Imagine: First meeting Edward Nygma

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Requested by @taintedmarkerEdward Nygma x Reader: “Can you please write something with Edward ? He’s adorable :) and I love your writing ♡ Maybe something like he has to deal with a new Co worker taking miss kringles Job. And she gets his riddles or is just bubbly. Something that he doesn’t get" 

I hope you guys enjoy this, it took me a while to write i hope its good <3 my requests are open so feel free to drop by :)

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Finding a Dream - A Super Sons Story

Synopsis: Jon has to support and comfort Damian, who’s begun to have recurring dreams of a friend he was supposed to have…a friend that doesn’t exist in this timeline…a boy named Colin Wilkes.

This is my first serious Damijon fic, so I hope you guys enjoy :D

“Damian, slow down!”

“Ironic, considering you’re the one with super speed. I’m leaving you behind if you don’t keep up!”

Jon sighed in resignation as Damian ran ahead of him. They were at an abandoned warehouse this time, another late night out in Damian’s frenzied search for someone who seemed to never actually be there. Damian leaped atop a stack of container vans, meticulously searching for any clues. Jon trudged behind him, trying his best to pretend he didn’t want to go home. Not that Damian was stopping him, but he was too worried about his friend to even consider leaving.

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Let’s talk about Renee Montoya for a minute.

She’s a character that was created for the Batman animated universe and first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. It’s traditionally the fate of characters created in expanded universes to just fade away once the piece ends, but Detective Montoya joined the relatively small list of characters (like Harley Quinn, Mas y Menos, X-23, and Phil Coulson) to make the tough jump from expanded universe to the original comics.

First, she started guest starring in Batman and other comics related to Gotham City before becoming a major character in Gotham Central, a comic series that focuses on the Gotham police department. In that series, she is outed as a lesbian in an attempt to discredit her. She gets disowned by her religious parents and eventually quits the force out of disdain for the corruption she sees.

Then she becomes a major character in yet another comic series, 52 where her sexuality is NOT erased, her interracial lesbian relationship is shown and furthers her own character development, and she befriends The Question, a prominent DC superhero. Eventually, he passes on the torch and moniker to her and she becomes The Question.

So there we have it. A queer woman of color became The Question after starting as a side character in a non-canon animated television show.

How fucking cool is that?

Lost Series - Part Five

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

Paring : Jerome x Fem. Reader

Requests are open. xx

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I sat on the hood of this oil truck that we stole. I didn’t know what we were doing, but to be honest I don’t really care. Aaron, Greenwood and Jerome sat inside of the truck and Dobkins stood off to the side doing whatever it is that he does. I leaned against the windshield and lit a joint.

I glanced behind me and saw a school bus about to drive by. I knocked against the window and nodded my head towards the bus. Jerome smirked.

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The Joke Was On Me- Part One (Joker x reader)

Word Count: 3248

Summary: The Joker’s made another one of his threats, and he intends to act on it. You’re caught in the crossfire, and the Joker takes a personal interest in you. He shows you just how quickly your “loving friends and family” would abandon you if they thought you were a freak like him.

Author’s note: Ok, to be honest, this story is going to get very dark. This is meant to be a oneshot for Heath Ledger’s Joker. Once the new batman movie comes out, I’ll have a better grasp of Jared Leto’s Joker so then I might write his character :) The -’s show pauses in between words. Please, give me feedback for the first part to my Joker x reader series (I decided it was going to be way too long to be in one whole part)!

Warnings: Dark Themes, Graphic Gore, Violence, Mass Murder

“Sorry to interrupt your morning entertainment, ladies and gentle-men. The Joker’s here to announce Gotham’s latest news. There has been an incident at Gotham Avenue School. At about two forty pm tomorrow, a school bus was bombed! The assailment hasn’t been found, but this has caused the Gotham Police Department to wonder if the so called vigilante.”

He licked his lips before continuing, ”Bat-man is really working for the good of Gotham city. The day before the attack, the terrorist had threatened to blow the bus up if Batman didn’t reveal his identity at noon. The whole situation could have been avoided if he had just complied with the bomber’s wishes.”

The Joker’s message was broadcasting across all of Gotham’s television screens. It didn’t matter what station it was on previously. The recording was shot solely on his red lipstick lathered lips. The crazed clown bent down so that his eyes were covering the camera’s view, and he laughed like a maniac.

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Lowly Assistant (Part 1)

Notes: I don’t have this entirely planned out, but I do know where I want it to go. I hope you guys like it, and as always, constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged.

Word Count: 904

How you ended up here, getting stared down by your boss’ second oldest son, you couldn’t say. All you had done was tell him that Bruce was currently in a private meeting with the head of Research & Development Wayne Technologies, and he looked about ready kill someone. You even had a slight suspicion that he might have added you to his shit list.

“I can email Mr. Wayne if you’d like. It’s the quickest way to contact him. He has his phone, and the computer in his office has an alert system set up.”, You said politely.

“Do it.” he replied stiffly.

“He should be done shortly in any case, you can see him in his office as soon as his meeting is over.”

“Thank you ever so much for your permission oh lowly assistant.” he snapped.

You just smiled at him trying not to be bitter. Now was a good time to remember how grateful you were to your best friend from college, Tim, for helping you even get an interview at Wayne Enterprises. You had been expecting to maybe have a chance at getting a spot as a receptionist or an office aide in human resources. You definitely had never expected to get an offer for the position of Bruce Wayne’s personal assistant.

Bruce Wayne was a good boss, and a reasonable one. Sure when you had figured out his secret about her nighttime activities, you had seriously reconsidered your life, but he had promised that you wouldn’t have to deal with any of that bleeding into his life as Bruce Wayne. You had a good thing going for you here, and you weren’t about to mess it up just because one of his sons was being a complete ass to you. You had thought Tim was exaggerating, but perhaps there was more truth to what he had told you.

Just as you thought Jason might actually try to throw something at you if he had to wait any longer, Bruce’s office door opened, and he himself escorted the tall, modelesque woman from Wayne Tech to the elevator.

“Y/N, please clear my schedule for the rest of the day.” Bruce said.

“Yes Mr. Wayne.” you said as he and Jason walked into his office.

You did as he asked, and settled into the slow routine of your usual tasks. You were working on preparing his notes for an event the following week, when the elevator opened and out walked an assistant from the ground floor, and a couple of detectives from the Gotham City Police Department that you recognized from events you had attended with your cop ex-boyfriend.

“Excuse me, Mr. Wayne is currently occupied, if you’d like to set up an appointment with him, he will be available briefly at 10:15 tomorrow.” you said.

The detectives walked past your desk and straight to Bruce’s door and you followed them quickly.

“Mr. Wayne, I am so sorry, they just went straight past me.” you said rushedly.

The female detective with dark hair spoke first, “Mr. Todd, we have a warrant for your arrest.”

“What?” you exclaimed, thoroughly confused looking from your boss to his son.

“On what grounds have you obtained this warrant.” Bruce said calmly.

“Mr. Todd’s blood was found at a crime scene. He’s a suspect in a murder.” the tall blond detective said.

“What time was I supposed to have committed this murder.” Jason asked lazily.

“Please come with us Mr. Todd. We have some questions for you.”

“Don’t answer anything until your lawyer gets there.” Bruce said as he pulled his phone out.

You could see the worry start to cloud his eyes so you acted quickly.

“If it happened last night you’re mistaken, Jason and I were on a date last night.” you blurted out.

All heads in the room turned to you. Jason looked at you curiously.

“And you are?” the female detective asked.

“ Y/N Y/L/N, I’m Mr. Wayne’s personal assistant, and Jason and I went on a date last night at 7 pm.” you said.

“Is this true Mr. Todd?” she asked.

“Yes.” Jason said stoically.

“How long were the two of you together.” the male detective asked.

“He left my place at around 6 this morning.” you said.

“…and this was your first date?” he asked.

His partner gave him a funny look, “Detective, I don’t see the relevance in that question.” you stated bluntly.

“Mr. Todd we still need to take you in for questioning, but we’ll let out Lieutenant know about this. Ms. Y/L/N I’m going to need your contact information.” The more professional detective said.

“Of course.” you said and gave it to her.

As they left with Jason, Bruce gave you a questioning look that you didn’t dare meet. You both waited until you were sure they were both gone before speaking.

“What was that?” Bruce asked sternly.

“It just came out.” you said nervously.

“I thought we agreed that you weren’t going to get involved in anything not regarding to Wayne Enterprises.”

“Your family does regard Wayne Enterprises.”

“You know exactly what I mean.”

“Well it’s too late to take back now.”

“It’s fine, we can still fix it.”

“I’ll leave you so you can call the lawyer.”

You made your way to the door, and just as you were closing it behind you, you heard his voice call out, “Thank you”.

things supergirl could do instead of relationship drama every single episode
  • There is a Legion of Super-heroes ring in the fortress of solitude! Bring! In! The! Legion!
  • Remember that time Red Tornado was on the show?
  • Lex Luthor could escape from prison
  • Someone! Is! Accidentally! Sent! Into! The! Future! And! Joins! The! Legion! Of! Super-heroes!
  • Maxwell Lord is almost certainly doing something villainous right now
  • In case I’m not being subtle let Mon-El join the Legion of Super-heroes for a while so that he can get his Lar Gand costume. Let him be Lar Gand already jesusussss
  • Kara visits Metropolis city
  • Someone figures out Kara’s secret identity and we could explore some interesting psychological territory
  • Maggie Sawyer and the Gotham City Police department because hell yeah
  • There could be a really cool story arc about Mon-El returning from the future as Lar Gand with some knowledge of impending doom that he knows about because he was IN THE FUTURE WITH THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES
  • Bottle city of Kandor
  • Karen Starr / Power Girl
  • Winn’s father is the Toyman so like - - - do something with that- – –
  • Write a compelling villain
Chris Chalk Reveals What To Expect When ‘Gotham’ Returns, Talks ‘Untitled Detroit Project,’ And More

“Gotham” is due to return for Season 3b on Monday and fans are buzzing about what’s to come. Star Chris Chalk, who plays Bruce Wayne’s friend and confidant Lucius Fox on the Fox original series, assured the International Business Times that the excitement and fanfare is well deserved.

Jerome’s (Cameron Monaghan) new Jokeresque look has dominated much of the conversation around the “Gotham” winter premiere, but it seems that’s just one of many bombshells creators Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon intend to drop on viewers in the latter portion of Season 3. Chalk revealed that in addition to some shakeups from Jerome, which tie directly into the winter finale cliffhanger, viewers should expect to see Lucius continue to work with the Gotham Police Department while doing his very best to serve Bruce.

“I think what you should expect from Lucius is…because of his failing Thomas Wayne earlier, he will not fail Bruce Wayne,” Chalk told IBT.

He explained that just because Lucius is no longer working for Wayne Enterprises doesn’t mean that he’s cut ties completely: Every move he makes is meant to serve Bruce in some way. Chalk explained that it may not always be obvious, but said that Lucius will “always have Bruce’s back.”

“His path has been altered by Wayne enterprises being corrupt,” he said. “Because of their corruption and him not being able to find the source of that corruption in an efficient manner, he’s moved on to the GCPD to try and help Gotham as much as he can while always keeping an eye on Bruce. When Bruce needs him [Lucius] will be there for Bruce.”

“Gotham” fans can also expect the remainder of Season 3 to feature many twists, turns and “‘oh my goodness’” moments along the way. Chalk revealed to IBT that there were several times during filming that even he couldn’t believe the direction the show had taken. He frequently texted with co-stars to discuss what’s in store.

“There are so many ‘Oh my goodness moments’ that even I would text my castmates and be like, ‘whoa, OK, so we’re doing that now? This is really cool,’” Chalk said. “I think it’s an exciting end of the season coming up.”

In addition to working on “Gotham,” Chalk has held true to his roots — appearing in yet another historically significant role. The actor is slated to appear in the “Untitled Detroit Project,” a film directed by Kathryn Bigelow which tells the tale of the 12th Street Riot of 1967. The initial riot began as a demonstration of civil disobedience in response to the brutality locals were experiencing at the hands of police.

“I think audiences will love it,” Chalk said. “They’ll learn, they’ll be informed. I think Kathryn is great at giving information while still being entertaining — not in an Abbott and Costello way. Gripping is more the word. The ones that know about the situation will maybe learn a little more and ones who don’t will want to go pick up a book afterward.”

Ed Nygma x reader - imagines.


You let out a long exasperated breath. The woman in front of you - red faced from shouting so much - just wouldn’t listen to you, to the rules.

She was there to see Officer Moore, her new boyfriend. Although you had known Moore for nearly an entire year and he didn’t have girlfriends. He had casual sex-buddies and that was that. But the woman wouldn’t get it in her head.

“I just want to see my fuckin’ boyfriend, you loon!” She snapped. All attention was in you now, every gaze of bored or passing cops on the altercation going on at the receptionist desk for the GCPD.

It was hard to act so casual with their eyes on you. It made your skin itch; your heart pounding against your chest and eyes burning as you tried not to cry with embarrassment. But you kept a hard expression nonetheless.

“I’m so sorry, Miss Franks.” You smiled sweetly, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “Officer Moore is working right now. You cannot just pop in whenever you feel like it.”

The woman growled in anger and stomped out of the precinct, a curse word falling from her lips. You sunk back in your chair, relieved in the lack of the woman’s presence. She had barked in at you for nearly twenty minutes, so the silence was welcome despite the pounding that soon took its place.

You turned to the man that sat next to you - a gangly man by the name of Owen. “I’m going to get some Advil and coffee. Want anything?”

Owen shook his head and you went in your way. You could still feel people watching you, but you tried to ignore the burn in your skin and make it to the coffee machine in the staff room. Coffee was good. Coffee was a life force.

After taking the painkillers and savouring the strongest coffee you could find you allowed yourself to sink back into the worn leather sofa they kept in the staff room. It was old and lumpy, but relaxing with the silence it offered.

Most of the people that worked at Gotham City Police Department wouldn’t be going on their lunch break for an hour, but working at the reception often meant you could leave to get coffee as long as someone was at the desk. Not many people even used the reception anyway, so whether you took five minutes or an hour didn’t usually matter.

Another person that would often abandon their work to get copious amounts of caffeine was Edward Nygma.

He was an odd man and you had always regarded him as a bit of an outsider. While you were not one to have a large group of people around you, you did have a few friends at work. Namely Kristen Kringle, who had always found Ed to be off-putting. Though she often said worse about the man in forensics.

Upon seeing you - sitting alone and worn down - while making his coffee Ed chuckled to himself, quiet and breathy. But you heard him nonetheless.

“Can I help you, Ed?” You asked, too tired to put up with ridicule for how you handled the situation with Officer Moore’s sex-buddy.

Ed turned to you and pushed up his glasses. “I apologise if you thought I was being rude, Ms (Y/L/N). I was merely thinking about how… Odd it is that you actually stop people from entering without cause.”

You shrugged. “I would have let her see Moore, but Essen gave me a warning to stop doing it.”

"Understandable.” Ed nodded. You thought that was that. Ed went back to stirring his coffee and you went back to staring at the ceiling as if it held the answers to the universe. But a moment later you felt the sofa move beneath you as Ed Nygma sat on the end of the seat.

When you were this close to him you could make out the little features you usually couldn’t from being so far. Small blemishes, scars, a freckle every here and there. Green and hazel flecks in his eyes, melding with blue perfectly. A scratch on his glasses, an eyelash on his cheek.

It was odd.

"You are travelling down a one way road the wrong way,” Nygma’s voice broke through your thoughts. You furrowed your brows and listened. “There is a police car driving down the road, but it doesn’t stop you. Why?”

"Kristen wasn’t lying when she said you love riddles, Ed.” You laughed. Ed shrugged. “I don’t know.”

"You were walking.” Ed smiled as your eyes widened, realising the simplicity of his riddle. You chuckle and took a tentative sip of your almost lukewarm coffee.

The silence between Ed and you was comfortable, neither of you speaking until Ed rose to his feet, eyes locked on the window on the door.

"Please, excuse me, Ms (Y/L/N).” He bowed his head quickly and left. It was clear to see why. Outside the door, surrounded by three or four officers, was Kristen Kringle.

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Oxygen - Tim Drake x Reader

Working in the Gotham Police Department must be incredibly stressful, considering that the entire department is basically a joke. As a detective, and a pretty good one at that, you were out of place among your useless coworkers. Tim sat in front of the cave’s supercomputer to find new info on some of Y/N’s cases, heaven knows the rest of the detectives wouldn’t be useful to his friend. As he reviewed the caseload, his phone rang.

“Hey, Y/N,” he answered.

“Hi Tim. Do you mind coming over? I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with.” A smile spread across Tim’s face, unreasonably glad that he was the person Y/N had called for comfort.

“Be there in a few,” the boy said, already looking for his coat. When he arrived, he found Y/N slouching on the couch with a scowl and a couple empty glasses on the coffee table. Your demeanor brightened immediately when he entered.

“Hey, Drake!” you greeted with a smile. He sat on the couch next to you, smiling to himself when you curled up into his chest. His arms wrapped around Y/N without him even thinking about it. You sighed at his touch, causing Tim’s heart to skip a beat. His face went a bit red. Tim, you’re friends, nothing more, and it works like that. Get over yourself, he thought. Truthfully, he wanted more. But from what he had gathered, Y/N didn’t. He was torn away from his thoughts when the person beside him broke the silence.

“It’s almost 11:00,” Y/N said. Tim internally groaned, having not realized how much time had passed. Leaning away from him to let Tim up, Y/N appeared to be contemplating something. As he was about to grab his jacket and say goodnight, you grabbed Tim’s hand. He turned to look at you, noticing something he didn’t recognize in your eyes. He raised an eyebrow. Clearing your throat, you locked eyes with him.

“Stay the night. Please.” He grinned, heart beating a bit faster. Then he realized your apartment only had one bed.

“Okay,” he said, trying to not act flustered.

Laying with you, arms around your waist, Tim realized how much he had wanted this. Once he was almost certain you had fallen asleep, he gently kissed your hair.

“I love this, Y/N. You have no idea how much I’ve craved your touch… If only you needed me as much as I need you.” After a few seconds of silence, he heard a whisper in reply.

  “I need you more than I need oxygen, Tim. Now go to sleep.”

You Get One

Fandom: Supergirl (TV 2015)

Relationships: Alex Danvers/Maggie Sawyerformer Kate Kane/Maggie Sawyer

Characters: Alex DanversMaggie SawyerKate Kane

Additional Tags: minor depictions of violenceChild Abuseit’s in the beginning and brief but it is thereCanon-Typical ViolenceAlternate CanonMaggie gets a backstory and it’s painful I’m sorrynot really sorry but

Dedicating this to: @sanjunipero1987, @murdershegoat, @the-laughing-wolf and @themaggiesawyer because y’all deserve it for putting up with me.

AO3 Link Here

Maggie Sawyer was five years old the first time she remembered it happening. If she really thought about it, the memory became crystal clear. A dirty dress, a cuff to the head heavier than to be just reprimanding. Her mother slipping in after her father had left the room, whispering soft words in Spanish. Apologies that, in the end, held no weight. Instead she learned to bear it, to take the blows when they came, – never too often, never enough for her to think to call it abuse. Not till much later. – to accept the empty apologies as a barely soothing balm. The smallest possibility that her mother might stand up for her next time. Or the next time. Or the next. At least he never touched her younger siblings. Maybe that was enough. Or maybe she just deserved them. But even so, there were reasons she only stayed in contact with her mother and brother. Reasons she rarely went back to Blue Springs.

Her home life wasn’t the only one.

She’s thirteen and it isn’t the first time she’s heard the slur. A few parents of kids she’d played with at the park had hissed it as they tugged their children away, never to play with her again. One time someone had shouted it at her father as she went with him to pick up groceries, though asking him what it meant had only resulted in another, if slightly gentler cuff and mutter to never use the word again. Her mother had later explained that it was a bad word, one that ignorant people used for them. Because of their heritage, because they’re different. Yes, she’s heard it more times than she could count on both hands. But this is the first time one of her classmates felt full of himself enough to spit it directly at her. To sneer at her and call her a fucking wetback. Maggie remembers the anger she’d felt, righteous and heated. An anger that made her lunge forward and sink her fist into the older kid’s cheek. It hurt like hell, she hadn’t learned how to punch properly yet, but felt all too satisfying.

That is, until she got hauled to the principal’s office. Until she told the man what happened and still ended up being the one suspended, while the kid who’d hurled the slur at her got an ice pack and not even a smack on the wrist for his actions. Until she got home and was yelled at for over an hour, followed by her mother telling her to ‘be the better person, mija.’ After that, she mostly learned to hold it in. And when she came out, Maggie learned to hold it in against those slurs as well. She’d hoped one day ‘being the better person’ might actually make her actually feel better. It never did.

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Imagine - Batman #1

Imagine the Joker coming up with the crazy ‘plan’ to infiltrate the Gotham City Police Department by going undercover and pretending to be a cop.

- the Joker (he would have no scars in this one and his DNA would be erased in the databank) would pretend to be an Officer, newly assigned to be Gordon’s partner

- the Joker would be a great help (he needs to earn the trust of Gordon first) by giving surprising insight on the thoughts and plans of the bad guys (like Two Face or the Penguin)

- the other cops and officers would sometimes call him ‘a freak’ or ‘totally insane’, because he would act sometime quite strangely; Gordon would defend his new partner and even look away, when his partner lets his fists argue

- not even Harley would know about the plan, therefore Batman would be kept in the dark (no pun intended) about the Joker’s whereabouts

- Joker would be surprised at how well he and the Commissioner would be working together and perhaps something like a friendship would develop

- Joker would not know how to deal with it, once he realizes that there is a friendship between him and his target

- during on operation, Gordon’s life would be threatened (Batman is busy otherwise) and the Joker makes the decision to step in. He would reveal his real identity and therefor his plan. He would save Gordon this way

- Gordon does not believe the Joker to be a heartless and crazy bastard anymore

- the Joker would be more confused than ever before and instead of thinking about it and working it out, he would do, what the Clown Prince of Crime can do best, killing people (but perhaps only the bad guys and no innocents anymore…)