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I bet that in Season 3 of Boueibu there might be an episode where they all go to an ice rink and tons of YOI references and jokes will ensue. What do you think might happen?

Well, IF there’s a s3, they’ll probably be college-aged or something (binan daigaku? lol)

Here’s a crappy mini-plot because sure, why not?

The boys decide to go skating; the other nine decide to pool Yumoto’s fee because heck, he also deserves to have fun (and Goura would be disappointed if the twins didn’t collaborate).

So, everyone’s ice skating:

  • Yumoto’s a really fast learner (to the point a random skater with a punny name watches it with envy).
  • En’s element is water, but he isn’t getting along with ice very well and is a terrible skater.
  • Atsushi is… Average, as always.
  • Io is very good; he explains that he owns some of that ice stadium’s stock market shares, and as such, they always invite him to practice. He can’t refuse, of course (free stuff is free stuff, after all).
  • Ryuu… Well, he’s trying. He’s really good at snowboarding, but ice skating is very different.
  • And so is Kinshirou. Needless to say, he’s failing.
  • Ibushi’s pretty good, but still not on professional level.
  • Akoya could be a pro skater.
  • And so could Akihiko. He’s in his element.
  • Haruhiko is average, since he’s not very interested in ice skating (he’d rather go for extreme sports, and would even challenge Ryuu on snowboarding, in a hypothetical trip).

I think an accidental kiss should ensue. AkoRyuu or EnKin would maximize the laughters/fanservice ratio, but other funny pairings would also work (as long as it’s not beppuyumo, i’ll be okay with anything, really, lolol).

When they’re leaving, the Battle Lovers feel their lovracelets, because there’s an ice skating monster freezing everyone and everything. When they’re back to the rink, already transformed (Wombat even installed an ice blade mode on all of their uniforms, lol), he proposes a competition; the other guys aren’t interested, but he says he’ll freeze the whole world if they don’t participate. Turns out Akoya, Ibushi, Akihiko and Yumoto are chosen by the others, since they’re the best skaters out of them. (They’d choose Io as well, but he refused on the grounds of “world freezing or not, I’m not getting paid for that“.)

They compete with the monster, but he’s cheating (he uses his ice powers to make Ibushi slide and fall over Yumoto, effectively eliminating both from the competition while also offering some more fanservice) and Akoya sees it, exposing his BS; Akihiko was also cheating with his own ice powers (using his ice manipulation to make it easier to make spins and stuff), and is also exposed. Aki apologizes, explaining that he was cheating because they’d never win the monster otherwise, and Akoya narrows his eyes suspiciously, but understands his reasoning, accepting his apologies with a smile (and then a new ship was born).

Yumoto asks why the monster cheated and he explains that he has always been terrible at everything he did, but since ice skating is his newfound passion, he can’t let it slide through his fingers; he was envious that he saw someone get the hang of ice skating so easily while he took literally years to just get proper balance. Yumoto says something about how you only get good at something if you practice (made even more hilarious because HE was the one who got the hang of ice skating so easily) and tells him that while some people have a talent, he could get as good as they are with effort. Cue the monster being moved and then a Love [insert pouring water pun here].

After that, the others are like “Yumoto you talked about effort to that monster but you got the hang of ice skating in a day“ to which Yumoto’s like “ah, this? I always slide through the wet floors when I’m cleaning Kurotama, so, in a way, it’s practice, I think!“ and the others are like “Yumoto gotta be Yumoto.“

The villains will get angry af because they thwarted their plans once more and then they’ll drink tea or something because apparently all villains drink tea in this show

Bueibu 30 Day Challenge

Day 6: Favorite couple (as friends or as an OTP)

Does anyone beside me even ship this? Does it even have a ship name? Who knows!

Honestly after season 1 I thought I would never ship Yumoto with anyone. Then….season two happened. I mostly ship this with the stipulation that Gora and Haru are a thing? Like, double brother shipping, but definitely not an ot4. That would be weird. I have this scenario in my head where Aki and Haru start working at the bath house (cough there’s official art of this as well cough though I did think of this before I saw that cough) and Yumoto grows on Aki so much that he finds himself wanting to be around him more than Gora. (Meanwhile stubborn little Haru insists on pursuing Gora to the end). Idk it just sounds super cute to me.

So yeah, I ship this. Runner up would be Ioryuu, since I feel like I was supposed to pick a popular ship??? Idk man.


They used to be such sweet kids ;_;

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! LOVE!

(Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE!)

Episode 3 review:

FLASHBACKS! FLASHBACKS! GIVE ME MORE CUTE FLASHBACKS! Man this show takes a lot of energy to watch, I’m not sure if my bag of candy is enough anymore, I need to start drinking V8. I’m only on episode three and I fear a lull is coming, please I beg you writers give me something new like Ryuu’s character development. Three quick things; why did no one mention that Atsushi hired a detective, why did no one touch that, does the VEPP theater exist in a hidden pocket of space and Goura would make the best father ever. He is husband material and there are no women in the show so how will we ever see him settle down? Also could you imagine being one of those kindergartners, I would have killed to be in that audience.  

Thinking about the Beppus

Okay, I don’t remember seeing anyone mention this before, so here goes.

The thing that’s been bugging me is that the Beppus clearly worship Gora, so on the surface of things, it makes no sense whatsoever for them to be so determined to hurt Yumoto. Sure, they’re jealous, but anyone with half a brain ought to be able to see that Yumoto is the light of Gora’s life and anyone who hurts the kid is going to earn the undying hatred of a large man with an axe. You’d think they’d know better, right?

But what if it was like this. Imagine them watching teenaged Gora. He’s in high school, trying to pass his classes, run a business, fight monsters, and raise a kid all at the same time. He’s tired and frazzled all the time, but whenever Yumoto turns up, he forces a smile, because he would never, ever want Yumoto to feel like a burden to him. But to someone watching from the outside, they could easily see that forced smile as insincerity, something he does because he feels like he has to, and conclude that Yumoto is just one more problem that this poor guy is struggling to deal with. Getting rid of the kid would be doing him a service.

By contrast, the Beppus are strong and talented and have money and power at their disposal. They would never be a burden to Gora. They will make his troubles disappear, they can take care of him from now on, he will be happy and love them and they will be happy and everything will be good.

If Yumoto is taken out of the picture. 

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE!

(Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! )

Episode 12 review:

I could not keep my hand out of the popcorn bowl until I licked it clean. There were too many moments this episode that had me flailing, I cannot list them all. I FUCKING DIED, THAT’S RIGHT GOURA TRANFORMED. I am cosplaying it, better yet, not only did he transform into a monster version of his battle lover outfit but he was a battle lover, this episode gave me what I wanted.  Akoya punching the press society guy in the face, I started applauding. My only beef with this episode was it being a reality TV show the whole time, I didn’t mind it but I agree with En, the bit went on too long. I will say mech versus 2nd magical boy transformation with wings (basically, Godoka) was the fourth bag of candy I didn’t know I wanted and probably shouldn’t have eaten. 

Side note: Mr. Tawarayama is alive for now, so I don’t have to feel guilty about laughing at the dead body jokes.