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millicentcordelia asked:

In one interview, Ben said that Jim Gordon will become even more determined to make Gotham a decent place when he has a daughter. In the newer DC comics, he has a daughter with Barbara Kean Gordon; in the older comics he adopted his niece- his brother Roger's daughter-while married to Barbara. But with Barbara gone nuts, who'll be the mother of the daughter on Gotham? Leslie, perhaps? Or how about Sarah Essen? Sarah was his girlfriend/mistress in the older comics.

At this point, I do not think that Sarah and Jim will have a romantic connection. I might be wrong about this but no rapport has been established to make me think sparks will fly between them in the future. Of course, it could be a slow-burn but, wouldn’t we have seen a hint in S1? In my opinion, the show-runners and co. switched the storyline. Whereas Jim is the one who cheats with Essen in the comics, in the series, it is Barbara who has an affair with Renée. 

There are many questions as to the origins of Babs now that Barbara Kean will play an antagonist or villain. Will Barbara become one of the good ones again?

As to Jim. Does Jim have any relatives? Where is Roger? If I am not mistaken, Gordon might have been the father of his niece all along. Where is Thelma? The issue with Babs’ origins is that her parentage changes constantly even in the comics. I look forward to watching the development of Babs’ storyline in Gotham. 

Gothamites, what do you think?