FULL NAME: Edward Nygma
GENDER & SEXUALITY:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ???
ETHNICITY & SPECIES: Irish American - Human.
BIRTHPLACE & BIRTHDATE:  Waterbury CT, April 1st 1991
GUILTY PLEASURES:  Crosswords,Sudoku, Word searches, board games, reading
FEARS: Being forgotten, Being ignored

WHAT THEY WOULD BE INFAMOUS FOR: Zero Year , mass murder, terrorizing Gotham & Central City
WHAT HAVE THEY / WOULD THEY HAVE GOTTEN ARRESTED FOR: Murder, Robbing banks, Taking over the entirety of Gotham, Terrorizing Central City
CHARACTER(s) YOU SHIP THEM WITH: @itsnotblood , @verrxcktwelt , literally any batman, scarecrow, and catwoman.

CHARACTER MOST LIKELY TO MURDER THEM: Who wouldn’t murder Ed, jfc. JK probably Joker.
FAVORITE BOOK GENRE: Mystery & Romance
LEAST FAVORITE BOOK CLICHÉ: Love triangles & many other things. He’s very picky.
TALENTS & / OR POWERS: Playing piano, guitar, clarinet, and guitar. Hacking, coding, and things of that nature. Mechanics and engineering. Genius intellect. Problem solving.

WHY SOMEONE MIGHT LOVE THEM: Very romantic and flirty, a good sense of humor, he’s a huge fucking dork, he’s witty and clever, he’s a gentleman, and he’s quite charming.
WHY SOMEONE MIGHT HATE THEM: Very annoying and attention hungry. He’s egotistical and narcissistic. Loud and obnoxious.
WHY YOU LOVE THEM:  Sorry for getting sappy but he helps me cope with a lot of abuse and trauma. We’re both abuse survivors and are both always wanting attention. I relate to Eddie in almost every aspect. He’s gotten me through a very hard time in my life and he makes me feel good about myself, I guess?
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TAGGING: @itsnotblood & anyone who wants to.

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Do you really feel good knowing that you're friends with a murderer? Leonard Snart isn't good and you're naive to think he can be.

          “ You seem t’think that I think he’s some repressed hero buried or somethin’ and I don’t think that because I’m not naive. Being in my line of work, I know what people are capable of and I know what HE is capable of. He’s a murderer, he’s a thief — he’s a criminal, but thinking someone is automatically bad because they do bad things is a bit unfair, don’tcha think? I don’t agree with or support his actions, but the world isn’t black and white, especially in a place like Gotham — or Central City, for that matter — where morality depends on which side’a the bed a person got up on.  ”

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