signs as beautiful cities
  • Aries: Reykjavík, Iceland // An eccentric city with gorgeous scenery and volcanic activity.
  • Taurus: Stockholm, Sweden // A calm but incredibly artistic city with a gorgeous language and scenery.
  • Gemini: Budapest, Hungary // A gotchic but romantic city with elegant neo-renissance buildings.
  • Cancer: Bruges, Belgium // A small city and a small country. An often forgotten about but extraordinarily romantic city.
  • Leo: Cairo, Egypt // A hot and confident city with abstract architecture. Very different and stunning.
  • Virgo: Amsterdam, The Netherlands // A pure and neighborly city with stunningly elegant architecture.
  • Libra: London, England // An elegant and sensitive city with clever architecture and beautiful residents.
  • Scorpio: Lisbon, Portugal // A polished city; an effortless beauty full of pastel-colored buildings.
  • Sagittarius: Rome, Italy // An old but lively city with picturesque streets and home. A city filled with beautiful people and language.
  • Capricorn: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil // One of the world's most beautiful landscapes with bright colors of the ocean.
  • Aquarius: Venice, Italy // A breathtaking and unique city with a scenery like a fairytale.
  • Pisces: Paris, France // A nostalgic city with elegant architecture and elegant people.
Snicket Coffe Shop

i want a coffe shop inspired by A Series Of Unfortunate Events and Snicket’s world.

Called maybe ‘’Black Cat Coffe’’ and they will serve root-beer-floats. The wallpapers illustrated eyes and the waitress are wearing salmon costumes and they will said to you that the world is quiet here.

There’s no sugar in this shop but you’ll can eat Montgomerys Montgomery’s coconut cake or a special happy meal from Anxious Clown. At cash desk you can find lucky lumbersmills gums and parsley sode.

You’ll can drink Sunny’s chocolate with cinnamon or Sunny’s salmons. You’ll can drink Ishmael’s coconut juice too with Beatrice’s salad. You’ll can taste some of Jake Hix’s best foods.

Sad songs and Gotchic Archies will only be heared at this shop.