*puppy mike warren speaking spanish on a plane very excited about starting career* 
Me: Look at him, so adorable and ready to solve so many crimes *very excited about this show* 

- 3 days, 2 seasons and 2 episodes later - 

*mike now substance abuser after getting stabbed, shot, seen some things, burned a girl, very sad, very fucked, cries*
Me: I am not okay *is very much not okay, also cries a lot*

Grease Live`s News

so jakes got a restraining order and is sometimes fun, sometimes fucking crazy

paige is obsessed with lina and forgets the bigger picture

johnny has fallen in love with the daughter of the lord of drugs

briggs killed an fbi agent, lied to his wife, almost killed mike 547 times and lies to the mother of his unborn child

charlie is pregnant with a murderers baby and needs hugs

and then there’s fucking mike, mike who came into this graceland life like a little puppy dog who just wanted to save the world and was way too young for everything and saw guys shooting themselves, getting hands cut off, girls getting stabbed, paige freaked out of her mind and just could not keep it together and in the end got so freaking obsessed with this case that he indeed covered up the murder of young innocent lina by burning her body

and then he cries, he cries a lot

me too, please send help

Statistics Don’t Lie

I looked up the Google Trends info for the search term “Aaron Tveit” and this is what I found:

That little bump around 2013 was when Les Mis came out, introducing Aaron to audiences worldwide for the first time (including me). It then continued due to his lead role on Graceland, but slowly petered out until this week when BOOM Grease: Live happened, with 12.18 million people watching (and that’s in the US alone!), making the graph skyrocket upwards!

Hold on to your seats, ladies and gentlemen, because we are in for a wild ride!


Aaron Tveit learned how to prepare as an actor from being in the ensemble in Rent, when he “would create five-act plays” for himself to keep invested in the story eight shows a week. “I thought everyone was like this!” he says.

“[He gives] his whole heart and soul and body away [in his] performances,” says Catch Me If You Can costar Norbert Leo Butz. “What I most love about Aaron, and I do love that guy like a brother, is his sheer giddiness and joy and delight in his life. He’s a big kid.”

Ask Tveit what roles he wants to play next, and his giddiness erupts. He speaks with an impassioned fervor and is particularly grateful that his Graceland gig only takes six months a year so he’ll be able to also do film and theater work. “There’s a lot more theater work that I want to do,” he says, adding that Billy in Carousel is one of his big dream roles. “I’m at an interesting age, especially for musicals. There are a lot of roles for 18-, 19-, 20-year-old characters. From there, it jumps to older, kind of leading-man roles. So that hopefully will be the next group of parts that I get to play in musicals on the stage. I also want to do plays. I want to do everything.” [x]