12″ x 16″, gouache and color pencils

My contribution for Light Grey Art Lab’s “Robo Show”. 

The robot that I designed is named “Planter”, which is designed for gardening purposes. “Planter” can fully analyze the condition of the plants.They would supply fertilizer, water, and chemicals to the plant according to its condition. “Planter” also has the ability to terminate any harmful bugs and insects in the garden.

The opening of the show was last night, hope everyone had a wonderful evening there!

Thanks again for the Light Grey Art Lab Crew!!

Wow, it’s been a really long time, hasn’t it?  January ended up being a crazy whirlwind of working on things that I can’t post and feeling soft of meh about the stuff I was creating in my free time.  But I think I’m feeling better about my work now so…here have a little fox!  It’s still super cold where I live, but I’m counting down the days until spring!