Mini Scream Queens

Made the whole cast (except for Shondell, but Shondell if you can hear me from that Best Buy parking lot in heaven, I’m sorry). Skyler Samuel, Aaron Rhodes and Whitney Meyer reposted it ! Niecy Nash, Jeanna Han, The Rhodes bros, Evan Paley and Oliver Hudson liked it as well ! 

Shall I make stickers or bookmarks out of those too?

I used : Promarkers, colour pencils + Photoshop

Scream Queen - Who did it/who was it?

Who did Melanie Dorkus see in the Red Devil costume? - Boone.

Who did Grace see in the Red Devil costume in 1x01? - Presumably Boone.

Who turned the fryer on? - Hester.

Who removed Ms Beans body from the storage freezer? - Most likely Boone (or perhaps both of them).

Who killed Chanel #2? - Boone.

Who killed Tiffany? - Boone.

Who was in the basement  when Grace found the door in 1x02? - Either Boone or Hester.

Who hit Pete unconscious and tied him up outside the building? - Boone.

Who attacked Chanel Oberlin in her bedroom in 1x02? - Boone.

Who killed Shondell? - Boone.

Who was the Red Devil that entered Boone’s room before faking his death? - Hester.

Who was the Red Devil at the morgue? - Hester.

Who killed Coney the mascot? - Boone.

Who removed Chanel #2’s body from the storage freezer? - Most likely Boone (or both of them).

Who were the Red Devils that fought Chad and his gang with the chainsaws? - Hester and Boone.

Who was the Red Devil that “attacked” Gigi with the chainsaw? - Boone.

Who killed Mandy Greenwell? - Presumably Boone. (Both Boone and Hester were most likely there).

Who placed the dead bodies in the haunted house? - Most likely Boone with Hester’s help.

Who kidnapped Zayday? - Boone.

Who chased Chanel 5, Rodger and Dodger in the maze and killed Dodger? - Boone.

Who did Gigi tase?  - Boone.

Who was the Red Devil Gigi met up with at the end of 1x05? - Boone.

Who killed Caulfied (guy with no arms)? - Boone.

Who killed “Predatory Lez”? - (Possible Plot hole): Presumably, it would have been Hester, as “Predatory Lez” recognised the killer; however, we never received any detail as to who Hester killed (other than Pete) - she even claimed to Dean Munsch that she didn’t kill any of the girls! It makes no sense that Boone was the one to kill her, as he was thought to be dead at the time (and she wouldn’t really know him).

Who killed Roger? - Pete.

Who chased Chanel Oberlin and Zayday in the tunnel? - Boone.

Who attacked Dean Munsch? - Boone, Hester and Gigi.

Who killed Jennifer? - Presumably Boone.

Who was Boone on the phone to at the gym? - Hester.

Who was Boone on the phone to before Chanel #3 saw him? - Hester.

Who attacked Denise in the bathroom? - Presumably Hester. (She knew about the story involving the killer, who kills you in a certain way based on the toilet roll you pick).

Who was in the back of Chanel #5’s car that killed the truck driver?- Boone.

Who killed Boone? - Pete.

Who killed Gigi? - Hester.

Who shot Chanel Oberlin with the crossbow arrow and killed the cop?  - Pete.

Who killed Pete? - Hester


Under the cut you will find 65 gifs of Skyler Samuels as Grace Gardner in episode 1x02 (Hell Week) of Scream Queens. All of the gifs has been made by myself, and are under 2 MB. I would appreciate if no one claims them as their own if they use them in a gif hunt. Thank you, and please like or reblog if you plan on using.

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