I’ve never gone into super detail about Cathryn’s magic, so I’m going to try. Cathryn’s magic is just complex ( to me anyways ) and it’s not so simple as other people’s magic. For the basics, her magic is considered “dark”. She comes from a lineage of dark magic users, this doesn’t mean it’s evil, or even bad. It can be used for evil purposes and it has, but it doesn’t make the user inherently evil. Cathryn’s an asshole, but she’s good, in her own way.  

ANYWAYS; I classify Cathryn’s magic as Chaos Magic, or Chaotic Magic. But her magic is raw and highly unstable. She’s not on the level of Sca/rlet Wi/tch or anything, but her magic is highly powerful and she has the potential to become a real contender.  

So here’s like, some stuff she can do though; 

  • PAIN INDUCEMENT          While Cathryn can easily hurt someone without her magic, she can also use her magic to do it for her. Her magic can take a hold of someone and break them. It’ll snap bones, cut the skin or cause blood vessels to rupture. Rarely does she use it, but she can easily turn a fight in her favor with this. 
  • CHAOS ENERGY MANIPULATION         If there’s lingering chaos energy, Cathryn can collect it and use it. She can manipulate it’s state, turning it into raw energy. ( Like, think MCU!Sca/rlet Wi/tch, but only in the way she controls it. ) She can turn it into shields, platforms and can cover her own body in armor made out of it. ( Also her energy is pink because fuck you. ) 
  • SIGIL/GLYPH CRAFTING            A fairly new ability and one she’s still learning. She can form sigil/glyphs when using her magic to better control it. They appear on her skin and as physical objects behind her when using magic. It hasn’t been perfected yet and she still has trouble holding them for long periods of time. Or, her own magic will simply break them. 
  • CHAOS SENSING            If there’s chaotic energy near, or if something is about to trigger chaotic energy, Cathryn can feel it. It’s like electricity down her spine and she can ‘sense’ where it’s coming from. Other uses for this is sensing other supernatural beings/objects. 
  • BASIC WITCHCRAFT           She’s a witch, so I mean this is pretty simple. She can make potions, craft charms and cast spells. She isn’t proficient at healing spells at all, more of a ‘battle mage’ than anything. 

Besides her actual magic, she does have other abilities. She’s half demon, so she has the claws and fangs and all that good stuff. Her demonic blood is what created the chaotic magic in her in the first place.  Or, it at least boosts it. Other things she has is; 

  • EYE OF BALAM            A “gift” received when she spent three months in hell. She met the demon Balam and she impressed him, seeing a lot of Asmodai in her. Her left eye had been previously damaged, leaving it completely blind, so he gave her his own eye. She’s still partially blind in this eye, but it allows her to see through illusions, see through walls and see people/objects behind walls. She also sees ‘beyond the veil’ meaning she can see ghosts/shadow people/other beings unseen to most people. It’s a blessing and a curse. 
  • SOULBLADE           Another thing she received in Hell and what she used to get out. After finding her mother in Hell, her mother ripped out Cathryn’s soul and crafted into a blade for her. She managed to kill the demons holding her and carve her way out of Hell. She can call it whenever and use it as a weapon, but only on supernatural enemies. It’s useless against the mundanes. 


When you look deep enough, you begin to see the connections between the mysteries: that everything is true and nothing is true. From Kether to Malkuth, Mooladhara to Sahasrara, Kundalini climbs the tree and descends with the fruit of divine inspiration. As above, so below.

Love is the Law, Love under Will.
To the Man Who Shouted “I Like Pork Fried Rice” at Me on the Street by Franny Choi : Poetry Magazine

you want to eat me

out. right. 

what does it taste like you want to eat me right out of these jeans & into something a little cheaper. more digestible. more bite-sized. more thank you
come: i am greasy for you. i slick my hair with msg every morning. i’m bad for you. got some red-light district between your teeth. what does ittaste like: a takeout box between my legs. plastic bag lady. flimsy white fork to snap in half. dispose of me.
taste like dried squid. lips puffy with salt. lips brimming with foreign so call me pork. curly-tailed obscenity been playing in the mud. dirty meat. worms in your stomach. give you
a fever. dead meat. butchered girl chopped up & cradled in styrofoam. you candid cannibal. you want me bite-sized no eyes clogging your throat.
but i’ve been watching from the slaughterhouse. ever since you named me edible. tossed in a cookie at the end. lucky man. go & take what’s yours. name yourself archaeologist     but
listen carefully to the squelches in your teeth & hear my sow squeal scream murder between molars. watch salt awaken writhe, synapse. watch me kick back to life. watch me tentacles & teeth. watch me resurrected electric.
what does it                                     taste like: revenge squirming alive in your mouth strangling you quiet from the inside out.