Ford’s really been through a lot

From being teased for his six fingers…

To being picked on at school…

To constantly being paranoid by Bill…

To spending 30 years in another dimension….

To being haunted by Bill….

To being captured and almost being sent to a prison…

To being turned to gold…

To being zapped and tortured….

And to being forced to erase his brother’s memories. 

Ford really has been through a lot of bad times. 

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I’ve always been on the side of “otgw happened in our time, and Wirt and Dipper are no more than a year appart”. But sometimes I kinda wonder what kind of (non-shipping, of course) crossover would it have been if we had Wirt in his 30s somehow being thrown in Gravity Falls, making a deal with Bill thinking he would help him get back, and then meeting Dipper and Mabel. And nobody realises it was Bill that helped Wirt until the moment Wirt uses Bill’s powers, and it’s at that moment that Bill gets free Dipper realises something is off.

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Another AU sheet, this time with everyone’s favorite bird mom whom I love and adore deeply. Seriously though, Pearl is so much fun to draw, so drawing up a ton of her was a blast. Especially when it came to designing AU versions of her. And so, here’s each one of them, as per usual:

1. Good ol UF Pearl, who is nice and pretty 
2. Reverse Pearl, whose been through some… stuff
3. Momswap Pearl, who’s an uptight nerd 
4. Permafusion Pearl, who is unquestionably in love with Amethyst
5. Kid Pearl, who is just plain precious
6. Swap Pearl, who’s prim and proper and good
7. WM/GB Pearl, who has such a fucking mom look
8. CF Pearl, who has a fuck ton of raw lesbian energy to her
9. Monster Falls/Corrupted Pearl, who is… a bird. Just… a bird.
10. UF2 Pearl, who is probably my favorite of the bunch
11. MK2 Pearl, who has glorious long hair
12. Early Pearl, who is about to fake shatter her own Diamond
13. 80s Pearl, who is sassy as can be
14. Classic Pearl, who is a ballerina

And thems the Porls! I honestly love them all but like I said, UF2 Pearl is probably my favorite out of all of them, followed by MK2 Pearl who is just fuckin beautiful imo. So yeah next time around I’m gonna finish up the Crystal Gems AU sheets with Amethyst’s! Enjoy! 

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In Gravity Falls, it bothers me that after "Dungeons, Dungeons And More Dungeons", despite being Dipper and Ford's favorite game, the game, after the titular episode, doesn't make any mention, cameo or reapperance in future episodes, not even in the Journal, bassically like making the episode entirely pointless, it's a shame the game isn't refernced later.

It…wasn’t pointless. The whole point of the episode wasn’t the game itself but rather what the game did to move the story along and give us a better understanding of who Ford is and what he’s like. It was a chance to show character development in the Pines family. I don’t see the point in them bringing it back up again. It served its purpose.

Sometimes I think of the Same Coin Theory and just :’)

Stan was willing to have his whole mind erased, to destroy everything that made him Stan, in order to kill what (unbeknownst to him) was a past version of himself.

While Bill was terrified in that scene. He was shapeshifting, he was begging Stan for a deal, and then as a last resort he was invoking this benevolent god, this rare rule of the universe, this rule that you just know has to have a catch. He was desperate to live, so much that he didn’t care how. He just couldn’t face being destroyed —

And that cowardice lead to his own demise, because while he saved himself, he allowed what made him Bill to be destroyed. He was reborn as someone with more compassion than him, someone who after billions and billions of eons would finally grow up, someone who would care about his family more than anyone else in the world. Someone who wouldn’t fear being destroyed, if it was to save that family.

The blue fire engulfs two beings that are connected, but incredibly different. Two incarnations of an entity, going down together. 

One of them orchestrated this clash to happen. And it wasn’t the near-omniscient, reality-warping demon — but rather, it was the stronger of the two. It was the better person.

They both rise from the ashes, but the one who feared death so much is changed, while the one who went out smiling stays himself. He’s brought back by the family he loved so much. 

(Just as he deserves to be. If anyone is worthy of a happy ending, it’s Stan.)

Here’s Disney Channel’s schedule for next week, November 19-25. Next week Starting Thanksgiving Day, reruns of Good Luck Charlie, K.C. Undercover and Liv and Maddie will be off the schedule because of a schedule change that occurred during the week. Anyways, on Sunday 11/25 it’s the Disney Channel premiere of The LEGO Movie. There’s also several other movies airing during the week as well.

There’s also network premieres of Milo Murphy’s Law, Lego Star Wars: All Stars and a New Episode of Star Wars Resistance.