This is the thing I made a speedpaint of, even if it is not completed HERE

Danny Fenton (supernatural being and half time hero) meets local paranormal investigators Dipper and Mabel Pines and is immediately worried for the safety of these two kids!! They are normal non powered humans that go against things that crawl in the night!! Who lets them go around doing this kind of stuff without supervision?? Is this how Jazz felt when he started going out as Phatom?? Because it sucks!!

Dipper in that first pic is seriously considering exorcising this man, half living human or not. 

Danny is just the annoying mom friend that is totally not feeling super old when he goes around trying to protect these kids from themselves.

Mabel is just chill about everything, I mean she knows how to deal with this kind of stuff, and if not she can always try to punch them in the face! 

Today is an international holiday, guys

It is the February 15, meaning it’s the 2nd anniversary of the series finale of Gravity Falls 

Happy anniversary to the finale of the bestest and greatest cartoon ever. You’ll always be in our hearts :*)

I absolutely ADORE the Gravity Falls-esque vibes I’ve been getting from the new TAZ arc, so I thought I’d do a fun little editing exercise and try to match up the theme visuals and music of these two favorite shows of mine. Doesn’t match up PERFECTLY but I managed to make it work with some fiddling around and I think it turned out pretty cool!!