Honestly if you want to know why Batman is necessary in Gotham City just remember that the Gotham City Police Department had a banquet honoring Commissioner Gordon and they ordered a cake from “Crazy Clown Catering.” Honestly, guess who jumped out of the cake, much to the surprise of the entire Gotham City Police Force, who by all logic should have an entire division devoted to Clown Felonies by this point

Imagine: First meeting Edward Nygma

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Requested by @taintedmarkerEdward Nygma x Reader: “Can you please write something with Edward ? He’s adorable :) and I love your writing ♡ Maybe something like he has to deal with a new Co worker taking miss kringles Job. And she gets his riddles or is just bubbly. Something that he doesn’t get" 

I hope you guys enjoy this, it took me a while to write i hope its good <3 my requests are open so feel free to drop by :)

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  • Pairing: Jerome Valeska x Reader
  • Prompt: [ANON] gothammm can u do a oneshot where reader is jims v close niece or sth who has social anxiety and phobia of blood and then jim drags her into gcpd office where she forces her to be a cop (like in training?) and then unfortunately for her, jerome and the gang comes for a shooting and then she just hides smwr like undr the table and jerome sees and finds it cute but shes pale af cuz of all the blood and she cant say or do anything cuz of fear and social anxiety?

YAYYYY! My first request from being in tumblr for 4(?) days!!! I got this request from a person [Which that person wants to stay anonymous] and it was interesting to write! It took me awhile since I have to study on how to get in a Police Department for this one and some test required. I tweaked some minor stuff, hope you don’t mind! Also, before you say that Jim couldn’t have any niece because he doesn’t have a sibling (In my information, still haven’t watched Gotham fully.) this is an AU where either your mother or father is Gordon’s sibling. Also this is a female reader insert, I couldn’t do both genders in one go since I’m really strict to grammar even though my grammar isn’ really that great. Anyways hope you guys like it, and you too anon who requested this!

You went in to you and your Uncle Jim’s shared apartment, you could hear him cooking something as the aroma of the food hits through the air. You dropped yourself on the couch and wailed like a kicked puppy.

“Oh, (Y/N). Finally find a job?” you could hear some utensils where set.

“No luck Uncle Jim…”

You were Jim Gordon’s niece. Since your parents died from a homicide when you were still a wee child. Jim was the only relative accepted you and took you in. After him helping you throughout the incident, you both became a close duo. Now that you were in a legal age and haven’t entered to any college since you and your uncle couldn’t afford for it you decided to help the household by applying on an occupation. So far, all the interviews were a disappointment.

“Could you set the table?” Jim requested as you groaned but rose and carried on what the elder told you to do.

The both of you consumed the dish in peace for a while then Jim decided to break the silence.

“I could get you in at the GCPD as a police though since we are in need after the Maniax incident,” he lifted an eyebrow at you while chewing the food inside his mouth. You thought about it, it could raise your cash earning, yes. Plus, you do have an athletic history and could fire a gun, which Jim educated you for self-defense. But the major obstacle is that you were scared of blood, in other words you have hemophobia. That’s the con, but you were mentally humiliated being puppied by your uncle. You want to assist the household too, but this decision could cause you to be terrified to death. No, I could do this. You thought to yourself, this would make me stronger.

“I’m up for it,” you said returning eye contact.

Jim knew about this phobia of yours, he doubt that you would accept it but he was surprised that you acknowledged it. “Are you sure? There would be a bloody incident now and then, I know you want to help but you don’t know what will happen in every second or minute.”

I’m sure of it.” He sighed then bowed his head a little to respect your choice.

“Well then I’ll prepare everything else, also you need to prepare about the LEE examination for it and at least have 70% above to pass. So, good luck kiddo.” He smiled at her then they proceeded to eat in silence. On that night you searched a lot of information for the test to raise your chances on passing.

The next day you and Jim were driving to the station, “My niece would like to apply.” He then advanced and gave your citizenship card and driver license, your high school diploma also to be checked by the woman on the counter. You were pretty apprehensive at this, having negative speculation every now and then. What if I did pass then saw blood throughout the job? I don’t even know if I would be able to pass this, I hope they like me… That’s some of the few anticipation that you have been deliberating to yourself.

It was going fine until several gunshots were heard; the worst thing is that it was “NEARBY”. The windows shattered and you squeaked in surprise and horror, some police were shot, which made your eyes expand.

Blood, all over.

You started to hyperventilate; your body was shaking fiercely. Your uncle led you to the other side of the counter and made you hide under the table at one corner. It was a good hiding place but you doubt it will last. He ordered to stay there and gave you a pocketknife to defend yourself. “I’ll be back, think of your happy place (Y/N)…” he was on pins and needles that you will lose consciousness and with your pale figure; it was obvious you weren’t fine. He grasped both of your hands and you focused on him, still shaking and sobbing. “Do what I told you (Y/N)—“

Close your eyes, and think about positive things.”

He said hugging you; your six-year-old figure struck by a jolt at the sight of the cadaver of your parents in the kitchen. The floor was tainted in red and their eyes are dull. Police and medics can be heard rushing outside. Uncle Jim always told to you to do that when you sighted blood, and it always seemed to work. You trusted him that much.

“I’ll get you out of this, I promise.”

You urged your head to nod which worked and he smiled and ruffled your hair before sneakily went out of sight to see what’s happening. The girl that your uncle talked to you a few minutes ago was there laying nearby, now a carcass. There’s another police you can see near at your hiding place lifeless too. You felt light headed at this point. It was horrifyingly catastrophic.

And when you heard a happy whistling tune and footsteps, you hugged yourself firmly. Clutching the knife that your uncle gave you, you closed your eyes and did what your uncle told you. Think of happy thoughts, and trust him even though your heart was pounding by the trigger of your phobia and also fearing for you life.

The MANIAX was back after estimated two weeks and were up for some show, the group of mentally ill people decided to welcome one of the most entertaining yet foolish department of all time. Gotham City Police Department. Requested by the leader of the group, the one and only Jerome Valeska.

Jerome was whistling and slightly skipping while glancing anywhere if there are any alive preys still in sight for him to satisfy his hunger. While he walked he heard a whimper, he walked towards where he heard it and saw a girl hiding under a table. She was obviously scared; Jerome couldn’t help but think it was adorable. He started to near her, gun in hand in case the girl didn’t afford the entertainment he needed. When he was in front of her, kneels down. He noticed a knife in her fist.

Boo!” he giggled. The girl suddenly by instinct stabbed him on his upper arm which was took him in shock. He noticed the girl got more scared, he didn’t knew if it was him or something else.

S-sorry!” she gasped. “I, I… Scare! . Bl-Bl-Blood!”

Not, not…. Kill, I pl-pl-please!”

He looks at her, as if she was a precious baby to be saved, not bothering the pain he felt on his shoulder. The blood flowed and the girl whimpered at the sight of it and at the sight of the well-known psychopath. This made him smile at how adorable she was, he thought. He liked her instantly. Maybe he should keep her alive and play with her for a little while. It would be interesting enough for him; besides if she gets boring he could kill her instantly. But something about her that made Jerome uneasy, a feeling or an emotion he couldn’t put into which he just shrugged off.

“Don’t worry doll,” he said and puts a hand behind her head and pushed her onto his chest and cradled her. “Now close your eyes, drop the knife and put your hands around me.” You still cried but managed to do what he said and embraced him even though she could feel the phobia rush in as she felt the sticky blood touching her arm. But she didn’t bother it, she was a facing a killer and she was exhausted. That’s a downside. She felt her world being dim and darker in every blink. Her breath seemingly slowed down. Before she could pass out, she could hear the psychopath’s comforting voice once again.

“Now, now doll. I’ll protect you for now on.”

Finding a Dream - A Super Sons Story

Synopsis: Jon has to support and comfort Damian, who’s begun to have recurring dreams of a friend he was supposed to have…a friend that doesn’t exist in this timeline…a boy named Colin Wilkes.

This is my first serious Damijon fic, so I hope you guys enjoy :D

“Damian, slow down!”

“Ironic, considering you’re the one with super speed. I’m leaving you behind if you don’t keep up!”

Jon sighed in resignation as Damian ran ahead of him. They were at an abandoned warehouse this time, another late night out in Damian’s frenzied search for someone who seemed to never actually be there. Damian leaped atop a stack of container vans, meticulously searching for any clues. Jon trudged behind him, trying his best to pretend he didn’t want to go home. Not that Damian was stopping him, but he was too worried about his friend to even consider leaving.

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I love how Alfred sees people who have wronged him and/or Bruce and just drops the gloves and starts swinging for the fences no matter where he is.

He might be in the Gotham Police department, but that’s not gonna stop him from decking the hell out of R’as Al Ghul, wrecking Hugo Strange, or pinning Kathryn’s hand to a table with a knife. 

Joker Imagine - You’re a cop but also his girlfriend

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Your P.O.V.

Gotham city was full of criminals and it just got worse during night. I was a cop at GCPD (Gotham City Police Department). I fought against the criminals every day, proudly with a strong will to help my city. That’s before I met my boyfriend, the Joker. Yes, the clown prince of crime, Batman’s arch enemy and so much more. How could he fall for a cop? 


I met him when I was off duty. He didn’t even know I was a cop then. We were at his club and we seemed to get along very well, considering we were devouring each other’s lips the night we met. Long story short, he didn’t want to let go of me. Once he found out I was a cop, he wasn’t even mad. Joker knew it was a good source of information.  So here I was in my uniform, drinking coffee and filling paper sheets. I knew more of Gotham than regular people and Joker loved what I could tell him. I loved helping him.

‘‘Y/N!’‘ I heard someone yelling my name. I looked up from my desk and met the eyes of James Gordon, shortly known as Jim. ‘‘Yes?’‘ I raised my eyebrow and fixed my hair. Jim was a very good cop that everyone knew. He was my inspiration when I was younger. ‘‘There’s been an explosion by the bay.Batman was seen and so was Joker. We need to go’‘ Jim told me in a rush. My eyes widened and I felt adrenaline already pulsing through my system. Without words, I stood up and grabbed my coat. Then I followed Jim and I saw his partner coming as well.

We and a few other cops rushed to our cars and started following Jim. I was alone because my partner was sick. He was a dick anyway so I didn’t mind. I turned on the sirens and hit the gas pedal. I’d make sure I was the one to take Joker to Arkham or GCPD. We slowed down at a closed area. I parked my car behind Jim’s and then I got out. I grabbed my gun and loaded it. As I looked around, I saw that all cops were hiding behind something, either their car doors or the edge of a building. I just stood there. Fools.

I heard laughter. I nearly smiled because I recognized the person laughing, Joker. My eyes scanned the dark area but I found my green haired prince quickly. He was standing by a car filled with people. The area smelled like gasoline and Joker had matches. Old tricks seemed to work for him. 

‘‘If you shoot, the car goes boom!’‘ Joker warned everyone. Batman couldn’t do much either because Joker could light the car on fire. I saw Batman’s cape and then I saw the dark knight further away. He stood near Jim. ‘‘Joker give up!’‘ I yelled, shocking everyone because they never believed in me. One of my co-workers told me to shut up but I ignored it. I just wanted my boyfriend’s attention, and it worked.

Joker turned to look at me and then he gave me an evil smile. ‘’Oh what do we have here?’’ He laughed. This was fun, acting like we didn’t know each other. I played the good cop and he played the bad criminal. This was our plan after all. I just didn’t know he’d streak tonight. We both knew if I got promoted, I’d know more secrets of this city. It was a win win for both of us. So we agreed to do something that made me look like a hero and then I’d get the promotion I needed.

The wind made my hair flow a bit. I kept an angry gaze as I looked at J. ‘’Let them go’’ I told him as calmly as I could. Then I stepped closer to Joker very slowly. ‘’Oh where’s the fun in that?’’ Joker pouted and played with the matches. The other cops got nervous now. They thought I would kill these people by my behaviour. Honestly I wouldn’t mind but tonight they had to stay alive.

‘‘You do realize that the second you light that car on fire, 20 cops will put a bullet though you, right?’‘ I asked J and then I held back a laugh. This was too fun to take so seriously but I forced myself to keep my cool. ‘‘Hm,you dare speak to me like that missy. Why?’‘ Joker asked with an angry growl.  I felt Jim’s eyes on me and it made me a bit nervous as well.

‘‘Joker I’m giving you a chance. Hands up’‘ I barked at him. He rolled his eyes and seemed to get mad. He didn’t even bug. ‘‘Y/N back off’‘ Another cop whispered to me as I passed them. Jesus Christ these people were idiots. ‘‘How about we make a deal? I’ll put my gun down and you put the matches down. That way, you won’t get shot’‘ I suggested one of our plans. Joker sighed tiredly. 

‘‘That’s boriiing’‘ He yelled. Batman tried to get closer silently but man I wouldn’t let him take Joker away. I used my other hand to grab a smoke bomb, one that we made at his hideout of course. Everyone thought it was a gas that made it hard to breathe but we changed it a bit. It just looked thick but that’s it. As the bomb hit the ground, a thick cloud of smoke spread across the area. It smelled bad which made people near us cough. I ran towards Joker although I didn’t see him well.

‘‘We should do this during foreplay kitten’‘He whispered as he willingly let me cuff him. ‘‘We’ll see about that’‘ I giggled with a smile. Then he got down on the ground and I just sat on his back for a while, waiting for the smoke to clear. I heard heavy footsteps coming closer and a few seconds later I recognized Batman. He saw that I got Joker down.  No words were changed between me and the dark knight. Then he hurried to the car and let the people out.

‘‘Pretend to be hurt baby. I’ll drive you to the police department and break you out later’‘ I leaned down and whispered into his ear.Then I cuffed his wrists together. Only a couple moments later Jim ran towards us. He seemed shocked once he saw us. Me on top of Joker who was ‘hurt’. Joker growled and tried to wiggle away but of course he wouldn’t really escape yet.

‘‘A bit help here? I can’t pick him up by myself’‘ I asked Jim with a small smile. ‘‘Yeah’‘ He breathed out and put his gun away. Together we pulled J on his feet. ‘‘Jimbo, we meet again’‘ Joker spoke tiredly.  ‘‘I hope it’s the last time’‘ Jim answered and roughly pulled my boyfriend towards my car. My arrest, my car, that’s the rule.

‘‘Good job Y/N’‘ Jim told me as we got Joker inside my car. He pretended to sleep now. ‘‘Thanks Jim’‘ I nodded and then put my gun away. ‘‘I’ll come with you. It’s not safe to drive alone with Joker’‘ Jim offered me kindly. Whatever, it’s not like it would hurt. ‘‘Okay-’‘ I started my sentence but I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and almost gasped once I saw Batman. Did he find out?!

‘‘Jim has taught you well’‘ Batman told me with his very deep voice. I looked in shock as Batman left the scene. I changed looks with Jim who offered me a smile. ‘‘Let’s get going’‘ I broke the silence and got inside my car. Joker laughed a little bit back there but he didn’t try to do anything. Jim got in and then I started the engine, driving back to the police department.

‘‘Pretty girl, what’s your name?’‘ Joker asked after a while. Jim tried to tell him to shut up, but I was quicker. ‘‘I’m Y/N’‘ I replied shortly while keeping my eyes on the road. ‘‘Y/N..’‘ Joker said my name softly. ‘‘So you’re what now? The Jimbo number 2 or his good little student? Huh?’‘ Joker asked me in a mocking way. I didn’t take it personally tho.

‘‘She’s a good cop, Joker’‘ Jim answered since I didn’t. Good cop, yeah yeah. Little did he know. I just smirked as I drove towards the police department. In a few hours I would be the one to help Joker escape, but of course no one would know. Not for now. One day I would leave this job and join the world of crazy criminality and fun with J, but not today.

/Sorry this sucks, I just wanted to write something quickly since I haven’t written in a while. Better stuff will come up soon.

The Joke Was On Me- Part One (Joker x reader)

Word Count: 3248

Summary: The Joker’s made another one of his threats, and he intends to act on it. You’re caught in the crossfire, and the Joker takes a personal interest in you. He shows you just how quickly your “loving friends and family” would abandon you if they thought you were a freak like him.

Author’s note: Ok, to be honest, this story is going to get very dark. This is meant to be a oneshot for Heath Ledger’s Joker. Once the new batman movie comes out, I’ll have a better grasp of Jared Leto’s Joker so then I might write his character :) The -’s show pauses in between words. Please, give me feedback for the first part to my Joker x reader series (I decided it was going to be way too long to be in one whole part)!

Warnings: Dark Themes, Graphic Gore, Violence, Mass Murder

“Sorry to interrupt your morning entertainment, ladies and gentle-men. The Joker’s here to announce Gotham’s latest news. There has been an incident at Gotham Avenue School. At about two forty pm tomorrow, a school bus was bombed! The assailment hasn’t been found, but this has caused the Gotham Police Department to wonder if the so called vigilante.”

He licked his lips before continuing, ”Bat-man is really working for the good of Gotham city. The day before the attack, the terrorist had threatened to blow the bus up if Batman didn’t reveal his identity at noon. The whole situation could have been avoided if he had just complied with the bomber’s wishes.”

The Joker’s message was broadcasting across all of Gotham’s television screens. It didn’t matter what station it was on previously. The recording was shot solely on his red lipstick lathered lips. The crazed clown bent down so that his eyes were covering the camera’s view, and he laughed like a maniac.

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Let’s talk about Renee Montoya for a minute.

She’s a character that was created for the Batman animated universe and first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. It’s traditionally the fate of characters created in expanded universes to just fade away once the piece ends, but Detective Montoya joined the relatively small list of characters (like Harley Quinn, Mas y Menos, X-23, and Phil Coulson) to make the tough jump from expanded universe to the original comics.

First, she started guest starring in Batman and other comics related to Gotham City before becoming a major character in Gotham Central, a comic series that focuses on the Gotham police department. In that series, she is outed as a lesbian in an attempt to discredit her. She gets disowned by her religious parents and eventually quits the force out of disdain for the corruption she sees.

Then she becomes a major character in yet another comic series, 52 where her sexuality is NOT erased, her interracial lesbian relationship is shown and furthers her own character development, and she befriends The Question, a prominent DC superhero. Eventually, he passes on the torch and moniker to her and she becomes The Question.

So there we have it. A queer woman of color became The Question after starting as a side character in a non-canon animated television show.

How fucking cool is that?

Lost Series - Part Five

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

Paring : Jerome x Fem. Reader

Requests are open. xx

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I sat on the hood of this oil truck that we stole. I didn’t know what we were doing, but to be honest I don’t really care. Aaron, Greenwood and Jerome sat inside of the truck and Dobkins stood off to the side doing whatever it is that he does. I leaned against the windshield and lit a joint.

I glanced behind me and saw a school bus about to drive by. I knocked against the window and nodded my head towards the bus. Jerome smirked.

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The Sketch Artist’s Obsession (Jerome Valeska x Artist! Reader)

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Here’s a request for @avengers-and-jedis , I’m so sorry its late I’ve been bogged down with a bunch of school work and assessments AND Inktober. Again I’m so sorry I didn’t get it done earlier but damn I’m tired af.
I’ve had to change up a little of the canon storyline just to do this how I wanted to. Just adding in some lil bits to add to the case to fit in with the reader being an artist. BTW they sent me some hella good art of Jerome and it kinda inspired parts of this.

Word count: 2,701

Working in the Gotham City Police department had its ups and downs. Sure it was dark and generally solum with petty criminals being filed in everyday and new cases being raised and brought to attention. That was something Gotham was never short of: crime. Yet with all the misery brought in you can’t help but find it thrilling, even though you were the lead sketch artist you still end up working with the main department, often being present for various interrogations.

It was a a cold day when you first met Jerome Valeska. A light snow covered the city but the office was warm with life, yet it wasn’t a reassuring warmth. More like that of raging fire. Full of anger. Making your way from the break room to your quaint little office you stopped in your track in shock at your surroundings. The department was heaving: an entire circus was literally brought in, their brightly coloured costumes contrasting against the dark office area. Your mouth was slightly ajar, shocked at the odd scene you were witnessing. Detectives and officers kept two groups of the circus workers apart. One clearly being clowns, their makeup heavy and costumes absurd. Judging from the tight spandex of the other groups you made an educated guess that they were acrobats. It was obvious their was some form of family feud going on here. The absurdity of the whole situation made you laugh quietly to yourself. You were about to move to your tiny office when you heard your name being called out amongst the babble of angry performers. You turned to see Detective Gordon waving you over, his face dark and brooding as usual. You weaved in an out of the various people clogging up the department to reach him, letting out a sigh once you emerged from the mass. 

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unanswered character questions…

renee montoya & crispus allen:

> man wtf happened to these guys?? i liked them

firefly & mister freeze:

> what’s happened to them??? where are they??

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jervis tetch:

> how’s he doing ?? did he escape during the scarecrow chaos ??

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the dollmaker:

> i wonder if they’re ever going to do anything else with the dollmaker..

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valerie vale:

> what happened to her after the whole thing with tetch ??? she was never really mentioned again.

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strike force:

> they have yet to be mentioned in s4. i love the strike force tbh

the executioner:

> he literally escaped and wasn’t mentioned again ??? tf ??

jerome valeska:

> ok so how’s his face doing?? is he still in arkham even after the whole chaos with the scarecrow??

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Lowly Assistant (Part 1)

Notes: I don’t have this entirely planned out, but I do know where I want it to go. I hope you guys like it, and as always, constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged.

Word Count: 904

How you ended up here, getting stared down by your boss’ second oldest son, you couldn’t say. All you had done was tell him that Bruce was currently in a private meeting with the head of Research & Development Wayne Technologies, and he looked about ready kill someone. You even had a slight suspicion that he might have added you to his shit list.

“I can email Mr. Wayne if you’d like. It’s the quickest way to contact him. He has his phone, and the computer in his office has an alert system set up.”, You said politely.

“Do it.” he replied stiffly.

“He should be done shortly in any case, you can see him in his office as soon as his meeting is over.”

“Thank you ever so much for your permission oh lowly assistant.” he snapped.

You just smiled at him trying not to be bitter. Now was a good time to remember how grateful you were to your best friend from college, Tim, for helping you even get an interview at Wayne Enterprises. You had been expecting to maybe have a chance at getting a spot as a receptionist or an office aide in human resources. You definitely had never expected to get an offer for the position of Bruce Wayne’s personal assistant.

Bruce Wayne was a good boss, and a reasonable one. Sure when you had figured out his secret about her nighttime activities, you had seriously reconsidered your life, but he had promised that you wouldn’t have to deal with any of that bleeding into his life as Bruce Wayne. You had a good thing going for you here, and you weren’t about to mess it up just because one of his sons was being a complete ass to you. You had thought Tim was exaggerating, but perhaps there was more truth to what he had told you.

Just as you thought Jason might actually try to throw something at you if he had to wait any longer, Bruce’s office door opened, and he himself escorted the tall, modelesque woman from Wayne Tech to the elevator.

“Y/N, please clear my schedule for the rest of the day.” Bruce said.

“Yes Mr. Wayne.” you said as he and Jason walked into his office.

You did as he asked, and settled into the slow routine of your usual tasks. You were working on preparing his notes for an event the following week, when the elevator opened and out walked an assistant from the ground floor, and a couple of detectives from the Gotham City Police Department that you recognized from events you had attended with your cop ex-boyfriend.

“Excuse me, Mr. Wayne is currently occupied, if you’d like to set up an appointment with him, he will be available briefly at 10:15 tomorrow.” you said.

The detectives walked past your desk and straight to Bruce’s door and you followed them quickly.

“Mr. Wayne, I am so sorry, they just went straight past me.” you said rushedly.

The female detective with dark hair spoke first, “Mr. Todd, we have a warrant for your arrest.”

“What?” you exclaimed, thoroughly confused looking from your boss to his son.

“On what grounds have you obtained this warrant.” Bruce said calmly.

“Mr. Todd’s blood was found at a crime scene. He’s a suspect in a murder.” the tall blond detective said.

“What time was I supposed to have committed this murder.” Jason asked lazily.

“Please come with us Mr. Todd. We have some questions for you.”

“Don’t answer anything until your lawyer gets there.” Bruce said as he pulled his phone out.

You could see the worry start to cloud his eyes so you acted quickly.

“If it happened last night you’re mistaken, Jason and I were on a date last night.” you blurted out.

All heads in the room turned to you. Jason looked at you curiously.

“And you are?” the female detective asked.

“ Y/N Y/L/N, I’m Mr. Wayne’s personal assistant, and Jason and I went on a date last night at 7 pm.” you said.

“Is this true Mr. Todd?” she asked.

“Yes.” Jason said stoically.

“How long were the two of you together.” the male detective asked.

“He left my place at around 6 this morning.” you said.

“…and this was your first date?” he asked.

His partner gave him a funny look, “Detective, I don’t see the relevance in that question.” you stated bluntly.

“Mr. Todd we still need to take you in for questioning, but we’ll let out Lieutenant know about this. Ms. Y/L/N I’m going to need your contact information.” The more professional detective said.

“Of course.” you said and gave it to her.

As they left with Jason, Bruce gave you a questioning look that you didn’t dare meet. You both waited until you were sure they were both gone before speaking.

“What was that?” Bruce asked sternly.

“It just came out.” you said nervously.

“I thought we agreed that you weren’t going to get involved in anything not regarding to Wayne Enterprises.”

“Your family does regard Wayne Enterprises.”

“You know exactly what I mean.”

“Well it’s too late to take back now.”

“It’s fine, we can still fix it.”

“I’ll leave you so you can call the lawyer.”

You made your way to the door, and just as you were closing it behind you, you heard his voice call out, “Thank you”.