Gran Paradiso National Park

Gran Paradiso National Park - Italy

This national park is located in the Graian Alps. It is named after Gran Paradiso mountain which is situated in the park, from the top of which, you can see Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn. Badgers, Wolves and Deer are all native to this area. 

LIVING ON THE EDGE: An impressive image that holds your attention for quite a while, despite its simplicity. Stefano Unterthiner captures a chamois standing on the edge of a rocky peak that appears to offer little to no safety net below in Italy’s Gran Paradiso National Park, here in ‘High-Foraging Chamois’.

The animals are used to making rocky, moderately high terrain their habitat, and so understandably, are quite as ease in relatively risky locations. The chamois here looks completely unfazed by the peril that surrounds it, but that is a large part of what makes Unterthiner’s piece so engaging. 

This image was sourced from National Geographic’s official website, where it was featured as 'Photo of the Day’ on March the 3rd 2015.