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I loved your first reaction if you could another with aomg reacting to being a professional baker? Like for competitions

So, I’m guessing you mean if you were a professional baker? I’m going to answer it that way, so hopefully it’s good?

I think Jay Park would totally be into the idea. Aside from him being his typical caring self that would support you in whatever you do, I think he’d really love the fact that you bake for a living. Like, this means he’ll be eatin’ good, so I can’t see him objecting in any way? Especially since you’re doing what you love to do just like he is.

Gray would be similar to Jay in the sense that he’d support you in whatever you do. He’d definitely want you to succeed in whatever you try to take on. I do think that Gray would also be one to worry about you, too. As in, he’d want to make sure you were doing what you wanted and everything was going smoothly for you.

I’m sure Simon D would be chill with the whole thing. Hell, he’d be your personal taste tester. He’d want you to win, because, in his eyes, you were the absolute best. Whether that meant enduring weird flavors or being overstuffed, he’d be down if it meant he could help you achieve whatever you wanted to do.

Huh, professional baker while you’re already dating a cinnamon bun I will never drop this nickname? Loco would be so supportive of you. He’d be like a private cheerleader at competitions if he was able to go. He’d always try to cheer you up and ensure you do the best you can do while you’re baking.

Ugly Duck would, of course, be supportive of your decisions because he’d understand just how important it was to have someone there for you when you’re doing something most people think is silly to do as a career. He’d not only be your rock, but he’d also be around to help just like you were around to support and help him when you could. It’d be cute.