cute people doing cute things: 

  • jehan asking grantaire to draw on the back of their favourite jean jacket 
  • jehan braiding grantaire’s hair and adding flowers to it
  • jehan and grantaire lying on their backs and looking at the sky and jehan telling him about constellations
  • grantaire and jehan leaving paris some weekends with nothing but books and art supplies they stop driving only when they find a nice village 
  • grantaire and jehan sending each other cute postcards when they are away, most of the time there are actually two postcards in each envelope ; one they bought one they made themselves and jehan always puts sand in the envelope when they are near the ocean 
  • they rent a small house in the countryside for the whole summer and one morning grantaire finds jehan feeding stray cats 
  • jehan falling asleep on the couch and grantaire putting a blanket on them and softly running his fingers through their hair ; jehan leaning unconsciously into the touch 

wear sunscreen.
even the best of us
are not immune to

wear sunglasses.
the one you love does not know
how bright their smile shines.

get used to a new center of gravity.
they make entire worlds
circle around them.
(you are likely not
the only one.)

when you are burnt at last,
drink some water.
buy some aloe.
let yourself grieve.

when you are burnt at last,
trust that someday,
the raw redness
that is your aching self
will heal.


how to love the sun, Drea O.

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The thing that really gets me about the les mis fandom (and I don’t mean all of it, because there definitely are exceptions)  is that Grantaire is depressed, and Joly has hypochondria. Nobody ever puts them down for their mental illnesses. They still deserve love. They are loved. And that’s great. That’s how it should be. 

But then these people that write about just how much these two fictional characters deserve love, when they come across real people who go through some of the same things need love, they turn the other cheek. They drop them. Or they give them a pat on the back and tell them it’ll get better and their work is done. Or they offer to be there to vent to, and listen, but as soon as they’re taken up on the offer, they up and leave.

If Grantaire is depressed, and you think he deserves unconditional love, and you want him to be cared about, and reminded time and time again that he’s worth something, give that to real people who relate to Grantaire.

If Joly has hypochondria, and quite possibly OCD, and you think he deserves love, and you can agree that even two people can love him so wholeheartedly, and that he can have someone to help him through the process and how difficult it is, and that people shouldn’t give up on him when he relapses… treat real people the same way.

They set these standards for fictional characters, but don’t want to meet those standards for real people. C’mon, people. You know how to take care of these real people with these real issues. You write about it. You talk about it. Now do it


INSPIRED BY THIS POST BY butevengoodguysstillgetpaid

  • Are vegetarians- Jehan and Cosette are the only Vegetarians due to being insane animal lovers. One time Bahorel paid them both $50 to eat a hotdog and they ended up crying after the first bite and begging the hotdog for forgiveness. 
  • Are Lactose intolerant- Feuilly was born prematurely and cannot drink milk
  • Are arachnophobic- Joly of course. He thinks every spider is deadly. meanwhile Jehan has a pet sand spider living in a turtle tank in his apartment.
  • Are scared of clowns- Grantaire and Enjolras both are deathly afraid of clowns.
  • Laughs like a hyena/donkey/pig- Bahorel I mean it has to be him. Also Jehan snorts along with Eponine.
  • knows how to breakdance- Grantaire and Chetta can move it like there’s no tomorrow 
  • THINKS they know how to breakdance- Marius/Bahorel/Joly/Bossuet
  • Will randomly quote Shakespeare out of context in a conversation- Jehan and Grantaire do this all the time and once had a conversation with each other while only quoting lines from hamlet.
  • Wears socks to bed- Jehan and strangely Enjolras
WIP: The Subtle Grace of Gravity, Chapter 12

Title: The Subtle Grace of Gravity

Pairing: Enjolras/Grantaire

Rating: Explicit (eventually)


"That’s not me." Grantaire’s voice wavers and threatens to break. His face is a blotchy red, like he’s been crying, though his cheeks are dry. His eyes shine with it, though, unshed. "Or— I’m not him. I don’t know that man. It’s not me." He twists, looking toward the abandoned datascreen. His voice drops, turns raw. "All this video of me, and I don’t remember any of it." His breathing frays and turns ragged. "I look happy, and I don’t remember it. Why would I let them take that from me?"

  • first time watching les mis:wait who's that? is that the same guy as before? y so much singing? i don't get it
  • second time watching les mis:*singing along aggressively*
  • third time watching les mis:i ship them and i ship them and enjolras is hot also marius is annoying as fuck lmao VIVE LA RÉVOLUTION

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Combeferre and Jehan take shifts of visiting R and Enj during the finals week, because both of them study so hard that they forget to eat, drink, sleep. Both of their rooms are filled with coffee cups, so Ferre and Jehan has to do their dishes and clean their apartment. After finnals weak both Enj and R sleep for two days straight and wake up so disoriantated that Bahorel likes to mess up with them, telling that they woke up 30 years later

Omfg yes!!!

Bahorel would temporarily dye her hair grey and get Feuilly to artistically paint crows feet and wrinkles onto her face and she’d be like,

"Enjolras. It’s over. The monarchy won."

And Grantaire just cackles as the blond bursts into tears and goes,

"Well, I’m surprised I’ve lasted this long! Let’s have a celebratory drink! Do you have any wine, Baz?"
“Only white.”
“B-but what about the red?”
“… Grantaire, there’s no such thing as red wine anymore. It’s all gone.”

And when Combeferre and Jehan arrive at the dorm (because Les Amis all share a hall of residence) they just find the two face down on the floor sobbing, Bahorel trying to wash grey out of her hair and Joly trying to extinguish a fire burning through Bossuet’s sleeve (don’t ask).