Chinese Grain Mill by Wolfgang Wiggers

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<br />I am not sure where and when these photographs had been taken. Some seem to be obviously japanese, others chinese. 

All the photographs were taken out of an album and were heavily faded, but could be digitally enhanced and cleaned up. Furthermore, some are only very small, as if they were contact prints. Since the photographs are likely to be made by a german soldier or sailor, I would suppose they were made in China, ca. 1910 (Tsingtao/Qingdao). But then, could it also be Manchuria in the 1930s? An alternative would bee that the pictures had been taken in China and Japan that is, the photographer had visited both countries. [ I will tag the following photographs (and previously posted ones from the same provenance) with “xyz”, so if you want to see all pictures from this set, just search my photostream for “xyz”]


The Cedar Creek Grist Mill rests on a steep and rocky slope at the bottom of a narrow gorge. It is the only grain grinding mill in Washington that has maintained its original structural integrity, grinds with stones and is water powered.  It is a working mill, you can get some flour, corn meal or even grits for a small donation.  I got there just as it was closing to get photographs of the interior but the Lewis river area is beautiful.

Woodland, WA 11 March 2017

Anyone feeding safe choice senior. Nutrena confirmed on the phone this lot is contaminated with monensin. They say the levels of it are “safe”  – but my friends horse has died. If you feed Nutrena- dont feed bags with this plant code

My personal recommendation is to feed no horse grain that is milled in the same plant that feed for cattle is milled.  

That’s the seven-story ConAgra grain mill, and it was detonated by 7-year-old Make-A-Wish kid named Max. Make-A-Wish flew Max and his family from California to the small town of Huron, Ohio, just so he could push the big, red button. And that was only the culmination of days filled with explosive fun, because Max also prepared for the demolition by watching tons of videos of buildings being destroyed, helped place the dynamite into the building’s support columns, and even got to take the local bomb squad’s remote-controlled robot for a spin, yelling, “Fire in the hole!” before remotely shotgunning a root beer bottle.

About 30,000 locals showed up to watch the explosion, because what else is there to do in Huron, Ohio? Oh, and apparently some believe that the ConAgra building was haunted, so it’s possible that meddling Max blew up a ghost.

When Sick Kids Who Don’t Give A F#@% Get A Make-A-Wish Wish

undead-tealeaves  asked:

for the grainmill- is crowdfunding an option? im damn sure there would be a lot of people willing to chip in, even my broke ass will happily throw in a tenner if it means you can eat.

I’m getting a lot of people telling me to put up a crowd funding thing for it and while I am so overwhelmingly touched and thankful for the willingness to help…there are other more pressing expenses I have which I am reluctant to ask for help with because I know times are hard for everyone and I just…the guilt would eat me alive when I know how hard everyone else is struggling and every single day I reblog another post begging for help. 

It is eating me alive. I’ve just seen two paypal notifications go over my phone screen and immediately burst into tears because people are just so good??? and kind??? Just…you’re all amazing and I love you and I don’t know what I ever did to deserve such kindness in my life but I promise you I’ll go to my grave trying to earn it. 

So while I appreciate the offer and will keep it in mind, for now I will bide my time and hope that next year…next year will be better. 

Next year I might actually be free of medical debt and maybe I’ll be able to unmax the credit card and do something like buy myself a grain mill. Or buy shares in companies making bionic body parts. One of the two. 

The 72 Adorations to Persephone -

I adore you, she of both realms,

I adore you, whose feet dance among fertile soil and brambles,

I adore you, daughter of Demeter,

I adore you, strength-finder,

I adore you, Maiden,

I adore you, with a knowing smile and raised brow,

I adore you, curses in thy name,

I adore you, bringer of fruit,

I adore you, vengeful and just,

I adore you, lips stained with pomegranate nectar

I adore you, who protects girls who never had your choice,

I adore you, of iron and florals,

I adore you, whom we burn meat and pour honey and straight wine for,

I adore you, Queen of the Underworld,

I adore you, whose name is reeled off in curses by those who seek justice,

I adore you, who brings warmth and seedlings to the Earth,

I adore you, who chose her own path,

I adore you, freckle-faced and lion-willed,

I adore you, the one who descends on her own accord,

I adore you, the Terrifying,

I adore you, saviour of the downtrodden and lost,

I adore you, of blood and honey,

I adore you, first born,

I adore you, betrothed to Haides

I adore you, bringer of seasons,

I adore you, from young girl above to the bride and ruler of the throne below,

I adore you, in the stone enclosure,

I adore you, who yearns for both mother and husband,

I adore you, the name of curses and revenge,

I adore you, milled grain and ashes,

I adore you, she who chose to eat the seeds,

I adore you, of the dried fruit,

I adore you, surrounded by wealth of mines and the love of Haides,

I adore you, brought below by horseback,

I adore you, brought back by torchlight,

I adore you, she of both names,

I adore you, coronated by the bloody garnet fruit in your palm,

I adore you, of free spirit and fearsome wrath,

I adore you, offspring of Zeus,

I adore you, of the coins,

I adore you, pure goddess,

I adore you, who seeks,

I adore you, explorer of lush fields and dark crevices,

I adore you, wearing a crown of florals and gemstone shards,

I adore you, trim-ankled,

I adore you, writer of the chapter of her own fate,

I adore you, mistress of Haides,

I adore you, destroyer,

I adore you, the one who is sought,

I adore you, whose name strikes both fear and awe into our hearts

I adore you, both princess and queen,

I adore you, sweet as honey,

I adore you, who chose to be far more than a nuptial agreement,

I adore you, she who reigns for half a year,

I adore you, exactor of Justice,

I adore you, of bouquets of asphodels and sheafs of wheat,

I adore you, risen from sinkholes,

I adore you, she who takes the sunlight with her,

I adore you, the one who picks flowers and reigns with true power,

I adore you, whom we quiver in fear of,

I adore you, friend of nymphs, Artemis, and Athena,

I adore you, who brings death,

I adore you, your refusal to be negotiation nor pawn,

I adore you, noble goddess,

I adore you, of the laws,

I adore you, great goddess,

I adore you, along the River Styx,

I adore you, who we kneel before,

I adore you, Infernal Queen,

I adore you, sunlight and darkness,

I adore you, of vegetation of decay,

I adore you, Persephone, of graceful protection and most fearsome vexation!

Chris Montoya working on water mill wheel at living history village, El Rancho de las Golondrinas, La Cienega, New Mexico

Photographer: Edward Vidinghoff
Date: 1989
From the Santa Fe New Mexican Collection, Negative Number HP.2014.14.576


These White Walls

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Today, the treadmill is one of the most common ways to get in your weekly workout, but did you know that in the 1800s, treadmills were created to punish English prisoners?

The original version was invented in 1818 by English engineer Sir William Cubitt. While the prisoners stepped on 24 spokes of a large paddle wheel, the rotation made gears pump out water,  crush grain, or power mills, which is where the name “treadmill” originated.

Watch the dark and twisted history of the treadmill: The treadmill’s dark and twisted past - Conor Heffernan

Animation by Yukai Du

When To Throw Away Pantry Staples

It’s obvious when it’s time to throw out the cheese or when the eggs have gone bad. But other pantry staples like flour and spices can appear as good as the day you bought them. These ones are tricky. Many of us are eating expired foods! Here’s a helpful food expiration guide I found off Food52 that should help you decide when it’s time to dispose!

Dried Pasta
Expiration: No more than 2 years.
Store it in an airtight container to withstand 2 years. Toss it if the noodles look blotchy or discolored.

Whole-grain or milled rice
Expiration: 6 months/forever
Whole-grain rice deteriorates faster than milled (white) rice. To make whole-grain rice last longer than 6 months, stash it in the refrigerator or freezer. Milled rice can last a lifetime if stored properly in a cool, dry place and in an airtight container.

Canned goods
Expiration: Up to 2 years.
There’s no exact expiration date to when canned foods are edible or not, but they definitely lose their nutrients overtime. The rule of thumb is to throw out cans that are 2 years old. The natural chemicals of high-acid foods react with the container, causing changes to taste and texture.

Olive Oil
Expiration: Up to 20 months
There are three threats to olive oil: heat, light and air. Keep it in a dark-tinted glass or ceramic container with a pour top or tight-sealing cap.

Bread Crumbs
Expiration: 6 months
Since they’re dried, bread crumbs last longer than regular bread. Keep it in an airtight container, and if stored properly, they may even last longer than 6 months.

Find out how long spices, alcohol and other pantry items last here.

Bianca Davri’s entry in World of Thedas vol 2.

Because she’s accomplished some incredible things and there is a lot of interesting worldbuilding info and Dwarven politics in there! Coal-powered machines… dwindling lyrium trade… they could take this a lot of really interesting place in future games!!

Half of Nevarra has heard of the Davri Mechanical Thresher. Powered by steam, the device separates grain from chaff, doing work that normally takes hundreds of laborers weeks of back-breaking effort in mere hours. The Nevarran nobility herald it as the greatest innovation of the age, but it is just the latest gift from the genius of Bianca Davri.

She made her name more than a decade ago with an improved seed drill that was capable of not only distributing seed in perfect rows at nearly any spacing, but also of adjusting to the correct depth for each seed type. Far more reliable than any other seeder, it quickly became the standard across the Free Marches, Antiva, and Nevarra, and House Davri, a previously obscure surface Smith Caste family living in Kirkwall, instantly established itself as a power within the Merchants Guild.

But the Davri Seed Drill was not self-powered. It required the locomotion of a horse or an ox to operate. Bianca’s second invention, a spinning machine, was run like a grain mill by the action of moving water. With this device, a single worker could spin up to sixty spools of thread at a time, at a much finer quality than hand spinning. With the Davri Spinning Frame, demand for Bianca’s designs spread to the high-priced markets of Orlais.

She spent the next several years investigating more-efficient methods of powering her machines. She experimented with a variety of water- and steam-powered engines before settling on a design that incorporated a coal furnace. She may have been inspired by its gains in efficiency over wood-burning furnaces, but it had the added effect of cementing a lasting alliance between her house and several Miner Caste families in Orzammar, who specialized in converting ordinary coal to the smokeless variety used in dwarven forges.

For her work, Bianca Davri has been nominated before the Assembly to be named Paragon. If the motion should succeed, she will be the first surface-born smith ever to become a Paragon. The vote has been put off several times, and the infighting over the decision has been vicious, even by Assembly standards.

Dace, of course, would support any motion to acknowledge the so-called “surface caste,” but they've made a king’s ransom exporting coal and importing surface silks, so they’re backing their candidate with everything their house can muster. Helmi is split. Denek holds the deshyrs seat, and hes captivated by all this inventive genius, but his mother will spit lava if the motion passes. Bemot and Meino have been working together to pressure some of the more conservative deshyrs to support Davri, but the strongest houses (Aeducan, Harrowmont, Hirol) are dragging their feet and waiting to see which side offers them more for their votes.
–Deshyr Sardirak Vollney, in a letter to Lord Vollney

The houses most stridently opposing the vote make their coin from the lyrium trade, and there has been talk that as the lyrium trade dwindles and is supplanted by trade in coal and steel, power is shifting in the Assembly. Formerly minor or lesser nobles grow prominent while ancient, powerful houses sink into obscurity, and those falling will not go quietly.

While the Orzammar Assembly debates her status as a living ancestor, Bianca pays them no mind. Her workshop in Val Royeaux expanded twice in the last year and employs almost a hundred smiths full-time. Bianca devotes most of her time to developing new designs and leaves the business of taking orders and delivering completed machines to her husband, Bogdan Vasca. House Vasca was long one of the most powerful members of the Dwarven Merchants Guild and has been the primary exporter of Orzammar-forged dwarven steel on the surface for centuries. The alliance between House Vasca and House Davri has granted considerable power to both and made them a faction within the Merchants Guild that none of the other families dare to oppose.

It’s rumored that Bianca herself was less than pleased with the prospective alliance and actually left Bogdan standing at the altar while she tried to elope with another man. Both House Davri and House Vasca vehemently deny the rumors.

The Yellow House

In the ten years since Hurricane Katrina, what has plagued me most is the unfinished business of it all. Why is my brother Carl still babysitting ruins, sitting on the empty plot where our childhood home used to be? Why is my seventy-four-year-old mother, Ivory Mae, still unmoored, living in St. Rose, Louisiana, at Grandmother’s house? We call it Grandmother’s even though she died ten years ago. Her house, the only one remaining in our family, is a squat three-bedroom in a subdivision just off the River Road, which snakes seventy miles along the Mississippi, where plantation houses sit alongside grain mills and petrochemical refineries.

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Life Lessons from the PSAT

1. The Harry Potter fandom will never be truly satisfied

2. Always ask about the spiritual importance of the calligraphy

3. Children are like dolphins

4. Don’t try to do things simultaneously at the same time

5. The Grand Canyon does not have a fixed value P

6. Make sure you don’t use your calculator to cheat at English

7. Don’t get sick or they will DESTROY your answer sheet

8. Grain mills are really important

9. Don’t talk about the test *

* indicates that rule is optional