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Grayson County Humane Society Leitchfield, KY

Dahlia doesn’t look too comfortable in her Valentine hammock, but she does look adorable!

Poor Dahlia has spent her whole kittenhood in that cage and really wants to get out! She’s a little older now and her sibs Orchid, Ebony and Oleander have all been adopted/rescued! Isn’t it time for a home of her own? Please let the shelter know, you want Dahlia! There are transport options!

Please spread the word, and consider giving Dahlia a loving home if you can!


Video I took in Grayson county, Virginia.


When I was a kid, I’d walk for miles with my dog, spotting critters and imagining adventures (but mostly escaping chores and boredom). Every once in a while the farmer down the lane would hire me to help him tend his land—mending fences and chopping down thistles with a pick axe. We’d be out for hours under the blazing sun, but by summer’s end the land where his cattle grazed was as manicured as a golf course.

I moved away, and the farmer died long ago. His brother is now 88 and still keeps cattle. He gets out and works every day, but obviously is not as hardy as he was.

On a recent visit, I got up early and walked over their land for the first time in several years. It was sad to see how overgrown the fields had become—infested with briars and thistles, and the view from the high ridge into North Carolina was obscured by those locusts and scraggly pines we worked so hard to clear out.  A barn had collapsed, and an abandoned house (now inhabited by buzzards) looked like it was soon to follow.

But curiously, the little brown Box Town house down in the hollow seemed unchanged. It was in rough condition to be sure, but essentially the same shape it was in 30 or 40 years ago.

Time marches on, but some things are holding on.

Clearing Fog on Whitetop Mountain by Michael Speed
Via Flickr:
Patience is a… requirement(for nature photography). Sometimes we have to wait all day, sometimes just a few hours, other times we arrive just as the good stuff is happening. Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to sit in the dense fog of Whitetop Mountain for too long before it started to clear and really rewarded me with a nice sunset. <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”>Lots more here</a>

Tips About Heating, Air And Cooling Systems In Your Home, Store Or Office Building

Even while Texas isn’t known for its cold weather, winters can get very harsh, typically dropping below the freeze point. For this reason, it is vital to possess a properly operating heating system to take care of the health and comfort of your family or staff.   Envision that it’s the middle of January at 1:00 am, the temperature is thirty degrees, and your heating system stops working. This can be of great concern for your family, particularly if you have someone who is unwell or little kids in the house. That’s the reason you ought to select an AC and heater repair contractor who realizes that it is vital to urge your temperature back to normal as quickly as possible.  The issue you would like to search out may be a nearby company with cooling and heating technicians who will discover the specific problem and repair any make or model of heating equipment.

On the other finish of the spectrum, imagine that it is a hot Texas day in the summer and your air conditioner decides to stop operating. Often this happens after hours, on the weekends or throughout a holiday when most contractors and technicians don’t seem to be working.  Certainly you would like good reviews from people who have uploaded their experiences online in addition to your colleagues.  Seek certified, experienced technicians who will treat you properly when it involves returning your temp levels back to traditional levels.

In terms of being treated respectfully when the contractor arrives at your residence, workplace or store build certain that the contractor will what he or she will be able to to stay your property clean with drop cloths.  Also ask if the work will be supervised.  The reasons can range from security functions all the approach to if you just fancy learning a lot of regarding how your property operates.

It could be necessary to replace your heating and cooling system.  When you decide to make the replacement, watch out to automatically assume a larger HVAC system will solve the issues you had with your old sytem.  This is not necessarily the reality. The justifications are on a case-by-case basis as your location may are designed in such a method that a larger system actually be a drawback.  That is why you’ll want to possess inspections by a professional HVAC repair and installation contractor.  The technician ought to be ready to point out current problems therefore that you’ll build smart selections to help keep the temperature at comfy levels all year long.

For help regarding your specific property in the area of Northern Collin County and lower Grayson County you can start here.

McAllister Mills Inc. to invest $1.05 million and create 16 new jobs in Grayson County

McAllister Mills Inc. to invest $1.05 million and create 16 new jobs in Grayson County

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced this week that McAllister Mills Inc., the leading manufacturer of safe, heat-resistant materials for the textile industry, will invest $1.05 million to expand and significantly increase its textile manufacturing operations in Grayson County. The company will purchase and renovate a vacant 33,000-square-foot facility that will house new automation and equipment.…

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