cipherhunt log 12: clue found!

the next clue has been found in Portland, Oregon! if this is confusing to you, let me explain.

shortly after Alex made the puzzle available to the web, rumors originating from the cipher hunt reddit began circulating on twitter that a clue was found in Portland, Oregon, on the corner of streets Tillamook and Rodney—which some fans on reddit put together a little quicker than the fans on twitter

this was confusing for fans communicating in the cipher hunt hashtag on twitter, who were busy solving the puzzle and hadn’t heard about a possible lead in Portland.

the clue was reportedly picked up by a Zeke, who did not periscope their search. by the time someone did turn up at the intersection and started to periscope, Zeke had left with the clue, which contained a lawn gnome, a note, and a Viewmaster reel

after other cipher hunters on reddit asked for photo proof, Zeke uploaded photos to imgur:

the note reads:

To the redwoods you now must race / If you’re Confused it’s the right place / The giftshop is not too far / The password will buy the Eyeball jar

the QR code on the reel reveals the number 718335.

after a little while, Alex confirmed that the clue was real:

and that’s how clue 9 was found!

cipher hunters have already worked out where to look next:

which Alex confirmed:

and there you have it.

this is all a little jarring because the search for the clue wasn’t periscoped. with previous clues, information was shared a little more quickly and there was the opportunity for fans to follow along through apps like periscope, so that fans could share the experience in real time together. in this case, the cipher hunters on twitter were not on the same page with the cipher hunters on reddit and in the discord chat—and the search wasn’t periscoped, so there was some confusion. 

it sounds as though Zeke is a fan just like all cipher hunters, and had good intentions, and they shared the clues with everyone the moment they could—things happened very quickly! but if you’re wondering why there wasn’t a periscope available to see this clue being found, i hope this explanation makes sense.

tomorrow could very well be the last day of cipher hunt, so i’ll end this log with one of Alex’s most recent tweets:

a bit more news is coming, so stay tuned a little longer! ∆


#CIPHERHUNT Day 6 Summary

DAY 1 | DAY 2 | DAY 3 | DAY 4 | DAY 5 | DAY 6

After retiring for the night, @JoeyKarwal took home the puzzle to organize and work on. He took great pictures and posted them on twitter, where online fans could also help piece it together.

At 2:30pm the LA hunters met back up at Emerald Knights to work in person once again. The amazing Scott Jones and Jason Ritter made another appearance. (Isn’t it great that even those who worked on the show are just as much as nerdy fans as we are?)

Alex posted more clues!

Special delivery for #CipherHunters- have a clue!
…or two #CipherHunt
Another sweet Twitch Stream was set up.

While the LA hunters were working on the original physical puzzle, Alex and @themysteryofgf released it online for virtually anyone world wide!

Play the puzzle here!

And that’s probably it for tonight as far as progress goes. Goodnight and good luck!