Part of me wants to make a How to Train Your Dragon quiz thing that’s full of questions about the two movies that can all be answered by watching them, without any external sources. But the questions range from ridiculously easy, like “What is the name of the main character?”, to stuff that’s ridiculously detailed and specific, like “What’s the 478th word spoken in How to Train Your Dragon 2?” and “What color is the shirt of the character furthest from Astrid when Gothi chooses Hiccup during This Time for sure?”

#squad goals

These are my three favorite toys.
Left to right: fish, a squishy fish; a sturdy Isoflex sand beanie bag stress ball; and finally, my super gothy tangle so I can match it to my outfits ;o)

If you guys post your three favorite stim toys and tag me in it, I’d be elated! Even if you don’t follow me, I’d love to see how people’s different toys reflect their personalities.


Gothy bullshit. Work in progress.

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“Your father would be proud of you”

Yesterday I saw HTTYD2 again and this scene has been stuck in my head. And well, I think I just wanted to make myself sad too.