Grayson County


Van Alstyne Cemetery. Van Alstyne, Texas. Fall 2016.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Cemeteries around Texas. A LOT of time. I’ve occasionally seen pictures of the deceased included on the headstone, but this is the first actual Post Mortem baby photograph that I’ve come across. 

By the late 1800′s photography was becoming more and more common and popular, however it was still enough of a luxury that most individual families didn’t own their own camera. For this reason, there were occasions when someone would die before there was a convenient opportunity to have them photographed. This was particularly true of children. 

When this happened, families found themselves with no photographs to remember the departed by… Their solution to this problem was to have the deceased person photographed before burial. In this instance, poor little James Lucas passed away when just over a year old in 1898. The parents had his photo taken and transferred to a china/ceramic disk afixed to the front of the headstone. 


Calcite crystals in a septarian nodule from Grayson County, Texas, under long wave ultraviolet and white light.  See some cool close-up pics of the same specimen here:


Denison, Texas. 2016.

There are still magical places in the world. Sometimes they lay hidden just on the fringes of our day to day lives. Most of the time you pass them by without even knowing that they are there. You won’t find most of them on any map. This is one of those places.

Areas of the short trail I followed to find this place were pretty steep for someone a couple of months post-surgery and 6 weeks into chemotherapy… fatigue is one of the side effects I’m experiencing. It felt good to get out and explore a little, though. 

While Alma’s family was taking part in the Great Migration, my Grandma Edna Richardson was born in Grayson County, Kentucky on March 30, 1929.

In contrast to the large Joseph family, the Richardsons were relatively few: Edna, her older sister Mary Nell, and their parents Vonnie Ray (Ramsey) and Lannie B. They were the descendants of White farmers who had been living in the area for a century.

The population of the town of Leitchield was under 1,000 people. Alma’s Chicago, on the other hand, was home to 3 million.

Hospital: Colorado high school shooting victim dies

Denver PostClaire Davis, a victim of last week’s Colorado high school shooting, died of her wounds on Saturday, the hospital confirmed. 

Davis was in a coma after being shot in the head by her classmate who later shot and killed himself.

Get the latest about the case at

Photo: Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson holds a picture of Claire Davis.

Have you ever been lucky enough to know the love of an older pet?  Take Macy-Ray for example.  She has a ton of love she’d like to give to an amazing person who will love her right back, but she hasn’t found that person yet!

That’s where the Grayson County Humane Society/SPCA inLeitchfield, KY comes in. They’re helping Macy-Ray find someone who wants to stop and smell the roses with her on a nice long walk.  Or maybe you’ve got a favorite field or big back yard where Macy could sniff out some amazing new smells?

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If Macy-Ray looks puzzled, it’s because she heard we humans like it! “Head Tilt 101” was the most popular class at Pet Adoption University!

She had to sign up, because she’s been waiting a LOOOOOONG time at the Grayson County Humane Society/ SPCA in Leitchfield, Kentucky, for her family to find her, to be that special and amazing person who looks at you every morning and says, “Baby, you’re the ONE!”

Not that she needs to be the “one” – she gets along great with other bigger dogs, just no small pets! She loves hanging with her big doggy buds! It’s just she’d rather hang with YOU!

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