I love Rocket, man

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I hate it, man. He is easily, SO easily my favorite character in the MCU.

He’s mouthy and rude and he loves pink and big guns and tree people and bombs.

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But he’s also sad and lonely and confused a lot of the time, and he gets so angry, and he gets angry BECAUSE he has the BIGGEST FUCKING HEART, and he’s capable of so much love and friendship.

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He is my very favorite boy.

Cap w no shield, Thor w no hammer, Bucky w no arm, Yondu dead, Pietro dead, Frigga dead, Odin dead, Nebula gone, wtf up with Bruce & Nat, has Jane been recognized for her brilliance & now she livin lavish?, Tony & Pepper getting married, did Darcy graduate?, Thor got one eye, what’s gonna happen to Valkyrie, Steve knew Bucky killed Tony’s parents!!, Bucky froze, Loki sneaky ass got the tesseract, where tf is Sif!? Will she ever show up again??, Jane dumped Thor, now Thor with Valkyrie, Steve gone, did Thor & Loki hug?, T'challa’s ring?, will Gamora & Peter ever kiss?, Thanos is coming, Clint got a family!?!, Vision & Wanda?, is Selvig ok?, Aunt May “What the fu-”, where are all the infinity stones, Quill is half celestial!?, Thor got a dead sister (is she really dead tho)?

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