Grandmother Power
Grandmother Power!

Paola Gianturco’s book Grandmother Power, a moving collection of essays and photographs from powerHouse Books, profiles grandmother activists from 15 countries on five continents around the world who are agitating for change and for the rights of their grandchildren. Below is an excerpt from the chapter entitled “Justice: Argentina.”

Argentine grandmothers began searching for their grandchildren as soon as they learned the youngsters had been stolen by the military, an event that set the agenda for the rest of their lives.At the beginning, their investigations were greeted with silence. The public was too afraid to acknowledge that between 1976 and 1983 the junta “disappeared” 30,000 people, forcing them into secret detention camps where they were tortured for information, then murdered.Explaining the government’s strategy to eliminate leftist dissent, General Iberico Saint-Jean promised,“First we will kill all the subversives, then we will kill their collaborators, then their sympathizers, then those who remain indifferent and finally, we will kill the weak.”

The “Disappeared,” as they are called, ranged from innocents to intellectuals to guerrillas many were blue-collar workers and students.

Senior Living Game-changer?

This could be a senior living game-changer.

A brilliant idea in inter-generational living has blossomed into the thriving community of Bridge Meadows.

Bridge Meadows, which opened in Portland in 2011, is home to three generations of residents: low income seniors who receive discounted rent in exchange for volunteering 10 hours a week; foster children; and the families who are in the process of…

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Power of suggestion. That’s all it is. Power of suggestion. I am not queezy and light headed. And it is not suddenly hotter than it just a bit ago, nor am i sweating. I take my vitamins faithfully and am perfectly healthy. Just keep repeating, power of suggestion.


Half of two
means one heart blue
without me
half of you
one heart not shown
holds the key
to the other half
that’s me
~ Sherry

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Control The Curse Chapter 8: Reveal (Diane)
Sequel to "The Storm Inside of Me"

*TW: Dissociative Identity Disorder, TW labels where needed* Elsa has been given her diagnosis. But can she come to terms with it while accepting that she has her grandmothers powers? Can she balance both or will one overpower the other? And can she accept her alters or will she live in denial and refuse to recover from her broken past?

What happens when Diane tells Ian what’s wrong with Elsa? Find out in chapter 8, now posted!

My Belief Proclaimed!

By the first day of December I, 2015 I will have in my posession $50,000 dollars which will come to me in various amounts from time to time during the interim.  In return for this money I will give the most efficient service of which I am capable. 

Rendering the fullest possible quanity and the best possible quality of  service in the capacity of Founding, Exclusive Status presenter for Younique Products in Leadership Development, Team Building and sales of cosmetics and skin care

I believe that I will have this money in my posession. My faith is so strong that I can now see this money before my eyes. I can touch it wirh my hands.   It is now awaiting transfer to me at this time and in the proportion that I deliver the service I intend to render in return for it.

I am awaiting a plan from the Holy Spirit by which to  accumulate this money and I will follow that plan when it is received.

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There is no more powerful creature than a baby.  Which adult has ever managed to say with absolute conviction, “I have changed people’s lives for the better”? Yet every baby does this in some sort of way.

A few days ago I was at work, at school, unable to contain my excitement about going to see a friend’s baby for the first time. I had seen pictures of little Barnaby, I had heard from…

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The Loving Language of Death.

A Cerebrovascular Accident, Dysarthria, Hemiparesis,  and Hemiplegia,   I wasn’t aware of these terms 113 days ago.   When you’re 25 years old and concentrating on defining your own happiness, the last thing you expect to do is decipher and define the medical jargon that’s immediately spewed at you once a loved one suffers a stroke.   Without understanding these terms, it’s going to be really hard – if not impossible- to understand the world in which you’re now expected to adapt to.  

Often time’s people become forceful when they lose power.   My grandmother lost the power of her voice and her mind, my family lost its power to remember her wishes, and we’re now forced to navigate the roads ahead blindly with her best interest at heart.   The only thing that is apparent is the pride we all struggle to let go in the wake of her mental passing.  

I’m forced to carry on right now.  

Every part of me screams for her, I strain to hear her response.  What would she say to me now?  I’m slowly forgetting the sound of her voice.  The way it would raise in excitement, the sound of her pause in thought, how she would intently feel every word I spoke to her as if somehow she would magically carry any burden I had.   

I disconnected from the family I knew since her stroke.   I no longer fight for my dads approval.  Without her here there’s no will to mend the past.   I no longer struggle to accept my mother, I’ve dismissed her since my voice of reason has gone.   

I’m at a loss for words, and it’s the only language I have known. 

I now only speak the Loving Language of Death. 


Dance Central Storyverse #2: MoCoy Canons.

Sunday, August 2nd: These headcanons are minus the Sailor Moon-esque insanity of my other canons. After watching the happy, quirky innocence of Dance Central 1 videos, I felt the itch to take out the shoujo manga-esque elements of my DC storylines. But while these are nowhere near as crazy as those canons, please note:

These canons will contain BL pairings and my interpretation of the characters. Beware. ♥

Maccoy leads a lifeless existence in his childhood home, both parents painfully absent from his life. His grandmother is a powerful presence in his life, sheltering him from as much as she can. Introduces music into a life filled with too much heartache. One of his favorite memories: Gramma Anya turning on his favorite record and dancing with him.

Gramma endeavors to give Coy the happiness he deserves, no longer wanting her grandson to be miserable. Besides, he keeps pulling up videos of American musicians and adores them. He imitates even the wild ones, but oh well, whatever makes him happy.

With young Maccoy in tow, Anya leaves behind Moscow. Buys a home and builds a life for her grandson in America (no city yet). The new country is promising but Coy’s timid, frightened, alienated, with only music as his friend.