Imagine: First meeting Edward Nygma

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Requested by @taintedmarkerEdward Nygma x Reader: “Can you please write something with Edward ? He’s adorable :) and I love your writing ♡ Maybe something like he has to deal with a new Co worker taking miss kringles Job. And she gets his riddles or is just bubbly. Something that he doesn’t get" 

I hope you guys enjoy this, it took me a while to write i hope its good <3 my requests are open so feel free to drop by :)

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cased | edward nygma x reader

“People were going to regret disrespecting him - starting with you.”

reader gender: female

words: 1964

warnings: Ed is MEAN, NSFW, not quite smut (this time), reader is also kinda mean, but Ed is REALLY MEAN.

also available on: AO3

She kept a routine bounce in her step as she delivered fresh coffees to the waiting recipients, each one labeled appropriately with the owner’s name. The whirlwind of a woman popped in and out of office areas, leaving cardboard mugs on desks as she swept a path through the precinct. If one sat still enough, they could just make out the smell of raspberry perfume beneath the heavy scent of java. It would’ve been almost magical, that is, if she didn’t have one of the biggest mouths of anyone employed at the Gotham City Police Department. A strong voice carried far ahead of her, alerting all in the area of her presence.

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Chris Chalk Reveals What To Expect When ‘Gotham’ Returns, Talks ‘Untitled Detroit Project,’ And More

“Gotham” is due to return for Season 3b on Monday and fans are buzzing about what’s to come. Star Chris Chalk, who plays Bruce Wayne’s friend and confidant Lucius Fox on the Fox original series, assured the International Business Times that the excitement and fanfare is well deserved.

Jerome’s (Cameron Monaghan) new Jokeresque look has dominated much of the conversation around the “Gotham” winter premiere, but it seems that’s just one of many bombshells creators Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon intend to drop on viewers in the latter portion of Season 3. Chalk revealed that in addition to some shakeups from Jerome, which tie directly into the winter finale cliffhanger, viewers should expect to see Lucius continue to work with the Gotham Police Department while doing his very best to serve Bruce.

“I think what you should expect from Lucius is…because of his failing Thomas Wayne earlier, he will not fail Bruce Wayne,” Chalk told IBT.

He explained that just because Lucius is no longer working for Wayne Enterprises doesn’t mean that he’s cut ties completely: Every move he makes is meant to serve Bruce in some way. Chalk explained that it may not always be obvious, but said that Lucius will “always have Bruce’s back.”

“His path has been altered by Wayne enterprises being corrupt,” he said. “Because of their corruption and him not being able to find the source of that corruption in an efficient manner, he’s moved on to the GCPD to try and help Gotham as much as he can while always keeping an eye on Bruce. When Bruce needs him [Lucius] will be there for Bruce.”

“Gotham” fans can also expect the remainder of Season 3 to feature many twists, turns and “‘oh my goodness’” moments along the way. Chalk revealed to IBT that there were several times during filming that even he couldn’t believe the direction the show had taken. He frequently texted with co-stars to discuss what’s in store.

“There are so many ‘Oh my goodness moments’ that even I would text my castmates and be like, ‘whoa, OK, so we’re doing that now? This is really cool,’” Chalk said. “I think it’s an exciting end of the season coming up.”

In addition to working on “Gotham,” Chalk has held true to his roots — appearing in yet another historically significant role. The actor is slated to appear in the “Untitled Detroit Project,” a film directed by Kathryn Bigelow which tells the tale of the 12th Street Riot of 1967. The initial riot began as a demonstration of civil disobedience in response to the brutality locals were experiencing at the hands of police.

“I think audiences will love it,” Chalk said. “They’ll learn, they’ll be informed. I think Kathryn is great at giving information while still being entertaining — not in an Abbott and Costello way. Gripping is more the word. The ones that know about the situation will maybe learn a little more and ones who don’t will want to go pick up a book afterward.”

Oxygen - Tim Drake x Reader

Working in the Gotham Police Department must be incredibly stressful, considering that the entire department is basically a joke. As a detective, and a pretty good one at that, you were out of place among your useless coworkers. Tim sat in front of the cave’s supercomputer to find new info on some of Y/N’s cases, heaven knows the rest of the detectives wouldn’t be useful to his friend. As he reviewed the caseload, his phone rang.

“Hey, Y/N,” he answered.

“Hi Tim. Do you mind coming over? I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with.” A smile spread across Tim’s face, unreasonably glad that he was the person Y/N had called for comfort.

“Be there in a few,” the boy said, already looking for his coat. When he arrived, he found Y/N slouching on the couch with a scowl and a couple empty glasses on the coffee table. Your demeanor brightened immediately when he entered.

“Hey, Drake!” you greeted with a smile. He sat on the couch next to you, smiling to himself when you curled up into his chest. His arms wrapped around Y/N without him even thinking about it. You sighed at his touch, causing Tim’s heart to skip a beat. His face went a bit red. Tim, you’re friends, nothing more, and it works like that. Get over yourself, he thought. Truthfully, he wanted more. But from what he had gathered, Y/N didn’t. He was torn away from his thoughts when the person beside him broke the silence.

“It’s almost 11:00,” Y/N said. Tim internally groaned, having not realized how much time had passed. Leaning away from him to let Tim up, Y/N appeared to be contemplating something. As he was about to grab his jacket and say goodnight, you grabbed Tim’s hand. He turned to look at you, noticing something he didn’t recognize in your eyes. He raised an eyebrow. Clearing your throat, you locked eyes with him.

“Stay the night. Please.” He grinned, heart beating a bit faster. Then he realized your apartment only had one bed.

“Okay,” he said, trying to not act flustered.

Laying with you, arms around your waist, Tim realized how much he had wanted this. Once he was almost certain you had fallen asleep, he gently kissed your hair.

“I love this, Y/N. You have no idea how much I’ve craved your touch… If only you needed me as much as I need you.” After a few seconds of silence, he heard a whisper in reply.

  “I need you more than I need oxygen, Tim. Now go to sleep.”

Requested byithasntbeenprovin                                                                          Warnings: Mentions of death                                                                               Note: I hope it’s good and come and send in some more requests.

—————————————————————————————————-After the death of your parents you were send to live with your uncle Jim Gordon. You had met him a couple of times but you didn’t really know him. You knew he worked for the Gotham Police Department but that was about it. You had been living with him a few weeks now but you were bored out of your mind. You hadn’t made any friends yet and you weren’t allowed to go outside on your own cause he didn’t think it was safe.

“Jim can I please go with you?” You asked as he was getting ready to go to Wayne manor to see if everything was ok with Bruce after the whole Jerome problem.                                                                                                     “Why? I thought you liked it here.” He said confused.                                         “I do but I’ve been cooped in here for weeks I have to go out or I’m gonna go crazy.” You said crossing your arms and looking at him.                               “Fine you can come with me but just behave okay this is Bruce Wayne.” He said in a stern voice.                                                                                     “Yeah I will, thank you uncle Jim.” You said while giving him a hug.                Jim just smiled at you and walked to the car. The car ride to Wayne manor was pretty silent. You knew Bruce was your age so you were pretty excited to meet him you knew the chances of the two of you being friend was highly unlikely but you never know right. You and Jim stood in front of the front doors of Wayne manor waiting for someone to come and open the door.             “Hello Jim. What are you doing here is there a problem?” Alfred asked after he had opened the door.                                                                                       “No there’s not I just thought to come and check up on Bruce to see if he was okay.” Jim said looking at Alfred.                                                                   “Well I can assure you that everything is perfectly fine with master Bruce.” He said.                                                                                                                “I’m sure that’s true but I still wanna check up on him.” Jim said.                   “Fine then Jim I suppose you can come on.” He said when he suddenly noticed you.                                                                                                                 “Oh hello who might you be?” He asked looking at you.                                 “I’m Y/N I’m Jim’s niece.” You said smiling at him and holding out your hand. “Well Y/N it’s a pleasure to meet you.” He said shaking your hand.                You followed Alfred inside the manor and towards the study were Bruce was.   “Master Bruce Jim Gordon is here to talk to you.” Alfred said to Bruce before you and Jim entered the room.                                                                      Alfred came out of the room and nodded his head to tell you it was okay to come in.                                                                                                         “Hello Bruce.” Jim said walking to Bruce to shake his hand.                        “Hello Jim. How are you?” Bruce said shaking his hand with a small smile.  “I’m fine Bruce. How are you? Is everything alright after what happened.” Jim asked as he sat down on the couch.                                                               “I’m perfectly fine Jim thank you. I can handle myself.” Bruce said looking at Jim.                                                                                                                 “Wow this place is amazing.” You said looking around forgetting that Bruce was sitting right behind you.                                                                                   You turned around and saw everyone look at you.                                         Jim was looking at you a little angry because he asked you to behave, Alfred looked at you quite amused and Bruce just looked at you in awe.                  “Uh h-hello I’m Y/N Jim’s nice nice to meet you.” you said holding out your hand to Bruce.                                                                                                   “Hi I’m Bruce.” He said taking your hand and kissing it.                                       “It’s very nice to meet you.” He said smiling at you.                                        You smiled at him and the two of you just looked at each other for awhile until Alfred and Jim both cleared there throat.                                                          “Uh please s-sit down.” Bruce said as he also wen to sit down.               “Thank you. I uh I heard what happened awhile ago I hope you’re okay.” you said looking at him.                                                                                        “Yes I’m completely fine. I uh I kind of beat him up so.” he said clearly trying to impress you.                                                                                                   “Wow really that’s amazing.” you said smiling at him                                   .After awhile of Jim asking him some more questions and you and Bruce talking while Alfred and Jim talked about some stuff it was time to leave.     “Y/N it’s time to go.” Jim said walking back into the study to see you and Bruce playing chess.                                                                                                 “Oh okay. I guess I have to go.” You said looking at Bruce sadly.                     “Well um just wait here a second.” He said as he ran out the door.                You and Jim were both confused as to why he suddenly ran out of the room. But he was looking for Alfred so he could ask him on how to ask you out.          After a few minutes Bruce came back into the room with a rose.                 “Okay um Y/N would you do me the honor of going out on a date with me.” Bruce asked as he held out the rose to you.                                                   “Bruce I-I would love to.” You said smiling at him and taking the rose.         Bruce smiled and looked at Alfred who was now standing in the door way and who smiled back at him proudly.                                                                   “Well I will have Alfred come and pick you up this Saturday.” Bruce said with his hands behind his back.                                                                               “Great I can’t wait.” You said smiling.                                                          Before you left you leaned in and kissed his cheek.                                           He smiled and waved at you as you left. You were really excited for your date and couldn’t wait.

New Beginnings (Bruce Wayne x Reader)

Chapter 1

Word Count (2,101)

The next day you hastily made your way to work, greeting familiar faces as they also made their commute to work. It was a Tuesday, and you had been awoken by a call from none other than your part-time consultant job at Wayne Enterprises. It was urgent, and you immediately threw on your neatest suit and made your way over.

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