No One Loves the Light Like the Blind Man

Now, I know the blind man is supposed to be Grantaire and the Light is Enjolras, Hugo has weaved enough light/darkness symbolism into his hell hole of a novel for that to be clear

but consider

Enjolras keeps dismissing Grantaire. All the time. He never realises the extent of Grantaire’s feelings and faith for him. Not until the very dusk of his life, when darkness is closing in around him, when Grantaire manages to make him smile.

Then, truly, no one loves the light like the blind man

ptvkenzie asked:

Hi, I was wondering if maybe you had any neat Les Mis things that you think about when you're sad to help cheer you up? If not it's totally okay though, I also understand if you're busy, I've just had a really tough day and I could use something happy right now

Hi, I’m sorry that you had a tough day. I hope it gets better. When I’m feeling down and use Les Mis to cheer myself up, I will often try to think of headcanons and things that make me happy. 

  • Something that made me happy today was thinking about Les Amis DisneyBounding when going to Disneyland and the reactions of all of them to that (Courfeyrac organizes it. Jehan, Grantaire, Bossuet, and Bahorel are all for this. Enjolras, Combeferre, Joly, and Feuilly are against it.)
  • They have a massive ruthless take-no-prisoners snowball fight every winter. They organize into two teams, build barricades (obvi.), and play until last man standing. The snowball fight where Enjolras finally wins ends with him taking off his red coat and waving it like a flag at the top of the barricade in victory.
  • Enjolras hates scary movies, so of course Grantaire selects one to watch when it’s his turn to pick for movie night. He absolutely did not pick that film and then sit next to him so that by the end of the film Enjolras is sitting in his lap with his face buried in his neck. Nope, he ABSOLUTELY did not do it for that reason.
  • Grantaire loves bubble baths and he always creates a beard out of the bubbles.
  • When Enjolras spills coffee allover his trousers one day he has to borrow Jehan’s yoga pants to wear during a meeting and now Grantaire may never recover.

I hope this helped a little and I’m always here for cheering up if you need it.

katiebuttercup asked:

Um so I read your break up fix with joly and musichetta and bousset and I'm 😢😢😢😢 is there any hope for a happy ending either with the ot3 or joly finding someone because I know it's a one shot but it's so sad

Nothing makes me strangely proud but also laugh more than when someone wants a fix to a fic that I’ve written because yeah I might have made things a little sad, but like, literally everyone died in the original. I’m not sure how what I’ve done can possibly be sadder than that.

Anyway, have a late night rambling kind of sequel to this. For shits and gigs and feels and such.

“I’m going to kill him,” Grantaire announced, thrusting the bottle of whiskey he brought with him into Joly’s hands as he pushed past him into the apartment.

“Please don’t,” Joly said, a little quietly, trying to smile and missing by a mile.

Grantaire scowled at him. “Bastard broke your heart,” he snarled.

Now Joly managed a small smile. “Yeah,” he acknowledged. “But he’s still one of your best friends.”

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enjolrasred asked:

Grantaire ending a letter for Enjolras with "bises/bisou"

Naaaahh that’s too generic for Grantaire, Grantaire is the master of hyperbole, Grantaire will end his letters by endless formules that lose themselves just to fuck with Enjolras :

“Veuillez agréer, Monsieur votre Eminence, votre Sainteté, l’expression de mes sentiments les plus distingués, ainsi que d’autres bien moins avouables.”

using the formal form just to have a laugh. But one day he ends a letter by


and Enjolras he like “oh shit.”


Enjolras goes up to the counter and orders “enough drinks for my group of friends to last a siege.” The baristas lean over the counter to look. Enjolras and company have constructed a barricade out of the chairs and tables. That is against company policy and they are asked to leave, but it takes awhile to extract them all. Enjolras and Grantaire may still be hiding in the bathroom.

fangirl-professionale asked:

Enjoltaire head cannon: enj gets really sick and R freaks out and babies him and makes him take his medicine and ITS SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIE. (This may or may not have been my dream last night and it may or may not have been the best dream I've ever had)

I think Enjolras gets sick very rarely but when he does, he’s literally struck down by his disease. The man never does anything half-way, does it? His fever sky rokets off the roof, he can’t sleep, he’s delirious at times, it’s terrible. It TERRIFIES Grantaire beause he feels useless, no matter how much he tries to help. And oh boy does he try

He dabs his forehead, he makes sure he takes his medication, he runs ice cubes on his cheeks and forehead, he changes his sheets, watches ove…

By the time Enjolras gets better, Grantaire has caught what he was suffering from. Enjolras makes damn sure to return the favour, babying him in return, making Grantaire feel how crucial he was to his recovery

Let’s all take a moment and consider

Greek Grantaire

He’s not actually “french” by blood and is almost pure Greek which would explain why R isn’t considered “Attractive” by French Society standards since Greeks tend to have prominent features and dark skin

Also smol R growing up in a house surrounded by old books about Greek Mythology and just generally everything there is to know about Greece because his Great Grandparents just took all the books they could when migrating to France