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Things I really liked about the GF unaired Pilot:

  • Dipper and Mabel with olive-toned skin and darker brown hair
  • They both have rosy cheeks!!
  • Dipper is a spaz as well as a klutz, tripping and breaking things
  • Mabel has a high-pitched scream
  • She still has a crush on Hamilton
  • “We’re sleeping!” “We’re dead!”
  • The animation style makes them look older, more like actual pre-teen/teens than the animation in the actual show
  • Dipper’s voice cracks more omg and he’s more sarcastic I love it
  • Also his outfit is really cute tbh I might like it better than his actual one 
  • “Dylan and Rowena!”
  • “Dipper.” “Mabel.”
  • “I’m getting closer!”
  • Ghost puns
  • “Dr. Crackpot’s Book of the Damned” [cue Satanic music]
  • Dipper shielding Mabel from the gnome King
  • “You’re old!”
  • “I will fight you, man!” [throws shoe]
  • Dipper Pines, having no chill since 2010
  • “You were wrong about Norman!” “So were you”
  • What Dipper chooses to trust Mabel on is an answer to a riddle instead of a plan. I feel like this is a bigger deal than what actually goes down in canon because Dipper likes to think that he always has the right answers and sees himself as smarter than Mabel, but it turns out his answer is wrong and Mabel’s is right. Mabel solves the riddle and saves the day with her cleverness. Dipper trusts her brain over his.
  • Dipper and Mabel have darker skin and hair and rosy cheeks. I mentioned that before but it’s v important to me. Can I just adopt it as canon
  • Twins still do the iconic awkward sibling hug
  • Gave me the same kind of excitement as a new episode being released
  • I fell in love with Gravity Falls all over again when I watched it