Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons premieres Monday, August 3rd

kimmyjkw asked:

First of all, I love your demonic guardians AU! I saw that you reblogged fanart of it with a Steven Universe crossover where the partners do the fusion dance poses. Would you ever consider drawing the final fusions? ;v; <333

Dobel and Bipper

and Stanmo!


New Gravity Falls airs August 3rd

Unfortunately, this is the best quality video we have at the moment. We’ll be sure to upload a better quality video as soon as one becomes available.

EDIT: There we go!

anonymous asked:

Okay, but is nobody talking about how in the newest promo for DDaMD that the cash register doesn't say 618 anymore? IT SAYS BILL IM NOT EVEN KIDDING WATCH IT AGAIN FOR YOURSELF ITS SET ON BILL