many don’t like jared letos joker as much as they like heath ledgers joker and I can understand that but jareds facial expressions are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

i’m in love with your body

“i came to the gym to work out but holy god i can’t stop watching you do one armed push ups that’s so hot” spitfire no powers au 

happy valentine’s day @icanhearyouglaring !!! sorry i’m a lil late for @yjficexchange but i’m a trash person and have no excuse. also it’s been so stinkin long since i wrote spitfire so fingers crossed it’s not terrible (and yes the tite is from an ed sheeran song sorry not sorry lmaoo)


The gym is Wally’s favorite place to hate. He goes, begrudgingly, because this whole fast metabolism thing isn’t going to keep up forever and he hates every single second of it.

There’s nothing fun about running on a treadmill at 10 at night after a long day in the lab. It’s boring as hell, actually, especially on days when he forgets his headphones and has to listen to the crackling gym radio that’s echoing through the space.

It’s not the running that bothers him. He loves finding that perfect pace and the adrenaline rushing through his body, the slightest strain in his muscles and the dryness in his lungs. He ran track and cross country in high school and college because that was something he could get into- the varying workouts, the comradery, the competition.

But it’s just Wally on the treadmills tonight, there’s hardly anyone in the gym at all.  Most people are behind him, on the bikes or back by the weights, and there’s no one here to entertain him except for the celebrity news show that’s on the TV in front of him.

Like he said, he’s bored.

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(1/3) hi hey, so, i don't know anything about comics, haven't read a superhero comic book in my 20 year old life, but i do watch the movies, all the Marvel and DC ones, and this is going to probably be a really stupid question, but i've been wondering about this for a long time and i just found your blog, and it has been very enlightening and hopefully you won't make (too) much fun of me for asking it?

(2/3) the Marvel world map is like the real world, with cities and countries we know, with the occasional creative license for made up places like Wakanda… how does the DC one work? we of course have Gotham, Midway City, Star City, etc, but do we still have other real life american cities? is New York around? or the whole map is made up? please feel free to face palm this question, i know it must be painful for a real fan, so i’m sorry, truly

(3/3) but the DCEU never make this clear for me, and i was wondering how the geography works in the movies. thanks for reading this stupid ass question and also don’t mind my english, it is not my first language! x

back in the 30s some of the fictional cities like metropolis, gotham, central city etc were meant to be substitutes for real cities but as time went on, they ended up existing alongside (and sometimes near) them. coast city is usually between los angeles and san diego, central city’s in the middle of the country and about four states from detroit… in the comics, new york is sometimes being referenced as an actual place you can go to, like a cleaner/safer gotham city, and i still see some people make it sound as if gotham city is new jersey but it’s more accurate that gotham’s near/in new jersey as opposed to flat out replacing it

in the dceu (and in some comic iterations even though it’s not always consistent) metropolis and gotham are neighbors, so it’s safe to say metropolis is probably placed somewhere in delaware or new york and gotham in the new jersey area. i’m not sure whether we ever got a canon confirmation for BvS, but geographically it fits for metropolis to be in delaware because the only thing that separates it from gotham is a bay like it was portrayed in the movie

generally, even though real cities exist in the dcu, they’re not mentioned as often as the fictional ones, giving the impression the superheroes’ cities have generally played a bigger role in the way the world works (both because they house superpowered beings and because gotham’s crime life makes new york city look like you can walk at night with wads of money on display and only receive kind looks instead of getting robbed on the spot). the modern dcu is basically the real world plus fictional cities that usually take center

On their first date, Dick and Wally followed Damian and Irey to the movie theater, little did they notice that they were actually holograms and the real Damian and Irey were in their Robin and Impulse costumes patrolling Gotham and Central City together. When they finally fingered it out their date was finished and Damian was waiting with his katana in hand at the batcave while Irey grounded her father for a week.

He Handle My Family

Part 2 of Deal with My Family

Relationship: Family and Lover

Fandom: DC Comics

Character: Bat Family, Wally West

Walking around in Central City hand in hand with Wally West my current boyfriend. It has been two years since Allen broke up with me after meeting my family. I haven’t had a serious boyfriend since; only a few flings here and there. The press loves me. However, after moving out of Gotham and into Central City to manage a branch of the Wayne Company I met Wally West through Dick of course.

I remember the day clearly; I was working soft music playing in the air of my office. Sure enough, my door gets busted open showing, Dick. Turning off the music Dick states that I am to come with him for lunch since I hadn’t been home and visited. With little argument, I head out with him. What Dick failed to tell me was that he was also meeting up with Wally West for lunch. Throughout the time of knowing my family secret, I didn’t really meet many heroes. Clark and Diane were the only two; however, I did know many of their civilian identities. Lunch with Dick and Wally was fun, I hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time. After that Wally and I seemed to keep running into each other; I’m positive Wally did it on purpose. But we really hit it off and soon started to date.

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Batgirl » Barry Allen

Request:  Could you do a Barry Allen imagine were him and the reader are dating and the reader is batgirl but no one knows until one of Gotham’s villains comes to central city and she puts her costume on and fights the tells Barry the truth and he thinks it’s cool how she works with batman and robin Since he and the team have been fans of them 3 for a long time

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Fandom: The Flash & Batman

Words: 2632

Summary: Team Flash works with Batgirl

Originally posted by centralcitygifs

   Iris let out a small groan of frustration as she slammed her phone down on the counter. You glanced over at her from where you were currently cleaning tables. “Something wrong, Iris?” you asked as you watched a range of emotions flash in Iris’ eyes.

   “It’s Eddie,” she mumbled before slowly walking over to the coffee machine that needed cleaning. She glanced back over at you, “he keeps avoiding me.”

   You kept quiet since you knew the exact reason for why Eddie was acting the way he was. You continued to remove the coffee stains that marred the table. Iris kept her gaze on you, waiting for you to reply.

   Finally, she spoke again. “Maybe I should just break it off since it’s not working out.”

   “No!” you quickly shot at her, causing her to raise an eyebrow. You let out a small cough before awkwardly smiling, “Eddie loves you, Iris. Trust me, he’s just been hanging out with Barry.”

   Iris’ face lit up when you mentioned Barry, “Say, how’s Barry been?”

   You gave her a smile as you walked over to her with the cleaning supplies. All the tables were now spotless. “Barry’s good. He’s just usually so busy with work now.”

   Iris opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted by the ring of your phone. You shot her an apologetic look before answering your phone, “hello?”

   “[Name]?” the familiar voice came through the phone causing you to smile.

   “Hey, dad!” you said as you stepped to the side to let Iris pass you. She continued to keep working. “How’s everything?”

   “It isn’t good,” his voice came out in a hushed tone causing you to grow concerned.

   You glanced over at Iris, who was sweeping the floor, before slowly making your way to the back room to have the conversation in private. “What happened?”

   “It’s the Joker,” your father, Bruce spoke. His voice void of any emotion, but deep down you knew that he was worried. “He’s been spotted in Central City.”

   “What?” you took in a sharp breath, glancing out the window to the seemingly peaceful city.

   “I’m sending Dick over to help you track him down,” Bruce spoke, you could hear him typing on his side.

   “What about you?” you asked him. Central City was going to need Batman if the Joker was roaming the streets.

   He let out a deep sigh, “I can’t leave Gotham. Harley’s out causing trouble, along with Scarecrow, Penguin and Two-Face.”

   You nodded, even though he couldn’t see it at all. “Be safe, dad.”

   “Same goes for you, [Name]. Don’t do anything stupid,” and with that, the phone disconnected.

   After shutting the store down, Iris and you headed your separate ways. You walked down the streets, keeping your eyes peeled for any suspicious activity. Central City was already a dangerous place with all the metahumans that wanted to tear Central City apart, now Joker was added to the mix. You took in a deep breath to calm your nerves, reminding yourself that Dick was making his way over to Central City. You also had your faith in Barry, Caitlin and Cisco.

   The thought of Barry calmed you down immensely. In two weeks, on April 4th would be the day that Barry and you would have been dating for one whole year. Barry had told you everything, even the secret of him being the Flash while you hid so much. You promised Bruce to never let your secret out. Being Batgirl was dangerous and it took a lot of convincing for him to train you.

   Barry and yours’ shared apartment came into view. You quickly rushed up the stairs and entered the apartment. Instead of meeting the sight of Barry’s goofy grin, you were met with Dick’s shit-eating grin. You gulped as he walked over to you. “What?” your voice higher than intended.

   “Who’s Barry Allen?” he questioned as you let out a sigh. You never bothered to tell your family that you were in a relationship. He showed you the picture of Barry and you from a few months back. You were smiling straight at the camera while Barry’s lips were on your cheek.

   “He’s nobody,” you snapped, grabbing the picture frame from him and placing it back onto the counter.

   Dick grinned, obviously, he didn’t believe a word you had said. “Come on, [Name]. Is that really how you treat your brother?”

   “Dick, you’re adopted,” you blurted out, causing him to pout.

   “Ouch, that really hurts, [Name],” he whispered, but he struggled to hide the grin that appeared on his face.

   You couldn’t help, but laugh while shaking your head. You hadn’t seen Dick or Bruce for a while and you had forgotten how much you missed them. “How have you been, Dick?”

   “I’ve been good,” he then gave you a genuine smile. “I started dating someone.”

   Your eyes lit up, “Who? Do I know her?”

   Dick let out a chuckle, “it’s Barbara.”

   You couldn’t help the grin that appeared on your face, “Is Gordon okay with that?”

   “I surprisingly have his blessing,” Dick joked, but you could tell how happy he was. Dick had always had the biggest crush on Barbara growing and you had always wanted to get together.

   You walked over to him and gave him a tight hug. “I’m so happy for you.”

   Dick was about to reply when the front door opened and in walked, Barry. He glanced between the two of you, confusion spreading across his face.

   “Nobody, huh?” Dick whispered as he took in Barry’s appearance.

   “What’s going on here?” Barry asked, setting his bag down on the table before slowly making his way over to you and Dick.

   “Barry, meet my brother, Richard,” you introduced them and Barry’s face instantly filled with relief. “Dick, this Barry, my boyfriend.”

   Barry and Dick shook hands, giving each other a smile. They seemed to already be getting along, so that was a good sign. You were glad that Barry didn’t have a problem with Dick staying for a little bit, but the reason for him staying was still unknown to him.

   Dick sat down your couch, lifting his feet to place them on the coffee table. You shot him a glare as Barry made his way towards you. “[Name],” he sharply whispered.

   You raised an eyebrow. “Yes?”

   “You never told me that you had a brother,” Barry spoke, looking over at Dick who was looking for a movie to watch on Netflix.

   “Barry, honey,” you said, placing a hand on his cheek. “I’m Bruce Wayne’s daughter. I have many siblings.”

   Barry smiled and slowly lifted your hand off his cheek and gave it a small kiss. Dick made a disgusted sound in the background, earning another glare from me. Barry let out a small laugh at the expression on my face before he walked towards the kitchen to grab a snack.

   “How many siblings do you even have?” Barry asked, taking a seat on one of the stools at the bar table.

   “Well, there’s Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian and to be honest, I don’t know how many children my dad has,” you said, earning a grin from Barry.

   Barry’s ringtone broke through the air, causing him to let out a sigh. “It’s Cisco. I have to go, [Name],” he said, walking towards the door. He nodded goodbye to Dick before casually walking off. You knew that the second he was far enough from the house, he would flash off.  

   “He’s the Flash, isn’t he?” Dick asked casually from the couch.

   “Let me guess, Dad told you,” you mumbled, of course, he already knew.

   “I know the identity of almost every superhero out there. Spoiler: Clark Kent is Superman,” Dick spoke like it was a big surprise.

   You walked over to him, taking a seat across from him. “We need to look for Joker.” As much as you didn’t want to do it, it was required of you.

   Dick nodded before he slowly stood and walked outside. You watched with confusion as he disappeared behind the wall. After a few minutes, he came back with a very familiar outfit, but it was obviously slight improvements were made. Dick handed you the suit. “Welcome back, Batgirl.”


   Central City was so different compared to Gotham. Central City seemed more peaceful and happier while Gotham was a beacon of darkness. At night, only criminals wandered the streets of Gotham, but here, you noticed couples, kids, and families still out in the middle of the night.

   Your communicator buzzed to life. “Is dad positive that Joker is here?” Dick’s voice floated through.

   “I don’t know, Dick,” you mumbled, glancing around the empty alleyway. “But, it’s dad, he’s always right.”

   Your words stopped when you noticed quick movement in the alley below. A blur of red mixed with green and purple flew past. A loud crash was heard at the alleyway. You quickly jumped down and ran after them. “I think I found him,” you spoke into your communicator before sending Dick your coordinates.

   “Who are you?” The Flash’s voice filled the alleyway. You hid behind a corner, watching him hold the familiar Joker by the collar.

   Joker giggled, a wide grin spread across his face. “I’m surprised you haven’t heard of me! I’m famous in Gotham.”

   “Joker!” You shouted, rounding the corner with your gun pointed straight at his head. You knew that Bruce would disapprove, but the gun was just for show. The Flash and Joker looked over at you, their eyes widening.

   “Batgirl!” Joker exclaimed. “Just the girl I was looking for.”

   You kept a straight face as you watched Flash slowly let him go. Joker couldn’t run, he was surrounding. “We’re sending you back to Gotham. Batman will deal with you.”

   Joker pouted, “It’s cute that you think I’ll be going willingly with you.”

   You slowly walked towards him, your gun still pointed at his head. “You’re all alone out here, Joker. You’re surrounded by the two of us,” you said, referring to the Flash and you.

   That’s when Joker started to laugh, “You’ve always been so naive. Hasn’t your daddy taught you anything?”

   The Flash glanced over at you, confused on what the Joker meant, but it was made clear when you noticed dozens of men standing on the roofs of the building above. Before the Flash could react, Joker threw a punch at him, knocking him to the ground. Joker glanced over at you, waving goodbye before dashing down the street.

   You let out a small curse, placing your gun in its holster. The Flash let out a small groan, holding his bloody nose. He gave you a small smile before slowly standing up.

   “Now!” A voice from above ordered, you glanced up to see them firing at the two of you. The Flash got hit with a bullet in his shoulder and you managed to get hit in the thigh.

   Your vision began to get blurry as you glanced around, bullets whizzing past the two of you. Most of them hitting the Flash. You made your way over to him, trying to get him up, but a loud blast was heard behind you. You glanced backwards to see a grenade slowly fall to the ground. A bright light blinded you as you hit the wall behind you.

   “Stop, they’re dead,” was the last thing you heard before your eye shut.


   “How long has she been out?” A male’s voice sounded, he sounded oddly familiar, but your brain couldn’t make a connection.

   “She’s been out for over twelve hours now,” it was a female, this time, again you recognized the voice.

   They continued to talk, causing your headache to grow stronger. The ringing in your ears, along with their voices made you nausea. The burning in your thigh felt even worse, you could tell that it was bandaged though. You were aware that you were no longer wearing your mask or the suit itself. Instead, it felt more like a hospital gown.

   “[Name],” it was the same male who was speaking. “Are you awake?”

   You decided to find out who was speaking. The light was blinding, but soon the stoic face of Batman appeared in your view. You could see the relief in his eyes, but his expression never changed.

   You let out a groan as everyone’s faces started to clear up. The female turned out to be Caitlin who was smiling at you. Cisco looked like a little boy on Christmas morning, but Barry still had a worried expression plastered on his face. Dick stood next to Batman, no longer in his Robin suit.

   “We were so worried, [Name],” Caitlin spoke, walking towards you. She glanced down at your thigh which was tightly bandaged. “Don’t worry, you’ll be okay. You suffered a minor concussion and your leg is healing nicely. I would still lay low for a little bit.”

   You nodded, not able to find your voice. Cisco slowly made his way towards you, the grin never leaving his face. “So, you’re Batgirl, huh?”

   You nodded, once again. Caitlin grabbed you a glass of water, handing it to you. You gratefully took in from her, taking a few sips.

   “That’s so cool!” Cisco exclaimed, glancing back at Caitlin and Barry who actually had small smiles on their faces. “Team Flash meets Team Batman! I think I might just faint!”

   Dick let out a small laugh, “I never heard anyone call us Team Batman before.”

   “We’ve been fans for years!” Barry finally spoke, grinning at the three of you. Caitlin and Cisco nodded, the smile never leaving their faces. Barry glanced up and down at Batman, trying to figure out who his was before it finally clicked. “You’re Bruce Wayne, aren’t you?”

   You held your breath as you waited for his reaction, you could see Dick doing the same. Bruce glanced down at Barry, he was basically towering over him. Barry gulped, feeling a little intimidated by him.

   “Dad, stop” you spoke, causing him to glance over at you. Bruce reached for his mask before taking it off.

   “What? I need to make sure that he’s good enough to be your boyfriend,” Bruce simply replied, giving you a small smile.

   “I knew it!” Cisco yelled, walking over to Bruce. “I’ve been trying to figure out your identity for a while now. Everything added up to you, but the way the media displays your family made me doubt myself.”

   While everyone was distracted by Cisco asking Bruce countless questions, Barry made his way over to you. He took a seat next to you, taking your delicate hand in his. “I’m sorry I couldn’t get you out of there in time.”

   You shook your head, “No, Barry, it’s not your fault. I should have known Joker would bring reinforcements.”

   “I’m just happy that you’re okay…” he whispered, lightly kissing the top of your hand. “Why didn’t you tell me that you were Batgirl? I mean, I told you that I was the Flash.”

   You let out a small sigh, “It’s not that I didn’t trust you, Barry. I just wanted to leave that part of my life behind. I wanted to have a normal… well, as normal as it gets, life with you.”

   Barry watched you as you told him about being Batgirl and everything that you had gone through. Everyone had long left the room to let Barry and you talk alone. Barry listened intensely, nodding along.

   “We’re still not safe, Barry,” you whispered like it was some big secret. “Joker is still out there and who knows what he wants.”

   “Hey,” Barry spoke softly, taking both of your hands and giving them both a kiss. “We’re going to be okay, I promise. We have Team Flash and Team Batman working together. Central City is going to be okay.”

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You've spoken on using Gateway City more for Wonder Woman as "her" city of adventure. How would you do that and how would Gateway's culture and architecture be like versus Metropolis, Gotham, or Central City? BONUS: where in the USA would it be considering Metropolis/Gotham are on opposite sides of a bay on the east coast and Central being in the Midwest?

Haven’t given it much thought - an acquaintance of mine has, but that’s obviously his material to keep. I suppose making it the official ‘magic’ city would be the obvious way to go, with weird architecture to suit the mood (plus some ancient Greek for obvious reasons) and lots of political dealings to suit her status as a diplomat.

mellarkment  asked:

hey so i recently got into comics and i've been using your marvel rec list to kinda pic what to read but i really want to get into dc and i don't know where to start so I was wondering if you could make a dc rec list because I trust your taste and you seem like a pro at this stuff.

oh noooo I’m really still very much a baby at dc stuff!!! and I have read like one new 52 title so far, so I don’t know anything that is happening in the current dc universe. really I’ve just been picking characters I like and reading everything with them, which is a good method for me. but hmmm some good titles to read that are new-reader friendly and that I loved to bits lessee

majeswhisper  asked:

Well, since you are taking requests for fics: I have this idea on my mind about Iris winning her first Pulitzer ❤ Barry, Joe, Cisco and Linda (w. Wally?) could be there to celebrate with her and everything is hugs and happiness <33 a little Westallen fluff would be cute too 😊

“Were you ever going to tell me?”

Iris looked up from her computer screen. “Tell you what?” she said, bringing the end of the pen she was using for notes up to her mouth. Linda rolled her eyes and sighed something suspiciously close to the word seriously, thrusting a piece a paper at her. Iris took it, read it, and then read it again, her heart pounding in her chest.

Finalists, Investigative reporting
Lois Lane, of The Daily Planet
Clark Kent, of The Daily Planet
Charlotte Rivers, of Gotham City News
Iris West, of Central City Picture News

“You were the only one fully nominated, Iris,” Linda said. “Along with, like, Lois freaking Lane and Clark Kent and oh my god. You were the only CCPN nom in any category and you didn’t even tell me you entered.”

Iris just kept running her eyes over her own name. There she was, in a category with some of the biggest names in journalism. Her name. Her piece. Her story. “I didn’t think anything would come of it,” she said, not once taking her eyes off the list on nominees. “Mercer told me a few months ago that she put my story forward but I honestly didn’t think that it would ever get this far.”

Her heart was pounding so loudly in her chest, Iris could barely hear the background noise of CCPN. She wondered if someone could pass out from shock, if they could have a delayed reaction and just collapse on the floor. Probably. Oh god. She might pass out. She might throw up.

She was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Along with Lois freaking Lane. Linda waved a hand between Iris’s face and the piece of paper, and she finally looked up, still stunned.

Linda grinned and shook her head. “Well, you did it. You did it! Congratulations, my lovely, lovely, perfect reporter friend!” Linda grabbed Iris’s arm and pulled her upward, circling her arms around Iris’s back.

Iris laughed, and laid her forehead on Linda’s shoulder. “I can’t believe it. I can’t even believe that my story even got this far, it’s just…”

“We need to celebrate!” Linda said. “We do. I’ll grab Tess and some others and we’ll go out as a paper and then tonight, me and you and Barry and your dad and Wally and even, like, Cisco and Caitlin, we’ll go out. We’ll go out and have the most epic toast in history, yeah?”

She pulled away from Linda’s embrace so fast she was nearly convinced it would give her whiplash. “No. I mean, yes to the paper but no to everyone else.”

“Oh come on, Iris. You’re nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Your first ever Pulitzer Prize, I might add. We need to celebrate.”

She groaned. “But my dad will be so pissed I didn’t tell him my story was entered, and you know things have been strained between me and Barry lately. I don’t want him to feel obligated to come out.”

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The Mysterious Streak of Central City (Barry Allen x Reader)

Barry Allen x Reader

Summary: You lovely reader are from Gotham, and you’re looking for a house in central city, when some criminal comes in rudely interrupting you, Giving Barry the opportunity to save you.

Warning: Mild-swearing (Potentially), the adorable-ness that is Barry Allen

Word Count: 704

A/n: Okay so I’m so sorry I haven’t written anything in the past two-three months or so, School has been a bitch recently, and I went through a hard breakup so please forgive me for my inconvenience. I’ll try to write at least one more thing before Finals are in full gear.

Your name: submit What is this?



           “Such a beautiful city,” (y/n) sighed feeling quite happy at the moment. She’d just made a long commute from Gotham to Central City, and to say she was tired was an understatement. “I wonder if I’ll see ‘the streak,’” (y/n) pondered, she’d heard rumors of the mysterious streak of red that went by the name of ‘The Flash,’ she heard about how he’d saved Central City on multiple occasions, and wanted to see if he was really as good as the hype. But although she wanted to see the flash her priorities were elsewhere at the moment, the crime levels in Gotham had done nothing but rise over the past few years, (y/n) had taken it upon herself to move to a slightly better place.

           (y/n) walked into jitters, craving her favorite hot beverage and some form of food. She took her seat at an empty table waiting for it to be brought to her, pulling out her laptop to look for any houses for sale in the immediate area. “Here’s your (Coffee/Tea), ma’am” A nice woman laid her order of food and drink beside her, with a smile. “Thank you,” (y/n) smiled kindly before looking back to her computer. “There’s a nice looking apartment building near here, I should walk there after I’m done eating,” the young woman mumbled, as she wrote down the location.

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