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Got any headcanons about Mango Cheeses homeless life?


- I imagine he always ended up with blue clothes from charities

- always

- he spent a lot of time at the library

- probably befriended the librarians

- a month or two after he runs away, he sees another kid one day at the shelter, with a mop of curly green hair and a pink-and-green sweater-vest

- and they talk for a little bit, exchange stories

- and then they forget all about each other

- magnus has probably pickpocketed alex’s parents once or twice

- at first, hearth and blitz wouldn’t really know what to make of him

- he’s just some kid that’s supposed to be special, and he’s lost his mom

- how do they approach him?

- but one day, it’s extremely cold, too cold even for maggie, and the shelter is overflowing. it hurts their hearts to watch this poor lil bean freeze in the snow

- so they take him in to their tent

- magnus is loved by the soup kitchen people

- he always helps them clean up after hours

- every once in a while, he’ll buy hearth another candle

- for light at nighttime, of course

Reveal Week Day 6: Consensual(ish)

[ao3 link] @miraculous-weeks

When Adrien saw the card with a butterfly embossed on the back, he knew he was screwed. There was only one person he knew of who would think to get that kind of stationary, and he knew he wasn’t going to enjoy the message inside.

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Spots and Fluff Ch. 9

Ladrien June 9th: Witchcraft

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Summary: Adrien and Ladybug become friends and eventually more in this prompt list based fanfiction.

This akuma was being particularly troublesome.

It was like an amalgamation of all the worst parts of all the other akuma. It could fly due to its broom, it had spells that could do, and at least as far as she could tell, quite literally anything it wanted, and like Jackady, it was endangering Adrien’s life.

If that wasn’t bad enough the stupid witch seemed to have been a fan of Adrien before she had been akumatized. Which meant, well…

“He’s mine!” Witcher yelled. She held a small blond cat in her arms as she hovered on her broom above the school.

Ladybug growled quietly. “He’s not yours!” She threw her yoyo at the witch’s head.

Witcher laughed as she dodged the yoyo and Ladybug had to watch as cat Adrien continued to struggle in the witch’s grasp.

“Where in the world is Chat when you need him?” She grumbled.

Witcher smirked. “Why don’t you just hand over that Miraculous of yours?” She licked her lips in anticipation. “And maybe if you don’t I might ‘accidently’ drop this cat.”

Ladybugs and cat Adrien’s eyes both widened in terror. Cat Adrien started struggling even hard before and tried to claw and bite through the Witcher’s outfit. Unfortunately, the outfit was magic and thus stopped him from causing harm to her.

Ladybug grew panicked. She couldn’t let Adrien get hurt. “F-fine! You have to prove that Adrien is going to be okay though!” Ladybug watched as Catdrien stopped struggling and looked at her aghast.

Witcher scoffed. “This cute little kitty will be fine as long as you give me your Miraculous.” She smirked. “You’re in no place to be making demands anyway.”

Ladybug tensed and felt herself slump. “Okay.” She said softly. She reached for her earrings and closed her eyes in defeat.

Catdrien didn’t wait any longer and squirmed back and forth in Witcher’s grasp. The wiggling seemed to do the trick as he was soon falling from forty feet up in the air.

“Crap!” Witcher yelped.

Ladybug eyes snapped open and she gasped. “Adrien!” She yelled as she threw her yoyo forward and yanked herself toward him.

Catdrien meowed loudly as he fell. Ladybug assumed that meant he was screaming. “I got you!” She grabbed onto him about ten feet off the ground. She curled around him as she kept her momentum and hit the floor. She bounced a couple times before rolling to a stop.

“Ow.” She whimpered. She slowly uncurled and looked down at Catdrien. “Are you alight, Adrien?” She murmured.

The cat looked terrified and then meowed quietly and pawed her arm. Somehow she got the feeling he was asking if she was okay. “I’m fine Adrien.” She told him gently.

She heard Witcher shouting with frustration at her successful save and found herself scowling darkly. She stood and pointed at the ground. “Stay here and stay safe, Adrien.” She turned in the direction of Witcher. “I’m going to take care of this akuma. Be right back.” she said angrily.

Catdrien gaped after her. He meowed in worry.

He sat down to wait and was startled by the sound of shouts and a cry of Lucky Charm. He fell his ears flatten against his head as he hoped she could handle this without Chat. He waited several minutes after the charm before started to feel very worried. She couldn’t have very much time left.

Just as he was about to leave in search of her a wave of Ladybugs slammed into him and transformed him back into human Adrien.

“Thank me.” Plagg muttered. “As if Reflekta wasn’t bad enough.”

Adrien looked towards the fight and waited. He felt worry rise in him again at Ladybug’s absence. She told him to stay put. Didn’t that mean she wanted to check on him afterwards?

“Got any cheese?” Plagg waved a paw in his face. “Sure.” Adrien said quietly. He pulled a small wedge he kept on him and handed it over to a now very happy Plagg.

He heard the whine of Ladybug’s yoyo a moment later and Plagg dived into his pocket to hide.

Ladybug landed in a crouch in front of him.

“Adrien.” She said breathlessly. “Are you alright?” She asked with her voice tilted heavily in concern.

He felt his heart swell. It felt nice to know Ladybug cared for him so much. “I’m fine.” He assured her with a smile. “Thank you for saving me.”

Ladybug stared into his eyes and gently grasped his cheeks in her hands. His breath hitched as she pulled him into a chaste kiss. The soft feeling of her lips on his sent Adrien reeling as he tried to figure out how to respond. Before he could even do more than press gently back Ladybug was pulling away.

Ladybug looked flushed and her eyes were still half-closed. “I’m so glad that you’re okay.” She said softly.

He stared into her eyes and was about to try and steal another kiss when Ladybug’s eyes went wide. “Did I just…?” She started and then looked panicked. “Sorry for that! Bye!” She threw her yoyo and yanked.

Adrien watched her go. “Did that just happen?”

“You mean did you gross humans just press your cheese eaters against each other? Then yes, yes you did.” Plagg said with disgust.

“Oh my God.” Adrien took a bit longer to get home that day.

Later in the day Adrien found himself lying in his bed going over the fight in against Witcher in his head.

“Plagg, did Ladybug really almost give up her Miraculous for me?” Adrien asked suddenly.

Plagg looked up at him. “Seems like it. Guess she really likes you.” He said in a disinterested fashion.

“Wow.” Adrien muttered. He couldn’t believe that she cared that much. “Does she…?”

“What?” Plagg asked.

Adrien swallowed hard. “You think that kiss meant that she actually like, likes Adrien me?”

Plagg scoffed. “I have no idea. You humans are super confusing.”

Adrien hummed in agreement. “I’ll have to ask her somehow.” He glanced at the clock. “Maybe tomorrow.” He turned off the light. “Goodnight Plagg.”

Plagg waited for a moment and then sighed. “Night kid.” He said affectionately.

Ladynoir July Day 12: Rooftop Kiss

Note: This is a direct continuation of the previous day. This is the reveal for this storyline, so if that’s what you’re here for, then welcome!

A heads up for new readers. All of my Ladynoir July stories are one story, so I suggest reading them in order for everything to make sense. Here’s a link to day one.

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a day in december: spheres of influence

on ao3


@freakingsnowqueen​ suggested a snow globe akuma!! the actual akuma isnt in this but ~bonding~ and shoutout to @ladyserendipitous and @miraculousstorytelling for helping me figure out what was going on here because i sure didn’t know

ok yes lets go!

“Not that I don’t love spending time with you in spheres, buggy,” Chat says, “but can we be honest and admit this is starting to get weird.”

Ladybug rolls her eyes and tries to make herself more comfortable. As she moves, the fake snow and glitter puff up around them. She buries her face in the crook of her arm and squeezes her eyes shut.

After a moment, she opens her eyes. When she’s sure nothings floating around anymore, she lifts her head from her arm. “Sorry about that,” she apologizes.

Chat rubs his eyes. “No, no it’s fine. Let’s blame the akuma. Because I love breathing glitter.”

“At least there’s no water in here,” Ladybug says. She kicks the snowman between her and Chat. “That’d be problematic.”

He snorts. “Yeah, no kidding.”

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Miraculous Rewrite: Copycat
  • Ladybug: So where’s his akuma?
  • Copycat: Inside his ring, of course. Grab it!
  • Chat Noir: If you don’t believe me, ask him about our love for each other!
  • Ladybug: Huh? Love? That’s not a thing. Okay, yeah, he’s definitely the copycat. *grabs ring*
  • Adrien: *detransforms*
  • Ladybug: Oh! You’re…I thought you would be Théo Barbot. Wow, I never expected you to get akumatized.
  • Adrien: …yes. Akumatized. That is definitely what happened to me.
  • Ladybug: That’s a strange looking akuma.
  • Plagg: Um…flap flap, flutter flutter?
  • Ladybug: Gotcha! *traps Plagg in her yoyo*
  • Plagg: AAAAAAAAA
  • Ladybug: Bye bye, little…weird cat thing.
  • Copycat: Ha! My plan worked perfectly. All right, let’s go, Ladybug. *both leave*
  • Adrien: How the hell did that work? There were so many reasons why his plan was doomed to fail.
  • Plagg: I don’t know. Say, got any cheese?
  • Adrien: I’m kinda tied up at the moment.
  • Plagg: So what do we do now?
  • Adrien: I have no idea.
Doppleganger!AU: Chapter 2

In case you missed it…

Chapter: [1] | [you are here] | [3] | [4] | [5] [6[7]  [8]  [Epilogue]


(All aboard the angst train!  Toot toot!  Now boarding!)

Tags: Angst (I warned you, it begins now)

This chapter is suprisingly PG.  I thought I would throw more swearing in there, but it didn’t really happen.  Avert your eyes!  Marinette says the word “Hell!” AHHH!.

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The Best Worst Thing

A short drabble based off this post


Bad luck, that was what he represented. He didn’t get mad at anyone who disliked him, he understood completely. You find out there are magical beings who can grant people powers and you get stuck with the one who brings you bad luck, who wouldn’t be disappointed?

And that was how Plagg saw himself, a disappointment, unwanted, At first he was annoyed, then he became depressed, then he just didn’t care.

Yes, he was bad luck. Boohoo

You get magical powers kid.

Suck it up.

He didn’t expect much to change this time around. He had spotted the kid who would wield his power next. A rich kid, good job, decent house. Ha Plagg thought to himself. This one’ll probably be the worst of all…Waah waaah! I got magical powers but not the one I wanted! Plagg thought to himself begrudgingly as his ring landed in the boy’s lap.

Adrien looked down at Plagg “What are you thinking about?” Adrien asked. Plagg was drawn out of his thoughts and shook his head “Nothing…hey, you got any cheese?” Plagg asked. Adrien laughed “I’ve got something better” he said, smiling. Plagg looked at him and sighed “Is this a picture of Ladybug? Because if it is, I’m not interested” Plagg said as he flew over to Adrien’s desk, where there was a large box

Adrien grabbed the box and smiled, shaking his head. “Nope! Better” he said as he lifted the box. Plagg’s eyes widened and his jaw slacked.

Underneath the box was a giant basket of cheese. “CAMEMBERT!” Plagg yelled, diving into the basket. Adrien smiled as he watched his little Kwami indulge himself. “What’s the occasion?” Plagg asked, mouthful of cheese. “It’s been one year since we’ve met” Adrien explained. Plagg swallowed an entire mouthful of cheese whole before nodding “That’s right! I forgot!” Plagg said, his eyes widening.

“Though why all the cheese? Though I do love it” Plagg said, already shoving more into his mouth. “A thank you present” Adrien explained “Thank you?” Plagg asked. “Yup! You’re the best thing to ever happen to me Plagg, I can be who I want to be as Cat Noir, all thanks to you. And I got to meet Ladybug, all thanks to you…so, thanks” Adrien said, smiling.

Plagg looked up at Adrien with eyes wide in shock, shaking his head before smirking “Well of course! I am pretty amazing!” he said, smiling. Adrien laughed and shook his head “I gotta get started on homework…enjoy yourself” Adrien said, grabbing his notebook and heading down to the living room to work on his homework.

Plagg continued to enjoy his cheese, smiling softly to himself.

This kid isn’t so bad…Maybe I got lucky for once…

A random act of kindness goes a long way pt 2

Word count: 5,262
Genre: Romance, Lots of Angst, Family
Rating: Teen (Mentioning of Blood and Chat being a total perverted dork for at least second. You’ll find it eventually.)
Pairing: LadyNoir, Chatbug, Marinette/Chat Noir, Plakki (Plagg/Tikki)
Perspective(s): Adrien, Plagg
Summary: Are there such things as Monday the 13th? Because poor Marinette is not having a good day. However, when a stray cat crawls through her window, she has no choice but to take care of him, despite the fact that it may leave her identity at risk.
Info: Okay boys and girls, gather round as I talk about Chat screwing up again with his flirting abilities but this time it’s with a “different” girl. I’m serious, I have no idea why I was writing this or how that one scene came into mind. All I know is that I actually had to cut this into two parts as it was 18 pages long which was double the previous chapter. I wanted to write Adrien’s perspective of the story. In this chapter, Adrien is also having a bad day and hates the fact that he’s stuck at his classmate’s house. He gets to know the other side of Marinette that she refuses on showing during school. He compares her family to his and gets a taste of what its like to be in a real Home. (Be ready with tissues because I had a hard time writing that part without breaking down crying.) This also covers an adorable moment between Plagg and Tikki as they are reunited with each other after decades (I promised that to LittleMissSquiggles.) Plagg has a tad bit more serious tone in this chapter.
Note: Not to confuse people with who is thinking and who is having a conversation in a flashback, the italicized words with out the quotations are characters (Marinette/Adrien/Plagg) thinking. The italicized words with quotations are characters conversing in a flashback. Sorry if I confused you.

Anyways stay tuned for the final chapter! I’m currently making final adjustments to it. As well thanks for the all support for the previous chapter. It’s actually been three years since I’ve written an actual fanfic that I could be proud of . Enjoy Chapter 2!

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Take It From The Top


So I didn’t have a prompt for this one (I’m sorry, I will get round to writing all of them I promise) but I just love origin stories.

Summary: Adrien didn’t think that the ring he picked up off the street would be that much of a big deal but no - he’s followed around by something that vaguely looks like a cat, the entirety of Paris is threatened by a guy named Hawkmoth, Adrien somehow turns into a superhero - with a strange name to boot - and meets someone called Ladybug, who sounds about as equally threatening as Chat Noir does.

Pairing(s): Pre-Chat Noir x Ladybug

Words: 3751

Warnings: not edited and OOC (you know the drill)

Disclaimer: Is my name Zagtoon? No? Wow what a surprise.

Thank you to @darkscaleswriter​ for the idea for the villain ^__^



“Stop following me,” Adrien glared at the tiny black… vaguely-cat-shaped thing that had been whizzing around him for the past three days.

“Ah but I can’t do that until you listen to me,” the vaguely-cat-shaped thing contradicted.

Adrien whirled around. “My dad thinks I’ve become deluded for talking to myself and you’re really not helping whenever I have to do homework,” he exclaimed, ignoring the strange looks he got from passersby on the street at the outburst.

“But you have the ring.”

The ring.

The tiny piece of jewellery that he hand absent-mindedly picked up off the road and placed it onto his finger, only to discover that the stupid thing wouldn’t come off.

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The transformation lifted as Marinette dropped onto her balcony. She’d made it home with two spots to spare, and an exhilarated grin on her face. That last one had gone well, or as well as an akuma fight could be expected to go, and she’d even got to fluster Chat by asking him where he was off to so fast from patrols these days.

He hadn’t formally told Ladybug about himself and Marinette, after all, and watching him stammer and flush when she’d threatened to follow him so she could vet his girlfriend and give her the Ladybug seal of approval had been both wicked, and delightful fun. His cheeks had gone pink, his eyes had gone wide, and he’d stammered in his haste to put her off.

She smiled to herself, getting ready to go back inside when she glimpsed the flash of black accelerating in her direction. Chat Noir landed on her roof and looked up at her with a smirk.

“Chat,” she said, her surprise genuine. She hadn’t expected him to come her way. “What are you doing here?”

“I had to come and warn you,” he said. “Ladybug said she might drop by.”

Marinette looked amused. “Think we’ll get into a cat fight over you?” She asked.

“Ooh,” Chat’s face lit up, “good one.”

“I spend too much time around you,”  Marinette said, mentally kicking herself. That pun hadn’t even been intentional. Chat looked delighted regardless.

An ominous and familiar beep sounded, and Marinette looked at Chat’s ring, and the flashing paw. “Chat!” He was going to detransform right there on her balcony, right in front of her.

He looked at his ring, looked at her, and then asked, “Do you want to know who I am under this?”

“No!” Marinette shouted, covering her face with her hands. “Yes,” she corrected, “I don’t,” she whimpered. “Go, Chat, please? I’m not ready.”

She felt his hands pull her away from her eyes, and she squeezed her eyes shut, tightly. “I want you to know, Marinette.”

She bit her lip, and cursed herself because she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She couldn’t force herself to open her eyes. She shook her head, keeping them squeezed shut. “It’s not that I don’t want to know,” she explained, her voice quiet, and small, “it’s just that if anything happened, if I gave you away,” she squeezed her hands into fists, but Chat’s hands were still around her wrists, though his grip was never tight. “I don’t want to be a liability, I don’t want to be something that can be held over you.”

“You’d never be that,” his voice said, and the beeping had stopped, and she knew, knew he must be in his normal clothes, now. If she opened her eyes he’d be right there, the boy she loved, right there for her to touch, and kiss, and call by name, and she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

“Chat,” she whispered, “I don’t want to spend my dreams seeing the thousand ways I could lose you. If I don’t know, it keeps you safe, at least for now. Please?”

His hands loosed their hold on her wrists, and she felt them drop rather than saw them. “Fine,” he said, softly. “Then at least give me this?”

Marinette swallowed as his hand, a bare, warm, slightly callused hand, pressed over her eyes. She felt his breath against her lips before she felt the kiss, and it was soft, and tender, and she reached out blindly to wrap her arms round him.

“Promise me,” she said, when his lips pulled away from hers, “that you’ll defeat Hawk Moth as quickly as you can?” She asked.

“I promise,” he said, leaning in to kiss her again.

She enjoyed it for a long, long moment, and then he pulled back, and a thought occurred to her. “Chat?” She frowned, keeping her eyes shut as his hand slipped away from her eyes. “How are you going to get off my roof?”

There was a silence that went on for long enough that Marinette could tell he was thinking fast. Eventually he asked, “Got any cheese?”