Graphic Design


Branding for Common Lot by Perky Bros

“Common Lot is the first restaurant from Chef Ehren Ryan. Anointed the black sheep of his family, the restaurant draws upon Ehren’s globally diverse culinary background and free spirit. Design is inspired by utilizing the idea of common pasture, wayward sheep and shared plates, playfully moving the common, equal spaced O’s in the logotype and abstracted sheep illustrations about the natural printed materials. It’s unpredictable and at times rough around the edges, but always intentional and thoughtful—just like its host.”

Perky Bros exists to help brands gain clarity, value and distinction through design. They create visual identities, websites, packaging, print materials and any odd or end necessary to create an authentic experience. Working with startups to more established brands, they like to keep their approach flexible. Regardless of what they’re tackling, they strive to offer solutions built on plain-spoken, ambitious ideas - always grounded in research and meticulously crafted in their execution.

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We are a Manchester based design agency We recently moved to a new studio space, and decided it was time to rebrand/reposition whilst developing a new website and collateral.

A clean, simple identity has been created that spans across our online presence and printed assets. The logo marque was created from the idea of a sunrise and incorporates our initials. The logotype is tweaked to 18 degrees which is the point in which the sun rises at dawn. 

A living gradient has been used that moves through the different colour spectrums of our colour palette used across our online presence. 

The printed assets includes business cards and an invitation to help us celebrate our 2nd birthday. Printed using holographic foil on G.F Smith Colourplan to convey the concept of changing light. 

SOL LEWITT, Wall Drawing #370 (detail), 1982. Installed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, in 2014 and will be destroyed/painted over in January 2018 (most of LeWitt’s wall drawings are only temporary, but could be moved and installed later in a different location). Photo copyright by Scandinavian Collectors 2016.