Praises for David Moyes

Nemanja Vidic:

“I think he did a great job with Everton. He is the man who gets his players to work hard and show discipline and I think he did that well with Everton. And in the last few years they’ve been successful in getting into the top six. I think David and Sir Alex share some similarities - they are very passionate, they are both winners and you can see the way they approach the games and how they run things. I’m looking forward to working with David and I believe I will have the same success I had with Sir Alex.”

Rio Ferdinand

“We are all delighted. I think it was important that the club made a decision quickly and it all got sorted out. I think the club have acted impeccably in that sense. The manager, I’m sure, thought long and hard about his own decision, he made it and then the club acted swiftly and it’s great to see the new manager coming in. Another reason I think it’s a good appointment is that David Moyes will be very, very open and sympathetic to the traditions of the club and he’ll try to continue that and not come in and make changes in terms of the whole characteristics of the club.”

“That’s important for a club of this size and important from what’s gone on before. The manager that we’ve got now has implemented a fantastic system, a working system, and we’ve been successful this year and hopefully we can continue that and this guy I’m sure is the right man to do that and take us forward. He’s a very honest man it seems, and from what you hear from other players that you speak to and he’s done a fantastic job at his previous club, Everton. They’ve always been a solid team always hard to play against and what he’s always demanded from his players, from what we see, is a great work ethic and I think there are a lot of similarities with the manager that we’ve got at the moment. That’s a big thing that he continues that tradition.”

Michael Carrick:

“I think he has obviously done a terrific job at Everton. He’s been there for a long time now with great success for the resources that he’s had and he’s well respected with everyone I spoke to. All the players who have played for him all enjoy playing with him and say good things about him, obviously enough for him to get the chance to be the manager of this great club. It is an opportunity for him and an opportunity for everyone else to maybe do things slightly differently but keep the success rolling on.”

“It’s obviously a big change because this club’s been run for so long under the same person. I’ve worked under a few different managers in my past in my career, so I’m sort of used to a little bit of change, but yes, I’m really looking forward to it, to meeting him and getting good training pre-season and hopefully a good future. I think he’s honest and he’s fair to his players as far as I’m aware and I’m sure that’s the case. He’ll set high standards just as we expect high standards of ourselves and I’m looking forward to working with him.”

Steve Bruce

“He’s cut from the same cloth (as Sir Alex Ferguson). It wouldn’t surprise me if he got the job and I’m sure he would be very successful. He’s not had huge finances but he has still managed to put an Everton team together that comfortably finishes in the top 10.”

Harry Redknapp

“David Moyes could manage any club. He’s proved what he could do at Everton without spending fortunes. What could he do at a club with resources? He could do a fantastic job there. They say: ‘He’s never won a major trophy’, but you can’t win a major trophy unless you manage one of the big four.”

Rafa Benitez:

“He is a good manger with a good team, he will compete at the top and win trophies with a big club. It is not easy to find someone like Ferguson but he has experience in the Premier League, he knows the players, he knows the club and what it means in the Premier League, time will tell.”

Howard Kendall, former Everton manager

“David Moyes is such an inspirational manager. He and Sir Alex have always had a close relationship and they are similar as men. They are both ultra-professional and the way they go about their jobs is similar. The Old Trafford hierarchy will want stability and for some things to remain the same. With Moyes and Ferguson in the background helping him from time to time, they can have that.”

Steve McClarenSir Alex’s former assistant manager:

“David Moyes has the work ethic and competitiveness of Sir Alex. He also had that longevity at Everton, building a club and sustaining that success year in, year out. The other key thing is that he has Sir Alex at the side of him. And if they get on, which I know they do, it is fantastic - it’s the master and the apprentice. He will need that help and he has to be open to it because of the experience that Sir Alex has got.”

“But David Moyes must be his own man. I think this appointment brings a bit of sanity back to the game. What is it about? It’s not about short-term success; it’s not about sustaining something for one or two years - Manchester United have a plan for the next 26 years.”

Graham Taylor, former England manager

“Everton broke into the top four and challenged. To be able to still be doing that, bearing in mind the amount of money David has available to him to spend in comparison to the big four, is an absolutely first-class achievement by him.”

Kenny Dalglish, former Liverpool manager

“Moyes has done a fantastic job at Everton. I’ve got a great deal of respect for David Moyes.”

Gary Lineker, former Everton striker

“I think David Moyes will be an excellent appointment for Manchester United, but an awful one for Everton! He is hugely respected within the game and he will instantly get the respect of the players.”

Mark Lawrenson, former Liverpool player

“I think Ferguson sees a quite a bit of himself in Moyes. He sees the same drive, the same characteristics, and the same steely determination. Neither men are to be trifled with. Moyes is team first. He has built a team - several teams, in fact - and that is exactly what United want: a team.”

Alan Shearer

“Anyone who has worked with David Moyes says great things about his man-management and his coaching.”

Gordon McQueen:

“I’ve been asked a lot in the last couple of years who I would like to take over from Sir Alex Ferguson whenever he quits and I have already said David Moyes. Obviously, that has come to fruition a lot earlier than United fans expected, but I think it is great news. I feel sorry and sad for Bill Kenwright, who David Moyes obviously had a terrific working relationship with at Everton. But Everton’s loss is Manchester United’s gain, there is no doubt about that.”

Denis Law

“David has done a marvellous job at Everton. Alex had won the European Cup Winners’ Cup with Aberdeen but was not experienced in the European Cup either and, as we all know, he went on to win it. I think there is a time for all managers to be the first to do something and Moyes’ record has been excellent.”

Peter Schmeichel

“David Moyes has been at Everton for more than a decade on limited funds and he’s done a fantastic job. You look at him and think stability and longevity - that’s an important thing for United.”

Gary Neville:

“I’d welcome it (David Moyes’ appointment) and it makes sense. You can read David Gill’s comments about wanting somebody who respects the history and traditions of the club, somebody who is there for the long-term, to know this is not a club that goes for quick fixes. It hasn’t worked that way through history. Sir Matt Busby was given time throughout the 1950s and 60s. Even Ron Atkinson, and other managers who maybe weren’t as successful as you might have expected, were given time. I think this will be a result for sanity in football; the appointment of the next Manchester United manager. I’ve seen some appointments in the last two years which, for me, show the nature of the modern world - a populist, short-term fix. Manchester United do not operate that way. They have an element of sense and they have always had that throughout the last 50 to 60 years.”

“It has always been the day that every Manchester United fan has dreaded for the last 10 years. We didn’t want this day to come but the club will always move on. It’s a massive club. It moved on from the Munich Air Disaster, it moved on from Sir Matt Busby and it will move on from Sir Alex Ferguson. People ask how the next manager will be able to replace him because of the comparison. It’s quite simple: play attractive football, bring young players through and win a championship. The fans and club will support you. This is not a stupid football club. This is not one of those crazy clubs that changes its manager every 10 minutes. The new manager will need time and the club will need time to move on, but there are sensible people there.”

A Supermarine Spitfire TE311 of the Royal Air Force Memorial Flight (RAFMF) piloted by Wg Cdr “Godders” Godfrey performs a “hot start” during the 2013 RAFMF Public Display Authority (PDA). Photo by SAC Graham Taylor.

The Spitfire played a major part in achieving ultimate victory in World War Two and truly deserves its place as probably the most successful fighter design ever, and certainly as the most famous and charismatic of all time.

This image was a winner in the RAF Photographic Competition 2013.

Responding to accusations that his letter made him sound unsophisticated, Bud was keen to point out that he was no stranger to the finer things in life. “I went to the opera once. Necked 10 ciders and shat myself midway through Rigoletto. So don’t tell me I can’t do posh.”

Lineker méltatlan búcsúja - Euro '92

Már az olaszországi világbajnokság előtt tudni lehetett, függetlenül attól, hogy az angol válogatott megnyeri-e a tornát vagy sem (végül nem nyerte meg, csak majdnem), a szövetségi kapitány, Bobby Robson távozni fog. Helyére a korábban a Watfordot a kupadöntőig eljuttató, középiskolai technikatanár külsejű Graham Taylort nevezte ki a szövetség.

Taylor egy új csapat kialakításába fogott, mivel a korábbi csapat gerincét alkotó Shilton, Butcher és Robson visszavonultak, de nehezen találta meg a megfelelő embereket, amit az is bizonyít, hogy az Európa-bajnokságot megelőzően közel 60 (!) különböző játékost hívott meg a keretbe, a technikásabb játékosokat azonban nem nagyon szívelte: Gascoigne ugye a térdsérülése miatt nem is jöhetett szóba, de érthetetlenül mellőzte az élete csúcsformájában futballozó Chris Waddle-t is.

A Taylor-korszak egy magyarok elleni barátságos meccsel indult, ahol úgy tűnt Petry Zsoltnak azon az estén nem lehet a kapujába találni, de végül Lineker megszerezte a győztes gólt. Az azt következő selejtezőkön végig veretlen maradt az angol válogatott, de az is szembetűnő volt, hogy egy mérkőzésen sem szereztek egy gólnál többet, ami nem túl sok jót sejtetett a közelgő Eb előtt.

A kerethirdetés előtt Taylornak a rengeteg sérült nem kis fejtörést okozott (például még a torna kezdete előtt kidőlt az összes jobbhátvéd, Rob Jones, Gary Stevens, sőt Lee Dixon is), de ez sem menti fel Taylort, hogy a történelem leggyengébb keretével utazott el az angol válogatott az Európa-bajnokságra. Emlékszik egyáltalán rajtunk kívül még valaki Carlton Palmerre, Andy Sintonra, Tony Daley-re vagy Keith Curle-re? Na, pontosan erről beszélünk.

A 92-es Eb volt az utolsó, ahol a döntőben nyolc csapat szerepelt, két négyes csoportra osztva: az angolokra a házigazda svédek, a legnagyobb favoritnak számító franciák, valamint a strandról összetrombitált dánok várták.

Nem indult viszont rosszul a torna angol szempontból, a dánokat sikerült beszorítani a meccs legelején, de az angol fölényből nem lett gól, sőt a végén még örülni is kellett, hogy John Jensen lövése nem akadt be. A franciák ellen sem történt semmi izgalmas, kivéve, hogy Stuart Pearce, miután Basile Boli kajakra arcba fejelte, vérben forgó tekintettel a kapufára bombázott egy szabadrúgást, és a végén a Papinnel és Cantonával felálló franciák úgy örültek, mintha legalábbis megnyerték volna a meccset.

A két gól nélküli döntetlen után nem maradt más, mint javítani a svédek ellen, és egy győzelemmel bejutni az elődöntőbe. A meccs szünetében még minden jól állt: Platt góljával vezettek az angolok (az utolsó öt válogatott meccs mind a négy gólját így Platt szerezte), bár a balszélen fejetlenül rohangáló Tony Daley jóvoltából több nagy helyzetet is sikerült elpuskázni. A szünetben beálló hórihorgas Ekströmmel három csatár volt már a pályán, ami megzavarta az addig biztos lábakon álló angol védelmet, és egy szögletet követően Eriksson fejesével egyenlíteni is tudtak a svédek.

A meccs azonban nagyjából a hatvanadik perc táján dőlt el, amikor Taylor úgy döntött lehozza a csapat kapitányát, Gary Linekert, akinek előre bejelentetten ez volt az utolsó meccse háromoroszlános mezben. Az angoloknak gólt kellett szerezni, épp ezért lehozni a csapat gólvágóját (aki nem mellesleg éppen egy gólra volt attól, hogy beállítsa Bobby Charlton válogatottbeli gólrekordját) még egy balatonkenesei kocsma műanyagasztala mögül is egészen abszurd ötletnek tűnt.

A megdöbbentő cserétől a meccs hátralévő részében az angolok szinte csak poroszkáltak már a pályán, senkit sem lepett meg ezek után, hogy Brolin belőtte a győztes gólt, az angolok meg szépen mehettek haza.

Sokunk egyik kedvenc angol játékosa tehát méltatlan körülmények között hagyta el a pályát utolsó válogatott meccsén, de a kispadon már ott ült a Southampton 22 éves középcsatára, egy bizonyos Alan Shearer, aki a következő nyolc évben a válogatott első számú gólfelelőse lett. A Sun pedig a meccs után hecckampányt indított Taylor ellen (retekfejűként ábrázolva került szinte mindennap az újságba), aki a szánalmas szereplés ellenére egy ideig még a helyén maradhatott.