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Appreciation post

To every. Single. Person. In. This. Fandom!!

If you make photo edits, video edits, write fanfic, do drawings, make songs, post pictures, make YouTube videos, tweet about how much you love the Twins, create positive vibes and support and love the Twins no matter what, thank you!!! You are the people who keep this fandom going and will make sure that fake fans don’t get the best of us!! Love you all so much xxx

Headache Soothing Tea Spell

Originally posted by rain-tea-coffee

A tea spell for headaches.  (Requested by anon)

Gather: Mint, chamomile, amethyst.

Make your chamomile and mint tea.

Charge your tea with the amethyst.

Stir it clockwise to bring peace/calming energy and counterclockwise to banish your headache.

Sit down with your tea.

Inhale the steam from the tea.

Visualize the steam cleansing you of your headache (and negative vibes/any other pain you have).