Hey, need some advice!!

Overall, I’m pretty new to the online art scene. And the internet. And this world really. How do you even use this site. What is a BTS?

Anyway!! Im trying to work on a demographic because I’m straight out of art school and I have NO IDEA what to draw or paint because that place saps your life force and inspiration for life it’s no wonder everyone I graduated with the first time went off the radar. So,

❓Do you guys prefer digital or traditional art?

❓ Lineart or coloured pieces?

❓ Brightly coloured pieces or b&w?

❓ Geometric or arabesque?

❓ Simple colour palettes or “everything has its own colour palette and you gotta feng shui that bad boy UP”?

❓ Original style work or work in 1 single style like the CalArts style like freaking everything is nowadays?

❓ Fashion or nature?

I’ll add more questions when I think of them, but I am SERIOUSLY out of touch with the outside world. I have NO IDEA how to talk to people anymore. Is Homestuck still relevant? That was all the rage when I was in college.

In that same breath, if anyone wants to update me on what’s been happening in the world since like 2012 that would be swell and I’ll owe you my life. Or something.

I’ve genuinely been living in a hole for the past 6/7 years with little to no internet access. YouTube looks really different now.


Bliss - Aoife O’Rinn (2/9)

Aoife O’Rinn, three thousand, an only child, grandmother of Wassa Rose, mother of Achilles Sommer. She was one of the founders of Horizon City, though her name has changed since. She is a powerful Wiccan, the most powerful in the country. Her power is deeply rooted in the forest she lives in and trees help their own. Her Familiar is Steven the Barn Owl. 

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