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Hi Autie Jilli! I am wondering if you have any tips for those of us who wear both sunscreen and makeup- I have issues with smudgy eye makeup and sunscreen in particular, but even concealer doesn't seem to work great on sunscreen base. I know sunscreen is a must for keeping skin pale in the summer, so do you have any tips on how to keep gothy eye makeup looking nice even with sunscreen? Thank you so much and have a lovely day! 🌷😊🌷

I suffer from the same sorts of problems! I’ve taken to being very sparing with sunblock application near my eyes, and be extra-diligent about wearing big hats, oversized sunglasses, and carrying a parasol.

You may want to look into sunscreens that can double as a makeup primer: I use Sunprise Natural Corrector from Etude House, a Korean brand. (Don’t be put off by the pink tint shown for Sunprise Natural Corrector - it doesn’t show on the skin. Or at least, not on my skin.) 


im screamiong

based on this post by @incorrecthttydquotes

MODERN AU! the twins were prepared and brought their own vodkas as they are known to do (ticket ladies don’t even try stopping it anymore). astrid is the type of person who hates musicals and she hates snotlout and a musical about snotlout is killing her; she doesnt like vodka but she brought scotch (athletes aren’t supposed to drink but no one from that department is here except heather who isnt a snitch).

wtf fishlegs is too cute and normal to be hanging out w these goons

i changed johann’s employment to being the director of the berk uni’s theater. gothi is a red hat lady and runs the pub instead.

snotty’s trying yall.


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