If you would go out of your way to argue how easy it is for capital to automate away jobs when labor costs become too high, then you should probably know that you’re giving all kinds of credibility to those of us who advocate fully-automated luxury communism. I mean, think about it: you’re arguing that so much of human labor ISN’T NECESSARY because said jobs can be done by machines, and yet you STILL want the bulk of humanity to pointlessly scrape by laboring for the capitalist class, receiving meager wages to buy the shit they helped generate in the first place. The above billboard is a THREAT. Let’s not mince words – that billboard is bourgeois propaganda designed to turn the working class against each other and against the broader goals of resource democratization. “If you fight for a basic livable wage, just know that you’re easily replaceable, peon!”

This is what leftists mean when they say that capitalism is an economic system filled to the brim with tensions and contradictions; it’s also what they mean when they say that capitalism inevitably produces its own gravediggers. Automation is one of those gravediggers, and it’s a major one at that. As more and more jobs become automated in the coming decades, the working class will face widespread dispossession, ramping up revolutionary class consciousness in the process. At that point, capitalism will either focus on generating more superfluous jobs for people to work or set about instituting a universal basic income – regardless, the point is to keep enough scraps flowing downward so that people don’t call for a broader system change. In this way, capitalism’s ruling class can maintain control over the wealth-producing means of production and imperialist capital accumulation can continue unrestrained.

For these reasons, “more jobs” and universal basic incomes are not enough. We need to democratize the broader social infrastructure and eliminate the profit system. If you recognize how possible it is to automate away human labor, then you should defenestrate yourself out of the Overton Window and use some political imagination – cut out the unnecessary jobs, automate all the labor you can, produce for human need rather than elite profit, and you end up with drastically reduced working hours and bountiful leisure time. This is the essence of fully-automated luxury communism – the natural conclusion of the conditions that capitalism set in motion.

Be wary of automation in the present climate, but always trace it back to the class struggle. Robots taking our jobs SHOULD be cause for celebration; why should we treat these potential liberators as harbingers of dispossession? Technological advancements are pushing us exponentially towards a de facto post-scarcity world, where everyone’s needs can be comfortably met alongside their desires for community and leisure and entertainment, and yet we’re held back by Empire’s insistence on keeping the means of production hoarded under the command of a superfluous ruling class. As long as we are divided into capitalists and workers, humanity will never know full liberation.

so my brother and I wanted to do a Bones rewatch with all the recurring villains, so here’s the list of episodes for anyone who wanted to do the same.

Howard Epps:
1x07 - A Man On Death Row.
2x04 - The Blonde In The Game.
2x12 - The Man In The Cell.

The Gormogon:
3x01 - The Widow’s Son in the Windshield
3x06 - Intern in the Incinerator
3x08 - The Knight on the Grid
3x15 - The Pain in the Heart 

The Gravedigger:
2x09 - Aliens in a Spaceship
4x14 - The Hero in the Hold
5x21 - The Boy with the Answer
6x11 - The Bullet in the Brain

Jacob Broadsky:
6x11 - The Bullet in the Brain
6x15 - The Killer in the Crosshairs
6x22 - The Hole in the Heart

Christopher Pelant:
7x06 - The Crack in the Code
7x13 - The Past in the Present
8x01 - The Future in the Past
8x12 - The Corpse in the Canopy
8x24 - The Secret in the Seige
9x04 - The Sense in the Sacrifice
10x22 - The Next in the Last (*copycat killer)

The Ghost Killer:
9x12 - The Ghost in the Killer
9x22 - The Nail in the Coffin

The Puppeteer:
11x13 - The Monster in the Closet
11x22 - The Nightmare in the Nightmare
12x01 - The Hope in the Horror

Mark Kovac:
12x04 - The Price for the Past
12x07 - The Scare in the Score
12x11 - The Day in the Life 
12x12 - The End in the End

hope this helps.

Friendly reminder that one of Aphrodite’s epithets is Tumborukhos which means ‘Gravedigger’ and let’s not forget my personal favourites, Androphonos (Killer of Men), Enoplios (Bearing Weapons), Epitumbidia (She Upon the Graves) and Summakhia (Ally in War) so the next time you feel the need to underestimate the Goddess of love and consider Her a shallow, empty-headed bimbo, I urge you to think again.


Initial character designs for the horror comic I’m working on.  It takes place in a cemetery.  Each represents a different kind of miscommunication, which to me is more terrifying than superficial monster characteristics.  The protagonist is the zombie gravedigger in the first image.  

Basically the plots stem from small problems that could be easily solved by just talking it out, however because that’s not usually possible it leads to larger dramatics. 

Working on it, so you’ll see more about this in future developments.