air.

You spotted Ethan, who was surrounded by people already, including his brother, who didn’t go to the same school, but everyone knew anyways.

Eventually, he turned your way and spotted you in the crowd. You smiled at him, realizing you didn’t want to keep up the act. He looked confused at first, he wasn’t used to you being kind, but then he smiled back. He looked… cute, which you had never thought of him before.

You felt a tap on your back and turned around to see your best friend.

“You killed it, dude, you had nothing to worry about!” she said as she hugged you.

“You’re so sweet.” you told her. Julie then approached you again.

“Hey, (Y/N), we’re going out for milkshakes.” she said as she pointed to the whole team a couple yards behind her. “We would like our captain to be there.”

You smiled, feeling glad your team was fond of you. Your only plans for the night would be catching up on the sleep you hadn’t had during the week, but you figured going out with the team for milkshakes would be relaxing too. Then you remembered Gina, who would for sure not shut up, and then you looked past Julie to the team and didn’t see her there.

“Is Gina going?” you asked Julie. She turned around to check the team. She frowned.

“Oh, yeah, she disappeared a minute ago.” Julie told you turning back to you. “I’m not sure where she went.”

“Actually, Jules, I think I’m just go throw myself in bed.” you told Julie after hesitating for a while. You figured the risk of Gina going wasn’t worth it. “Thank you so much, though, I hope you have fun.”

“No worries.” Julie told you. “You’re a busy girl, we get it.”

She walked away and the team left together. The field started clearing out, everyone was going to parties or just home to get some sleep after a heavy couple weeks. You didn’t see Ethan though, only his twin was where Ethan had been before. He was talking to a group of girls from your grade. You decided to walk to Grayson, Ethan’s brother to ask where he was. You wanted to congratulate him.

“Hey, Grayson.” you called. You had met him before in their house.It was kind of awkward the first time he saw you, since you had gone for a midnight snack to their kitchen only covered by Ethan’s sheets.

“(Y/N)!” he exclaimed. “You were so good at half time!”

“Thanks.” you smiled. He had always been so nice it was hard to even pretend to be rude to him. “Hey, have you seen your brother?”

“He left a few minutes ago.” he told me. “I think he just went to the locker room to shower.”

“That makes sense.” you said. “Thanks, see you around.”

“Sure.” he smiled and waved goodbye. Grayson was always sweet to you. You had thought he felt bad because he thought you would just be another girl that fell for Ethan and then got dumped when he got bored. You had always denied that would ever happen, but at that moment you started to wonder if it was true.

And then you thought of Ethan questioning your rudeness before, and how serious he looked while asking you what had happened. You had sensed the tone, but hadn’t allowed him to say how he really felt. Now you were considering telling him to continue, asking him why you being rude had upset him that time in particular. You smiled as you walked, mainly because even though you could faint from how nervous you were, you were full of hope. Until you opened the locker room door.

Ethan was there for sure, only Gina was with him, or on him if we’re being gramatically correct. They were making out against a row of lockers. You couldn’t see Ethan’s face, Gina’s head was covering it, but judging by the way he was kissing her, he was having a good time, the same you completely ruined once the door closed behind you, making a loud bang sound across the room. Gina let go of Ethan. The red lipstick she was wearing was all over her face and Ethan’s. She smiled when she saw you, opposite to Ethan, whose eyes only widened.

“Excuse me, we’re a bit busy.” Gina said with a triumphant smirk. “Do you mind?”

You wanted to explode, because you knew that she wasn’t  only doing it because she liked Ethan, she was doing it out of spite and you could tell by her face. Heat rose from your chest to your head and you wanted to scream.

“Fuck you both, I don’t need this.” you let out.

Not wanting to stay in the room any longer, you turned your heel and left, walking through the hallways. You headed to the field without thinking at all, but once you were close, you could still hear people there, so you stopped next to the bleachers, where the light of the field didn’t quite reach. You leaned against the bleachers and sighed, not wanting to externate any signs of sadness. Ethan appeared only seconds later. You hadn’t heard his footsteps following you, but he must’ve been if he knew where you were going.

“(Y/N), I see you.” Ethan let you know. He didn’t raise his voice, probably because he knew you didn’t like it when he did. He walked to you. “Baby, talk to me.”

“Don’t call me baby!” you yelled. You weren’t sure if the people that remained in the field could hear you and honestly you didn’t give a shit.

“Look, I’m sorry, I-“ Ethan started, but didn’t get to finish.

“Why would you be?” you asked him, more angry at yourself than him. “We’re nothing! I shouldn’t be upset, you have every right to-“

“No I don’t!” Ethan cut you off.

“We are nothing, Dolan!” you repeated.

“Hey, don’t call me that! You’re only doing it to kid yourself.” Ethan growled. He was right, calling him Ethan felt too close, closer than you wished you had gotten. You didn’t know what else to say. You didn’t feel like you had the right to say anything, so you stayed silent. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have kissed her. I was still lowkey pissed that you seemed to not care about me all day.”

“What?” You frowned.

“You were being a bitch, (Y/N).” he said.

“That’s our thing, Ethan!” you yelled, emphasizing each word.

“I don’t want that anymore, damn it!” Ethan yelled this time, not caring if you got upset about it. He took a deep breath and licked his lips. “I don’t want you to leave everytime we fuck. I want to hold your hand and kiss your forehead. I want to show you off to my friends and brag to my brother about having a g-“ he stopped himself, not wanting to say the g word. “I know you don’t want that, alright, it’s clear to me. I’m sorry for catching feelings, I didn’t want to either. I thought kissing someone else would make me feel better, and Gina just happened to be really horny, apparently.”

You looked at him with an upset pout and arms crossed over your chest for a second before talking.

“And did it?” you asked, your tone low. You were too proud to just let Ethan know you had been daydreaming about the same shit he had all day.

“What?” Ethan asked you, clearly unsatisfied with your reply.

“Did it make you feel better kissing Gina?” you asked. Ethan scoffed and then looked away. It took him only a little while to look back at you.

“Fuck no, (Y/N).” Ethan said in disbelief you had even asked him. “She bit me.”

“I thought you liked it when I bit you.” you muttered. You sounded like a child that had just thrown a tantrum and was just realizing they were wrong.

“I like it when you do, yes.” he confessed. You fought a smile that threatened to appear on your face.

“Since when have you been feeling all of this?” You asked Ethan. He looked up to remember.

“I don’t know, I noticed a couple weeks ago.” Ethan shrugged. “Why are you so chill about this?”

Weeks?” you exclaimed. Ethan had been crushing on you for the last couple weeks and you had just realized that day that maybe being with him as more than enemies with benefits was a not such a bad idea. “I just realized today.”

“What did you realize today?” Ethan asked. You knew he hated it when you weren’t clear, but your head was turning nonstop and it was hard to express your feelings.

“That I really, really want to hold your hand.” you said. Ethan’s body had been tensed up the whole time you were talking, but at that moment, it suddenly relaxed. A relieved smile appeared on his face. He was having a flow of emotions and you could read every single one of them.

He came up to you and kissed you, and the feeling was so foreign to you. He had been kissing you every day for the last couple months, but he had never ever kissed you like that. His lips weren’t rough, his hands were gentle on your cheek, and you felt like you were floating in a field of cotton. For a second you doubted it was real. You were a professional daydreamer, and you would hate yourself if you were making this up, but as you opened your eyes and pulled away from Ethan it was a hundred percent clear it was actually happening.

“Come on.” he said. It wasn’t a growl like you were used to, it was more of a suggestion than a demand. Taking his hand, you let him lead you inside of the school to the girls’ locker rooms. The only bag left was yours. It was sitting below your locker. The room was evidently empty, and Ethan closed the door behind you, turning the lock so no one could open it.

He kissed you again, just like he had a few moments before. You realized at that moment how much you had wanted that, to felt like he cared. You didn’t realize how much you cared yourself. He slid a hand around your waist and the other up your leg. His touch felt so different compared to all the other times, but it still felt so good.

“Take your top off.” he ordered as he kissed your neck. You chuckled.

“So much for holding your hand, huh?” you raised your eyebrow.

“You can hold it while I pin you to this wall.”


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Summary | when Y/N plans to hang out with her best friend, Ethan Dolan, objectives seem to change when she comes out at night to get a drink.

Word Count | 2.9k

Warning | cussing, some fluff, heartless Grayson even though we know he’s a precious bunny baby, and not really smut but a lot of dirty talk.

A/N | I’m not good at writing and this is my first time posting my work publically without deleting it - as of right now - so please bear with me as I’m not talented or good at this at all, I do hope you enjoy though. X. 

state | EDITED

You had spent the majority of your life alongside Ethan. From sleepovers to small frivolous altercations, and to friendly cuddling. Nothing had ever managed to wedge between the bond that’d been growing between the two of you since the age of nine. Everything you experienced or wanted to experience, it was either with Ethan or not at all and that’s how it’s always been. However, like any other protective dad, yours wasn’t so happy about your best friend being of the male gender, but once you turned eleven he’d gotten over it, realizing that there was really nothing he could possibly do to break your duo apart. Not only that but he’d grown to love Ethan, and as a son. So to say the least, it was set in stone that you two would be apart of one another’s lives for a very long time.

Most of the time you spent together had been located at your house, Ethan had always asked why but he knew deep down that Grayson was the reason. It wasn’t that you disliked Grayson, it was just simply preferred on your part to veer away from his path seeing as he wasn’t exactly the best person.

You could vividly remember what had taken place today, Grayson being a big part of the heavy feeling in your chest as you laid next to your sleeping best friend. It started when you planned to spend the weekend with Ethan.

You were nervous merely because you really hadn’t seen Grayson in years, you had, but mostly just glanced as he dropped Ethan at your house or small smiles you would throw his way in the cleaned hallways at school to be polite, all unreturned. Though, you were excited because you hadn’t seen Ethan’s mom in forever and despite the fact that she worked nights at the firm - meaning you wouldn’t see her until the day after you arrived which was Friday - anytime with Lisa was well spent to you. So you got ready, packing your bags with clothes for the long weekend you would spend there, school being out on Monday as a student/teacher holiday type ordeal.

When you arrived, Ethan was the first to the door, him and the house greeting you with their own distinct smells. He smelled of expensive cologne, pine, and mint from just having brushed his teeth and the house smelled strongly of cranberry Febreze. He enveloped you in a warm hug, his body temperature seeming to contrast perfectly with your freezing cold one due to the rain in Jersey. You had walked there, having lied to Ethan saying you had a ride.

“I thought you had a ride,” he said gently, looking down at you with concern sheltering his beautiful smile. He was always worried about you, you were his rock and situations that seemed small to you were consistently big situations to him.

He backed up, allowing you into the warmth of the familiar house you hadn’t seen in months, almost a year. You laughed softly, looking up at him as you grabbed his shoulder to assist yourself in removing your soaked shoes and socks. “I did, my feet work fine,” you stated simply, earning a sigh from him.

“It wouldn’t have been a big deal for me to have grabbed you, Y/N.” he deadpanned, the concern never leaving his face as your teeth chattered lightly.

“Just as much as it isn’t a big deal for me to walk,” you sighed, using your arms to hold yourself as you shook slightly. “I feel bad when you carpool me, especially when I have no money to give you for gas.”

Ethan eyed you, knowing you had always been this way. Selfless, humble, and most of all, empathetic.

He shook his head lightly, a small smile cracking on his chapped lips. “You know I don’t mind,” he assured, pausing before ending with. “I’ll never mind.”

You smiled at him once more before following him upstairs, him carrying your things after he had insisted many times halfway to his room. Finally, you gave in and handed the small bag to him and shut the door behind the two of you once you reached his room. He glanced at your state before facepalming.

“All my hoodies and shirts are in the wash,” he said, knowing you loved to wear his clothes because they were much too big on you and engulfed you just right. Your going joke was you liked how big they were because no one could see you ‘getting fat’ when you ate, Ethan always shook his head and insisted you were fine the way you were but knew you were just fooling around.

“I have my own clothes, it’s fine,” you assured but you knew Ethan wouldn’t have it. You were more than positive he was going out of his way because he wanted you to feel comfortable at his house, hoping it’d all persuade you to come over more often and you were right.

“I’ll just grab one from Grayson’s room,” he shrugged, making your heart dip in your chest slightly.

What if he got mad because you were wearing his clothes?

“N-No it’s fine, really,” you added, your voice shaking slightly. You had heard around school that Grayson had quite the temper and got into many fights a week and, surprisingly, you’d never even seen or experienced it. You didn’t want to either.

“He’ll get over it, promise.” he settled, going down the long hall to the last door and grabbing his black hoodie, the Vans logo in white ink on the top right corner. He brought it back to you after closing both his and Grayson’s door.

“He won’t be back for another twenty minutes or so, he probably won’t even realize.” Ethan smiled, allowing you to dry off and change into spandex and the hoodie he had fetched for you.

Grayson was more built than Ethan the times you’d seen him, and it was confirmed as the hoodie hit your knees, mostly due to your lack in height, and the width of it around your body. The sleeves exceeded the length of your arms by a lot, just like Ethan’s, but Grayson’s arms were much bigger than his so you looked like you were being worn by his hoodie rather than you wearing it. The pair of spandex shorts from your short-term volleyball career was nowhere to be seen underneath the thick piece of clothing.

“Nice look,” Ethan smiled softly. You thought you looked ridiculous but to anyone else, you looked amazing as ever, cute and innocent even. And you were, you had always been innocent.

“Thanks,” you blushed, putting your hair into a loose braid before pulling on your knee socks, the grey colored, soft fabric aiding in your attempt to warm up. “There, done,” you announced and followed Ethan down the stairs, still blushing as he laughed at this best friend.

When you guys reached the bottom, the sound of the door unlocking made you jump and run into the living room. Ethan had said twenty minutes, not two. You covered the logo with your arms, trying your best to hide the fact it’d been his hoodie. Maybe you were overreacting a bit, and the weird look Ethan gave you confirmed it as Grayson’s built figure walked into the room, eyeing his brother before his stone cold stare landed on you and you could’ve sworn his gaze softened upon seeing you, in his hoodie.

“Sorry bro, all mine were in the wash and she likes my hoodies so I gave her one of yours,” Ethan explained to his brother, whose eyes were still on your frame in the far corner of the couch.

“It’s whatever,” Grayson spoke lowly, taking a seat on the couch, on the other end, opposite to where you had been sitting.

Your arms slowly unfolded themselves from trying to hide the fact the hoodie was his, as he clearly already knew, before standing slowly and asking Ethan what there was to eat. Gray’s gaze was heavy on your body, his breathing becoming heavier as he watched you stand, it more noticeable how much bigger he was than you.

A blush rose to your cheeks, tinting them a crimson color. “I’ll look, give me a few,” he said before disappearing into the kitchen. You smiled at him softly before sitting once again, turning yourself towards Gray.

You let out a deep breath before finally saying, “Sorry if me wearing your hoodie bothers you,” you spoke, your voice gentle. He turned his gaze back to you, as he had been previously staring at the wall. You felt your breath hitch as his hazel green eyes made contact with you, your body noticeably tensing as he let out a long, irritated breath.

“Like I said,” he spoke lowly. “It’s whatever,” he mumbled, his jaw clenching lightly, convincing you he was angry. You let out a shaky breath before nodding, following Ethan with the snacks back to his room until later that night.

When the AM rolled around, you found yourself unable to sleep, wishing you could go into a deep sleep as easily as Ethan did. Instead, you stood and grabbed your phone before walking downstairs as quietly as possible, using the low setting on your flashlight to guide you into the kitchen for water. To your dismay, your phone died as soon as you reached the bottom of the staircase, causing you to sigh softly before putting your hands out in front of you to find your way to the kitchen.

You grabbed walls, the fireplace, the couches. When you felt the granite countertops you smile to yourself in victory, moving a bit further to try and find the fridge in the dark. Soon enough, your hands hit something hard and you immediately began looking for the handle.

Low breathing was heard coming from the ‘fridge’ making you furrow your brows in confusion. You felt down a bit to what seemed to be a chest rising and falling slowly. With a tilt of your head, you moved back warily, letting out a shaky sigh as you realized it was a human, rather than the fridge.

“Enjoying yourself?”

It was Grayson.

“I’m so sorry,” you said frantically, letting out a sigh of relief as Grayson put on the lowest light in the room, barely illuminating half of the large kitchen area. You watched him carefully as he made sure his body stayed close to yours.

“Why are you sorry?” he cooed, tilting his head in the slightest bit. His words made your knees weaken and your legs involuntarily clench together. He took this into notice.

Your cheeks flushed a rosy tint and your ears burned in embarrassment as you tried to find something you were sorry for, you hadn’t really done anything wrong but you were always apologizing for something.

 “I don’t know,” you mumbled tenderly, trying your best to move away from him but the cool counter prevented you from moving much further.

“Hmm,” he hummed, jutting his chin out as he gazed at you, still in his large hoodie. “You know I like you in this, probably more than I should.”

Your lips parted softly as you want to speak but he beats you to it. “Do you like wearing my things?” he inquired darkly, his eyes moving from his hoodie to your face.

The heat rose to your cheeks again as you gave a slight shrug, barely giving him an answer to his question. Grayson stared at you, bending down to mirror his face to yours, his nose brushing yours ever so slightly. A heavy feeling settled in your stomach as his large hands grabbed at your sides, taking you by surprise, before lifting you onto the counter so that he could talk to you without looking down. 

The cool granite hit the back of your legs, urging goosebumps to climb across your skin. His breath wafted against your face faintly, forcing the smell of fresh mint up your nose from him previously brushing his teeth.

You watched him with yearning eyes, the burning in your stomach and the fire between your legs making everything in you tense. Your gaze met his lips, the delicate pink and the fullness sending your mind into a frenzy as you imagined them against yours. They were so gentle when they brushed against yours, it was enough to make any girl drop to their knees, and that included you.

“I asked a question,” Grayson growled hoarsely, moving your attention from his lips to his eyes.

“Y-Yes.” you stammered, watching with the slightest shutter as he moved his hands to ride up the hoodie slowly before gripping your soft thighs and leaning in. 

His soft lips made contact with the sensitive skin of your neck and you allowed your eyes to close, going to clench your legs together but he stopped you, tightening his grasp on then.

“Ah, ah,” he smirked against your skin, his hands moving higher as his lips moved lower. The pressure of his lips sucking was now on your chest, just above where the neckline of his hoodie started.

You whimpered you felt the blood rushing to the surface of your skin, just above your collarbone. 

Grayson pulled back reluctantly. “There’s so much I want to do to you right now,” he spoke simply, gazing at his hands gripping your thighs. Your throat dried at his words and you gnawed on your lip before you spoke. 

“Ethan is probably looking for me,” you lied, not wanting to do anything that would get you hurt in the long run.

“Precious Ethan,” he chuckled. “Maybe he could watch,” his teeth attack his lips, it clear that he had pent up anger about his brother and his close relationship with you. “I’m sure he’d love to see me fuck you senseless, hmm?” he cocked a brow at you.

You pushed his hands off your thighs gently and he finally granted you to clench your legs together tightly as he leaned in, whispering in your ear. “Maybe he’d even love to wake up to you screaming my name, and come downstairs to see you gripping my hair, shaking, my tongue making you feel helpless against me,”

You shuddered, clenching your eyes shut tightly as you used your hands and pressed them on his chest to push him away, but he simply grabbed them and put them back at your side, his gaze on you. 

Grayson stared at you for a moment, his eyebrows still raised as he examined your face. You peeked your eyes open slightly before allowing them to focus on him. He seemed to be in the process of realizing something.

“Oh Y/N, you’ve never done anything before have you?” he asked gently, using his finger to lift your chin up. His eyes had softened at the realization that you were completely pure.

He had gotten around a lot, and that was just a fact. All the girls who had tormented you at school had been with him, adding to the reason you didn’t want to go any further than you already have.

“No,” you said, pulling your face away from his hand.

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” he sighed softly when you pulled away from him. He stood quietly for a few moments when you didn’t respond, watching as you looked at your lap and fumbled with your fingers.

He grabbed your thighs gently for the second time that night, nowhere near as persistent as before and craned his neck down to connect his lips to yours, surprising you as you sucked in a long breath, but when realisation hit and you really felt his soft lips against yours you let out the long breath and began kissing him back the best you could. Your hands laid flat on his stomach, feeling his hard yet soft torso as he kissed you slowly. Large hands wrapped around the back of your knees, pulling them up against his sides as he kissed you deeper.

The feeling between your legs reappeared moments into the kiss, intensifying as his lips found their way to your neck once again, stopping once they reached just behind your ear. 

“Keep it,” he said lightly, pulling away and moving back upstairs to his room, leaving you breathless on the cool granite.So now, here you lay, still next to your sleeping best friend with the heavy feeling in your chest. All because of Grayson fucking Dolan.

I’m really bad at this I apologize, I tried my best. Enjoy x.

Greaser Boy (G.D) ♕

Summary: (This takes place in the 1950’s era) When you spill your milkshake on the notorious badboy, Grayson Dolan, the last thing you had expected was to fall in love. Will he change his player ways just for you? Or break your heart like the rest?

Word Count: 10.4k +

A/N: I took years to write this, I’m so sorry guys!!! But I put a lot of work into it and some feedback would be greatly appreciated, hope you enjoy!! :)


All eyes were on you two. Your mouth agape, your hands resting flat against his chest, the sweetly thick liquid dripping down his torso and onto the ground. The milkshake glass had rolled away long ago and the residue coated your fingers and his clothes. You felt a blush creep up your neck, your cheeks now reddening with embarrassment. “I’m.. so sorry..” You leaned back on your heels, averting your eyes from his to avoid the angry response you’d probably receive. He opened his bright eyes, blinking rapidly before glaring down at you. He looked anything but upset.. in fact.. he looked amused. 

You saw the slightest twitch in his lips, curling upwards as he slid his hands over yours, pulling them down from his chest gently. His touch was gentle, more gentle than you had assumed it’d be. His hands felt rough and callous from working with his motorcycle all the time, but somehow his skin felt like it belonged against yours. It was more soothing than words could describe.

“It’s all good, sweetheart.”

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