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What FT couple (in your opinion) do you think would be the most okay with public displays of affection? :) Also, hello!

I think this would be a tie between NaLu and Gruvia. Simply because of Natsu and Juvia’s personalities. 

Natsu doesn’t give a shit about what other people think and wouldn’t think twice about showing Lucy affection. He’d initiate tongues and all kisses, bear hugs and keeps an arm slung over Lucy’s shoulders whenever she lets him get away with it. If anyone had a problem he’d start a fight over it. 

And Juvia loves to dote on Gray (and he laps up the attention, but is too cool for school to show it). I can see him blushing over the simple touches, Juvia bringing his lunch to the guild, patching up his clothes, and kissing his cheek whenever the opportunity rises. The small things affect Gray the most. 

I see Natsu and Gray ribbing each other all the time over the PDA

Gray telling Natsu to “keep his hands to himself and get a room”

Natsu mimicking Gray getting flustered and ends up with a fist to the face “WTF Snowflake!” 

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Every Me And Every You - Forty Five

“We can talk about how I’m in love with you.”

Stunned into silence you let him lead you up the stairs to his apartment, him locking the doors behind you.

Leading you into his bathroom, Spencer pulled some gauze and antiseptic solution from his cabinet and plugged the sink, filling it with warm water. Cupping your chin carefully, he tilted your face upwards and dabbed at the dried blood around your lip. You sucked in air, wincing at the sharp sting.

“I really don’t know how you managed to split it so badly. It honestly looks like someone’s punched you in the mouth, Y/N. You’re not covering for him are you? Promise me you’re not.”

“I promise. I let him… I let him cane me. I wanted him to hurt me. Properly hurt me. And I bit so hard trying not to cry out, I didn’t even realise I was bleeding.”

He dabbed antiseptic onto the cut, lowering his head afterwards and softly blowing on it to ease the sting and then resting his forehead to yours, looking you directly in the eyes.

“Properly hurt you?” he asked quietly.

“I felt like I needed to be punished for ruining what we had,“ you tried to explain.

“Oh Y/N. You didn’t ruin anything. I did. By being a stubborn bastard.”

He straightened himself up and then pulled you to him gently, wrapping his arms around your back. You leaned into him, gripping his t-shirt, your face turned to the side against his chest. You’d missed him.

You’d missed him so fucking much.

You pulled away after a few moments feeling calmer, but seeing you’d left mascara marks and blood on his shirt.

“Sorry.” You pointed them out to him.

He just shrugged in response.

Refilling the sink with clean water, he reached for a packet of baby wipes and used them and some cleanser to wipe the remainder of your make up off of your skin.

“Much better,” he announced when he was done.

Taking your hand he led you into his bedroom, a room you’d also missed the sight of, and then rummaged in his drawer; pulling out an oversized shirt and some boxers, handing them to you.

“I’m gonna get some ice. Caning is one of worst offenders for marks and bruising. Get changed if you want, and lay flat. We’ll see what we can do.”

He left the room and you quickly changed, peeling off your clothes and shrugging his shirt on. You lay flat on the bed, hugging his pillow and inhaling the scent of him. You left the boxers off. No point if he was going to be tending to your butt.

Spencer returned a few moments later, placing the items on his bedside table and grimacing at your skin.

“I’m not happy that you let him do this to you, you know.”

“Yeah well…. I’m not happy about a lot of things that happened recently.”

He pushed the shirt up and placed a thin piece of cotton over your cheeks, before laying two blue ice packs on them, the coolness soothing you almost immediately.

“I’m sorry that things happened the way they did. They shouldn’t have. But you were never meant to over hear that conversation with my Mom, Y/N. I didn’t mean those things I said, I don’t even remember saying them.”

“Why would you say them though….”

He crawled onto the bed with you, adjusting the ice packs and placing his head next to yours.

“There was a lot going on in my head then. And I could do withoutmy Mom psychoanalysing our feelings for each other, however right she was.”

“Sooo….you do have feelings for me?”

“Did you not hear me outside? I’m in love with you, Y/N. I didn’t intend on falling for you, but something happened. I don’t know exactly when it stopped being about just showing you these things and started being about actually experiencing them with you, but it did. I think I was scared to admit it too, especially considering how much we’d told ourselves from the start that it was just about playing.”

He pushed back a piece of hair that had come loose from your braid, his fingers lingering on your cheek.

“I was scared too. Emily told me that we wouldn’t be able to keep this as strictly a sex thing. I fucking hate it when she’s right.”

“Me too, me too,” he agreed.

Your cell started to sing and you glanced around from your limited position for your bag.

Spender moved, retrieving it for you and pulling out your cell, wrinkling his nose up at the screen.

You shifted so you were resting on your arms and held hand out your hand for it.


Shit, you’d said you’d let him know when you were home.

You slid the bar to answer the call.

“Hey, are you home okay?” he asked, a concerned tone to his voice.

“Yes, I’m home,” you told him, seeing Spencer roll onto his back and smile at the word home.

“Good. I’m glad. Listen…. We’re no going to end up going for coffee are we? You and him……You’re a thing, right.”

“Yes, I guess we are.”

“Alright, I’ll accept defeat graciously and bow out now. I’m sorry again for hurting you.”

“It’s nothing, not your fault,” you reassured him.

“If erm… if it doesn’t work out, give me a call. I liked you Y/N.”

You giggled and ended the call, tossing the cell down on the bed and looking across to Spence.

“So erm… What now? You love me, I love you. What happens.”

“So you do love me then… Cos I’ve said it twice tonight already and was starting to worry that you hadn’t said it back.”

“I very much do love you.” You carefully inched you way across the mattress in a commando crawl style, trying not to dislodge the ice that was doing a nice job of numbing your butt.

When your reached his body, you rested your head to his chest, sighing happily as his arms looped around you again.

“How does this work though… we still…. play? Or do we just….have normal sexy times.”

He kissed the top of your head tenderly.

“We’ll do whatever we want to do. We’ll figure it out, okay.”


You closed your eyes, feeling Spencer starting to stroke your hair, gently pulling it loose from the braid.

“Ah crap. Guess I should see if Hotch can stop my transfer.”

You looked up at him, suddenly remembering. Spencer looked sheepish.

“You erm… Don’t need to.”

“I don’t?”

“No… I told him I’d make things right somehow. And asked him not to push them through. He said he’d told you an extended period of time anyway, to give you time to change your mind. He wasn’t going to process them until he absolutely needed to.”

Sneaky Spencer….

“So he knew?”

“Y/N, I’m fairly certain they all knew. When we stopped talking to each other, it was kinda obvious something had happened between us.”


“Yeah, oh.”

“Shall we send them a picture or something? So they can see….. ” You raised your head round him, trying to grin, your thick lip getting in the way.

“Maybe when it looks less like you’ve been attacked, I don’t want them rushing over here to check you’re okay.”

“Excellent point Dr Reid.”

You wriggled, the ice packs falling off your butt which you could no longer feel. Moving your body, you climbed so that you were laying flat on top of him, your whole body pressed against his, your head tucked under his chin.

Spencer let out a frustrated sigh.

“Okay?” you asked him.

“Yes and no. I really want to be kissing you right now, but we can’t. Your mouth needs to heal.”

It was a true. Kissing would hurt like hell.

“Give it a day or two. And then we can kiss. And then do it again the next day, and the next, and then the day after.”

“I like the sounds of that.”

“Me too.”

Words Written on Your Wrist | Soulmates! Spencer Reid x Reader | Part 2

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Soulmates! Spencer Reid x reader

Requested: Nope, I just figured I’d jump on the soulmate band wagon

Requests: OPEN

Part 2/?

       Part 1

Words: 1699

Warnings: none

Summary: Everyone’s wrist has three words on it, the first three words you’ll hear your soulmate say. You think the idea of soulmates is just a bunch of junk, but you’re in for a rude awakening when you meet your soulmate at your new job at the BAU. Because you worry you will lose your new dream job, you keep the fact that he’s your soulmate hidden, pretending as if those three words didn’t exist.

A/N: Thank you all so much for all the positive feedback! It honestly means so much to me!! Here’s the second chapter!!

You and Rossi drove to the second dump site, going over possible theories as you navigated the foreign roads of New York. When you got to the scene you ducked under the yellow crime scene tape and took in your surroundings. It was a park, so very public. There was a bit of snow on the ground, though based on the photographs there was more when she was found.

             “She wasn’t found until the snow thawed.” You commented, “There was a blizzard the night she was dumped, which covered the body, that probably upset him, which could explain why there was the short time period between the second and third kills than the first and second.”

             “He could also be deteriorating.” Rossi added, walking around.

             “I don’t understand what message hes trying to send. He takes average middle to upper class women, holds them for a week, doing god knows what, but it isn’t torture, then stabs them, then lays them in very public places. They all had contusions on their head, so blitz attack, the unsub either isn’t very physically big or lacks the social skills to lure them.”

             Rossi agrees, giving the scene another once over before going back to the SUV. As you began driving back to the local precinct, silence took over the car and you thought that you couldn’t wait for 3 months from now when you’re settled in and part of the team. Since they act so much like a family, you felt a bit on the outside. That is, if you last three months and this soulmate situation doesn’t rear its ugly head. After a bit Rossi laughed, well not so much laughed but moer so pushed air through his nose in an amused manor.

             “You do know that the Bureau keeps record of what’s on all their agents wrists, right?” He asks, looking at you with an expression you couldn’t quite make out.

             “Yeah I know, I remember them taking a photogr- Oh. You heard, didn’t you?” Your stomach drops as you realize what he was getting at. Of course your superiors would know what your tattoos said in case there was a conflict of interest on a case or for identification purposes.

             “I did.”

             “What does this mean?” You ask, hands gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles.

             “I think that depends on how you want to handle the situation.”

             “There isn’t even a situation in my mind. Or at least I don’t want there to be. I don’t want a soulmate. I’m happy with my job the way it is and I don’t want to risk it. I’m my own person, I don’t need another half.” You say with a sign.

             “So you’re just going to let him keep thinking he’s a Glitch?” You can hear the disappointment and sadness in his voice. Of course, he would be sad for his friend, they had been working together for years.

             “I don’t know. I just. I don’t want a soulmate.” You say quietly, a guilty feeling settling in your gut. “Please don’t tell him.”

             “We’re bound by laws that say we can’t reveal what anyone’s tattoos say, it’s one of the strictest rules we have in the FBI, so I couldn’t even if I wanted to.” Rossi says as you pull into the parking lot of the local police station and you let out a sigh of relief.

             “Good, you’re back, what did you find?” Hotch asks as you walk in.

             You and Rossi go over all of the things you noticed in detail, explaining your theories. Spencer was standing in front of a white board, a map taped to it, mumbling something to himself and then writing it down on the board, and that guilty feeling started to rise again. Quickly looking away you grabbed the file for the case.

             “Y/L/N, why don’t you go talk to the victim’s partners, we have them in the interview rooms, Reid, will you join her?” Hotch asks after a moment.

             You curse internally, though you plaster a normal look on your face and nod, waiting for Reid to finish the geographical profile before you go to the interview rooms. Glancing at him you kicked yourself, you have to get over the awkward and guilty feelings, you’re going to be working with him for a long time, hopefully, so you need to get better at acting normally around him, you tell yourself.

             “Hello, my name is Dr. Spencer Reid and this is SSA Y/F/N Y/L/N,” Reid introduced you both and you shake the fiancée of the first victim’s hand.

             You two went through the motions of questions, did Angela have any enemies, what were her habits, where was he last, the works. You ignored the nagging feeling that was pulling you left, which just so happened to be the side of you that Spencer was sitting on. It was like your body was telling you to reach out and touch him, but you definitely kept your hands to yourself. Though you hate to admit you moved your chair forward and to the left a couple inches, disguising the leftward movement with the forward one. Maybe if you were closer it would get rid of that annoying feeling and you could concentrate more.

             “No, no I don’t think she had any enemies, everyone loved her. God, I loved her. We weren’t perfect together like everyone else but we loved each other, we made it work.” The fiancée went on, tears in his eyes. You frowned, what could he mean by that? 

             “Im sorry for asking this, but what do you mean?” You ask, leaning forward a bit.

             “Angela and I met in a support group for Glitches.” He clarified.

             You and Spencer nod, and you see Spencer fidget uncomfortably. After that you finish the interview quickly, moving onto the next the second victims husband. When you walked in and shook his hand you immediately noticed that his wrist was bare, and you frowned. Not only was this man a Glitch, he was a Blank. You envied him. You glanced at Spencer, wondering if he had noticed the pattern arising as well, but he didn’t seem to look at the man’s wrist at all. As you Reid was about to dismiss the man after asking all the routine questions you quickly interrupted to say that you had one more question for him.

“How did you and your wife meet?” You ask, hoping that this could give you at least some direction.

“We uh, we met at a group for Glitches.” He said as he held up his wrist you then thanked him for his time and he left.

“Both of the couples so far met at the support group, we should ask the others as well.” You say quickly, “It could be where the unsub is meeting them.”

“I agree, good catch,” Reid says with a small smile, but you noticed he didn’t make eye contact with you. 

Soon enough you found out that out of the four couples, all were Glitches, all four of the four couples met at support groups. When you explained this to the team, they immediately called Garcia asking about all the support groups in the area. Glitches weren’t that common, only about one per million people, and New York state’s population was just under 20 million people, which meant there were about 20 Glitches in total. Garcia found two support groups, both in New York City, but dozens of online forums. Together you came to the conclusion that the unsub may be a Glitch as well, possibly murdering these people because he was jealous that they were happy even without a soulmate.

“We should have two of us go undercover and go to the meetings.” Morgan suggested.

“I agree,” Rossi said next.

“I can go,” Prentiss volunteered with a shrug.

“Your script isn’t very believable as a Glitch though, Prentiss, like you said before, it is a pretty common sentence.” Morgan said with a sign, “Maybe JJ or Y/L/N could go, her is more ambiguous.”

“I can go.” Reid said suddenly, catching everyone’s attention.

“I could do it as well.” JJ gave Spencer a quick glance.

Luckily the team didn’t have to wait long because the first support group met that night at a local community center. JJ and Spencer were fit with wires, and instructed to go in with a story already set to explain how they were Glitches and that they made a pact to go to the support group together. Hotch, Prentiss, Rossi, Morgan, and you all waited outside in two surveillance vans, listening in on the wire. You watch as your teammates walk into the building, hoping that they would be able to find something out about the unsub.

“Hi, welcome to GA, Glitches anonymous, you two are new, what are your names and script so we can get you a name tag?” You heard someone greet. You stopped your jaw from dropping as your heart beat quickened, did they mean what you thought they did? Reaching up to tuck hair behind your ear you notice your hands are shaking. Glancing to your other teammates you make eye contact with Rossi for a second before you tear your eyes away.

“Excuse me?” JJ asked, Reid staying silent.

“Your script, what’s on your wrist, in order to build trust, we all write down what’s the first things we heard our soulmate say to show that we are willing to be vulnerable.” The person obviously running the support group explains.

“What if you’re a Blank?” JJ asks, obviously trying to give Spencer and out so that he doesn’t have to say what his is over the wire.

“Blanks are so rare, we’ve only had two in the 20 years we’ve been around. A lot of people like to claim their Blanks so they don’t have to write it down but we also always roll our sleeves up to keep everything out in the open. So, what are your names and script?”

“Im JJ, mine says ‘you must be’” JJ conceded, holding her wrist out.

“and you, sir?” You subly tried to take deep breaths to calm your heart. They were all in the room when you told Garcia that you love coffee, they would all know immediately.

“Uh, Im Spencer and uh,” He pauses and coughs uncomfortably, you glance to your teammates, who all look like they pity him as they listen. He had been working there for about a decade now and he never revealed what the words on his wrist said. “My script says ‘I love coffee.’”


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