Grandmaster Flash

“When you know better, then you do better Each one teach one, come together”

The Get Down S01E02 - Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames

This ain’t Disneyland, this shit is the fucking Bronx..

the signs as the get down
  • Aries: Shaolin Fantastic
  • Taurus: Mylene Cruz
  • Gemini: Regina
  • Cancer: Cadillac
  • Leo: Yolanda Kipling
  • Virgo: Fat Annie
  • Libra: Ra Ra Kipling
  • Scorpio: Zeke Figuero
  • Sagittarius: Papa Fuerte
  • Capricorn: Boo Boo Kipling
  • Aquarius: Grandmaster Flash
  • Pisces: Dizzee Kipling

Over here, I got the system set up. Organized just like yours, man. Matching Technics SL-23 turntables, just like yours.

People cannot handle the fact that huge investments have been made into a show that is centered around black and latinx kids and history. The Get Down is honestly a breath of fresh air from all these shows with white leads. The Get Down is visually stunning, with an immensely talented cast, and great plot. The Get Down deserves way more praise and recognition.