Airy: “Okay everyone! It’s sure to work this time, I promise!”
Tiz: “Just how many times have we been through this light…?”
Agnes: “I hope you are right, Airy…”
Edea: “I can’t feel the warmth that it gave before…”
Ringabel:  “…”

Semi-spoilers for Ch 4. Based off a particular scene from Bravely Default~

Bravely Default Spoilers in description:

SO! My sister and I had a dumb idea! You know after beating Praline in some worlds you can sometimes find her performing at the Grandship (and complaining that you ruined her career)? WELL. What if she accidentally boarded the wrong Grandship and got on the one the main party were using to go world-line hopping in? And if it took off for a new world with her on it accidentally? The group has to reluctantly accept a fifth party member…

So, different asterisk classes!Praline!!

woodland-knight  asked:

☯ ♦ Ringabel?

☯ - likes/dislikes
Aside from the canon ones, Ringabel has a lot of traditionally feminine likes, but he denies they’re feminine at all. He likes to take a nice long soak in the bath with a good book. He likes soft things like fur and blankets and on long nights in the cockpit of the Grandship, he liked having something warm around him. And while he doesn’t like sweets, he doesn’t like bitter things either, aside from coffee. He really likes big hot meals involving meat and spice, because that was a luxury he wasn’t able to really give himself.

Dislikes include people who are loud and flashy to the point of either being fake or being arrogant about their flashiness (people who flaunt their wealth). He also doesn’t like men who are rude to women.

♦ - quirks/hobbies 

He wears makeup - not enough that it’s obvious it’s wearing it, but enough to cover dark circles under his eyes. He has perpetual ones because he tends to stay up late and wake up early-ish. It’s something that one of the girls in Caldisla got him started on, when she noticed how sickly he looked in the beginning of his time there. His complexion has greatly improved since, but he wants to look his best!

He’s actually a bit of a nerd, and so while he does like fashion and looking out for the latest things, he is also liable to pick up an interesting non-fiction book about things like science or maths. He likes to write down in his journal, and so he experimented with poetry. He likes to think he’s good at it!! And of course, his drawings. His style has changed a bit since he was Alternis, since he no longer “remembered” how to draw, and muscle memory could only help so far, but when his memories returned he was able to regain a lot of it. It’s not that it’s any bad it’s just that his style is a little more… loose? He wants to start painting but isn’t sure how to begin because he prefers sketchier looks. Maybe some sort of oil painting, he hasn’t decided yet.