“He’s got an extensive wardrobe. I just imagine Thranduil, at any given moment say "Ah okay, I’m meeting the dwarves… what do you think I should wear? Do you think I should wear the silver caftan? Or the gold flowing robe? The crown? No crown? A sash? Perhaps the slingbacks…” - Graham McTavish


Dean:“He [Graham] got unexpectedly choked up when we wrapped, and he started crying, he came up to me and Aidan and we thought he was joking!”

Aidan:“It’s Dwalin, he’s huge!”

Dean: “He’s [Graham] got orc blood all over him and axes and he gave Aidan a hug, then he just [sobbing noises].”

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An Unexpected Journey - Appendices: Mark Hadlow’s License Plate.