“…I have become worried about my assistant. I was able to treat his physical wounds, but I fear there are mental wounds not as easily remedied." 

Can I just say I absolutely love anxiety-ridden Fiddleford? -gentle hugs-                    Please do not tag any ships, thank you.
Alex Hirsch Talks Gravity Falls and the Fascinating Journal 3 Project
Paste caught up with Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch to talk about Journal 3, celebrity fans of the show and more.

Paste Magazine: It’s been awhile since Gravity Falls wrapped up in February. When you look back on the show from this di stance, how do you feel about it?
Alex Hirsch: I feel good! Gravity Falls was a labor of love, but like all labor it could be painful at times. I’m glad the show-baby is finally birthed from my brain-womb and can finally run around on its own, without keeping me up all night with its deadline-contractions. This metaphor is kinda breaking down here. The point is, shows are babies and I’ve been enjoying my vacation!

***Journal 3 Spoilers Below***

“Stanley Pines was the man who saved the world, not me. … If I’m totally honest, I must admit that he’s a hero and I’m…a hero’s brother. And I’m OK with that.”

I have a lot of feelings. ;_;