Well usually when someone wears such bright clothes & red tights they aren’t that depressed :)“
??? I’m sorry all my long black gothy clothes were all in the laundry and too impractical to wear to this appointment during the summer? And I literally just grabbed the nicest thing on the floor …

anonymous asked:

Know any Anime with good female characters/protagonists?

Oh sure, TONS actually! It really depends on what genre of show you want! Here’s a few of my favorites with well-written lady protags (click on the titles for samples!):

  • Noir - widely considered to be one of the best gateway yuri anime series, this is about two wives assassins with guns
  • Slayers - this classic fantasy comedy romp features a fair score of ladies, mostly in comedic silliness, but lovingly crafted with heart
  • Rozen Maiden - a strange, gothy comedy/fantasy about living dolls that hides a cruel, heart-breaking tale beneath the laughs
  • Read Or Die - a nifty sci-fi about girls who use paper as a weapon…??? see also the yuri-tastic OVA that came before the series!
  • Nadia: Secret of Blue Water - imagine if Disney’s Atlantis and Ghibli’s Laputa had a baby that was animated by Gainax…
  • Soul Eater - a shounen action series with a crazy cool art style and lots of over-the-top action, Maka is one of my favorite leading ladies in anime!
  • Tweeny Witches - a classic fantasy about learning to be a witch, with a very unique art style and some unusual stories to boot!
  • Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt - angels and demons and ghosts and a whole fuckton of bad attitude! this is the raunchiest comedy/action series starring ladies I’ve ever seen
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica - at first glance it’s a typical magical girl series…until all of a sudden it’s not anymore. a MUST-see series!
  • Solty Rei - this is a lesser-known bounty hunter/cyborg series that’s actually more down to earth and oddly charming than grimdark serious…except for that one part…a really good series nonetheless!
  • Simoun - have you ever wanted an anime that literally threw all the rules about gender out the fucking window and also had flying machines piloted by lesbians? THIS IS A REALLY GOOD ANIME OKAY
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena - another classic gateway yuri series, this one also says “fuck you” to gender and involves sword fights, classy schools, and lots of weird sexual metaphors
  • Kurau: Phantom Memory - a slow-paced, character-driven sci-fi about androids and human/alien symbiosis and also running away from the government. DEFINITELY CHECK THIS ONE OUT, IT’S EXCELLENT
  • Kill La Kill - okay, you probably already know that this anime is steeped in a trashy fanservice-laden visual style, but if the unnecessary boobage doesn’t bother you, then you’ll find some amazing characters and characterization going on in this wild-as-fuck shounen action series
  • Princess Jellyfish - if you are a nerdy girl, or want to watch a show about nerdy girls being nerds, DEFINITELY WATCH THIS ONE. it’s adorable!
  • Michiko & Hatchin - a great adventure story set in Brazil about a little runaway and an escaped con, riding together across the country on a motorcycle, bickering all the while. Think like a sort of Brazilian Cowboy Bebop with more ladies than dudes!
  • Nichijou - a bizarre slice-of-life series that is equal parts mundane and surreal, a glorious triumph of animated weirdness that is in every way the next spiritual successor to Azumanga Daioh

I’ve actually got more too, but I got tired of typing, lol. Hopefully you can find one or two interesting titles in there though!