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GTAV Online Character Face Glitch [PS3]

So the heist update happened today, and everything went fine and dandy…but now my character’s face has suddenly changed into a muscle steroid enhanced boxer, and when put on a woman’s body, it looks like a man in drag. o.o

I’ve tried restarting, coming out online and reloading a new session to see if it fixes it, sometimes it does for about a few seconds and BOOM boxer face lady is back. Hopefully it’s a glitch that’ll be fixed or it might be just there’s so people on there the servers can’t take it right now. There’s been a few others glitches like leaving the apartment only to end up way down the street falling from the sky [and being thankful for having a parachute on…imagine if that happened in real life, damn!] and some mission loading problems, but I’m just going to leave it alone for now and try another day. 

Has anybody else run into the same issue?

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