he’d heard about the new ‘Ravager Princess’ some gorgeous blade wielding beauty. and then you were in front of him, and all the stories were lies, because none of them could really describe your just how beautiful you really were. and Peter was dying inside because you were perfect.

(Spoilers for Vol. 2)

You know, Yondu could have just dropped Peter off instead of raising him.

Sure, he was adamant to not deliver Peter to Ego, after he had figured out what had happened to the children he had delivered before. It would take a right cold-hearted a-hole (*cough* Ego *cough*) to deliver a child to its death just for the money. So Yondu actually deciding not to take on that job, not to do it, is not all that surprising, especially if you take his life as a slave in consideration – he has seen to many people been shipped off to who-knows-where to die.

He could have refused the job. Or, if he only found out about what was going on after he picked Peter up, he could have dropped the boy off somewhere – back on Terra, on some other planet to be picked up into their society, anything.

He could have walked away and said “I ain’t delivered anymore children, got nothing to do with me, I’m out, ain’t my problem”.

But he didn’t. He kept Peter, and raised him, and taught him all he knew.


There are a lot of possible reasons why he kept Peter, in the end: Perhaps he knew that Ego would just send someone else to find him, Terra or any other planet he was on. Perhaps he thought that Peter, if left alone, would set out to find his “dad” and ran into Ego that way. Perhaps he felt responsible for the boy because he had been the one to rip him away from Terra. Perhaps he felt as if he had to make up for the children he had already delivered.

And that says a whole lot about Yondu Udonta. Because he made Peter his job, his responsibility. He didn’t just drop him off and walk away from him. While he did fuck up a whole damn lot – though, how would he know how to parent, especially amidst Ravagers of the worst kind – he made it his responsibility to raise Peter and teach him how to protect himself and kept him save from Ego and other guys all these years.

He didn’t take the easy way out – he actually took the most difficult way, something that took him years and a lots of money and nerves and in the end, his softness for Peter ended even up causing a mutiny.

And in the end, he still freaking smiled so proudly and full of love at Peter, because whatever the reason why he kept him all these years, he had come to love his boy, his son, and he never even once regretted anything he had had to give up for Peter or the trouble it had gotten him into, just regretted the things he had wronged Peter with.

Yes, I think Yondu’s decisions regarding Peter tell us a whole lot about Yondu. He’s flawed, not a hero, and did a whole lot of things wrong, but down at the core, he’s actually a good guy who had just seen too much shit to know how to do things right.

grootiez  asked:

Can i get prompts 2, 28, and 31 with Rocket Raccoon and moody, rebellious Teenager Groot?

Characters: Reader x Rocket Racoon + Groot

Warnings: fighting?

Prompts: 2: “I’m sorry, you said what to your teacher?” 28: “Go to hell.” “Already been but thanks for the invite.” 31: “Don’t tell me how to calm down, you calm down!”

Word Count: 291

A/N: hope it’s okay

Want to request a drabble? Read this post!

“I’m sorry, you said what to your teacher?” you yelled a Groot, who angrily turned his back to your and pulled out his video game controlled. “Groot, don’t you dare-” 

You were cut off by the sounds of the video game starting up, and you rolled your eyes and turned to look at Rocket, who was leaning against the doorway with his arms crossed. The two of you were like parents to Groot, so both of you were responsible for him. Pointing at Groot, you exclaimed, “Can you believe this? He swore at his teacher!

“He learned it from you.” Rocket said, and you gaped at him. Storming up to him, you balled your hands into fists. 

“He did not learn it from me!” you yelled, and Rocket scoffed as he turned to leave. “Rocket, get back here! We need to sort this out!” 

“I don’t see what the problem is here.” Rocket shrugged. “He said the teacher was being mean, so you gotta stand up for yourself!” 

“I doubt the teacher was being mean.” you sniffed. “Groot’s just been so moody at everyone.” 

“Another thing he learned from you.” Rocket snickered.

Glaring at him, you snapped, “Go to hell.”

“Already been but thanks for the invite.” Rocket replied casually, examining his hands. “You need to calm down, y/n, it’s not that big of a deal.”

“Don’t tell me how to calm down, you calm down!” you shouted, and Rocket rolled his eyes as he waved his hand.

“Alright, I’m just gonna walk away now.” Rocket said as he strolled off. “If you need me to make a bomb, let me know. Otherwise, don’t disturb me.”

“Screw you!” you yelled at Rocket’s back, and you heard him laugh in response.

@avoid-avoidance Oh, absolutely! Pre-teen Peter was still handled gently enough for him to feel at ease with joking around with the Ravagers like that, and cute enough that they would more laugh than be disgusted when he said something like that and Yondu would swat him over the head and roll his eyes at the laughing child.

It’s just way funnier with the Guardians, because you can bet that either Drax with his blunt way or Mantis in her confusion would ask if that means he loves everyone like he loves Gamora - which is partly sexual love - and Rocket and Kraglin make gagging noises after they hear that and Peter pretends to be offended that his “love” is rejected like that.