Graduated Neutral Density Filter

💙 Shattered Horizon by Aaron Radford on 500px
○  Canon EOS 5D Mark III-f/16-1/3s-16mm-iso100, 3745✱5596px-rating:99.1
☀  ”Kirkjufell mountain is a perfectly cone-shaped mountain that can be found on the Snæfellsnes peninsula, very close to Snæfellsjökull and was the picture perfect backdrop for an ideal photograph. I will be honest some of the shattered ice in the foreground was placed by me to help create the dramatic scene. Once i had set up my camera on the tripod and was happy with the compo i set in ISO 100 @ F16 @ 0.4sec due to this over exposing the stunning sunrise i added a Lee 0.9 graduated neutral density filter with this being the final results..”
    Photographer: Aaron Radford, Hamilton, New Zealand

Graduated Filter Tip...

Graduated Filter Tip…

Another tool in Lightroom I use regularly is the graduated filter… again you many options with this tool, including exposure, contrast, tint, temperature and you can even add colour.

But one thing I found with the graduated filter tool is that if you decrease the exposure, say to make the sky go darker…. and you have trees or mountains in the picture… the tops of the trees or mountains get…

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B W Graduated 502 neutral density - Filter - graduated - 77 mm

B W Graduated 502 neutral density - Filter - graduated - 77 mm
When you need to balance the light in one part of a scene with another, the use of a graduated neutral density filter is essential. Graduated neutral density filters are gray toned in one half of the filter and are smoothly graduated into the clear portion. B B W Grαdūatеd 502 nёǖtral dеns¡tУ - Fílter - grаdūаtеd - 77 mm