Heeey I´m back~ With…Photos…? Who do you think made this joke? ewe 

The characters do not belong to me, just the drawing~

Reaper belong to @renrink / Lust Belong to @nsfwshamecave Cross Belong to @jakei95 Dream belong to @jokublog / PaperJam belong to @7goodangel / Palette belong to @angexci / Goth Belong to @nekophy /Error Belong to @loverofpiggies 

Fun little tidbit that no one cares about…The way that they say “Gothi” would imply that it is, in fact, spelled “goþi” and not like the position of “goði.”

So that’s a thing.

Dia 15 ¨Hacer algo juntos¨ / Day 15 ¨ Doing something together¨

30 Day OTP Challenge Poth 

a Geno y a Goth les piden ayuda para decorar la sala del juicio de DanceTale para un baile,en eso llega Reaper buscando a su amado y luego llega Palette para ayudar a Gothy , claro que la ayuda de Palette solo provoca sonrojos al de abrigo blanco y Reaper solo momentos incómodos para Geno / Geno and Goth ask for help to decorate the room of the trial of DanceTale for a dance, in that Reaper arrives looking for a loved one and then comes Palette to help Gothy, of course that the help of Palette only provokes the white coat’s blush and Reaper only uncomfortable moments for Geno. (I don't know english :c sorry )

Bad Reaper Bad D:< poor Flowers :c 

Palette and Gothy Belong to @angexci and @nekophy ^^

Reaper belong to @renrink , Geno belong to @loverofpiggies and DanceTale belong to  @dancetale (?? D: 

okay, this is just pure fluff and cute shit for the sake of being cute

but i bet eggsy and harry would, like, give jb a “voice”. you know how people do when they have pets? give their pet a voiceover? but eggsy makes jb sound like a gruff tough guy while harry makes jb sound like something out of “pride and prejudice” lol.

like, a scenario. eggsy is in a bad mood and is kinda sulking. harry picks up jb and kinda hovers the pug by eggsy’s face and goes, “oh, my dearest father. why are you so upset? won’t you tell me, your most faithful and lovable son?” and jb’s licking eggsy’s face. eggsy cracks a smile and is like, “you know that’s not jb’s voice.”  and harry’s like, “nonsense, we all know he is a little gentleman.”

and if you switch it around, it’s eggsy’s holding jb by a sulking harry’s face and going, “oi mate, what’s with the long face, eh? you wanna tell jb all about it? want me to go bite someone for ya? i’ll do it mate, swear down.” and jb’s happily panting on harry’s face. harry cracks a smile and takes jb from eggsy to give him a good scratch behind the ears. and harry being like, “that’s not how he sounds like.” and eggsy’s like “nah, he’s my tough little guy.”