Marked by Snow - Jon Snow

Soulmate AU where your mark can only be seen by your soulmate and no one else.

Trigger warning: attempted rape

This is my first Jon Snow and Game of Thrones piece so if you enjoyed it make sure you request more!

You tied up the front of your dress, your fingers ghosting over the intricate snowflake that was splayed over your chest. The middle of the snowflake was in the middle of your cleavage and the rest of it branched out over your breasts.

Y/N, you need to hurry. Lord Bolton will wake soon and you must help him bathe.” Margaret said, fussing around with her apron.

“Why did I get dressed then?”

“Because he enjoys watching you undress”

“He’s a monster. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again”

“He’s keeping you out of the cold. Winter is coming”

And with that, Margaret left. The servants managed to sneak the Stark motto into conversations to remind each other of their allegiance to House Stark. You were Arya Stark’s tutor before Ned Stark’s head was decapitated. Theon let you live only because he had a soft spot for you. Only when the Boltons took over, the other servants helped you to hide the fact that you were her tutor and thus you stopped studying books and started scrubbing floors.

You left your quarters and walked through the castle to Ramsay’s room. You knocked on the door and pushed it open after hearing Ramsay’s voice grant you access.

“I’m here to bathe you, my lord”

“Yes, someone already filled the tub with hot water,” Ramsay said looking you up and down.

“Aren’t you a bit too overdressed for this occasion?”

He rose out of his bed, stark naked.

“I’m sorry my lord” You quickly undressed and folded your dress neatly and left it on the floor next to your boots.

Ramsay stepped into the hot bath tub and sat down prompting you to follow after him. You stepped in and sat between his legs on your knees, thankfully he was using the wide tub so sitting on his dick was avoided. You took the soap bar and rag that was sitting on the side and began to rub the soap into his pale skin.

“You truly are very beautiful, Y/N”

“Thank you, my lord”

“If I wasn’t already married to Sansa and the Warden of the North, I would be married to you.”

You shivered at the thought of being married to Ramsay and continued to clean his body.

“Where is your mark Y/N?” He asked, his hands running down your side.

“My hip, my lord” you lied.

“What’s it of?”

“An arrow” you lied again. 

It was in actual fact your friend’s mark. To you, the soulmate mark was sacred, no one but the person that completed you should know what it was. Your friend told you what her mark was because she wanted someone to know what it was. No one she showed the mark to could see what it was and she was afraid that no one else ever would. She was proud of the arrow, it was beautiful and she thought that someone else should know what it looked like.

His hand trailed to your hip.

“Is it here?”  He asked squeezing it.

You tensed and nodded, quickly getting up.

“I must clean your back,” you said, stepping out of the tub.

Ramsay moved forward as you chose to stay out of the tub and finished washing him. Once he decided that he was clean enough he let you get redressed.

“I want you back in here when I’m back. Once I’ve killed Jon Snow I will need someone to celebrate with.”

You knew what that meant. None of the other girls ever worried about being called to Ramsay’s chambers only because he had Myranda.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t like Myranda to come, my lord?”

“She’s a bit too boring now. I want you to take her place”

“Yes, my lord”

You kept quiet about what Ramsay asked of you, only because Myranda scared you a bit. Ramsay had twisted and warped her mind and she was possessive over him, you would like to live when Jon Snow won the battle and won his home back.

When the battle had started, you and 2 of your friends hid in broom cupboards. The three of you were deathly silent as you waited for the outcome of the war. Either way, you were safe-ish. If Ramsay won then the three of you would still have work and a place to stay, only you would be forced to Serve at Ramsay’s every beck and call. If Jon won then you would be free from working as a slave and everyone would be treated kindly as Ned Stark once treated you.

You didn’t know how long the three of you were stuffed in the cupboard but you heard the screams of a man and the low growls of dogs.

“I’ll see what happened. They might have breached the castle.”

You slipped out of the broom cupboard and walked around the castle. Knights of the Vale and wildlings were walking around also.

“Look who we have here.” A knight said looking you up and down

“Whats your name lass?” Another one asked you


“You look very pretty, Y/N”

“Thank you, Ser. Am I right in believing that Ramsay Bolton was defeated?”

“Just, we managed to come in the nick of time and save snow’s arse.”

“Thank you, Ser’s. The people of Winterfell are in your debt.”

The three men were making you very uncomfortable and you tried your best to keep them sweet in an effort to pass through them.

“You can make it up to me. Can’t she?”

The knight turned to look at his friends. They all laughed, clearly drunk. You tried to use their fit of laughter as a way to slip through them but one of them grabbed you harshly and pinned you between his body and the stone wall.

“You’re going to thank me, right here, right now”

He thrust his tongue into your mouth as his hands ripped the top of your dress open, exposing your top half to the cold winter air and his two friends. You tried to push him away but he held your wrists in his hands preventing you from doing anything. His mouth moved from your lips to your neck as you screamed for help. The knight clamped his hand over your mouth and forced you to the floor. 

Just as he managed to free himself from the bottom half of his armour, Jon snow himself, accompanied by 3 other men turned the corner. The two bystanders ran off with a wildling fast behind them. Jon ripped the man off you and towards a tall red-haired wildling.

“Tormund, get him out of my sight.” He practically growled.

Jon’s eyes stopped at your chest as he stared at your mark. Your hand went to shield yourself from his eyes. He shook his head and took off his cloak for you to cover yourself with.

“Forgive me, but the snowflake on your chest was beautiful. Are you okay? He didn’t actually?” He placed a hand on your back.

“No, you came just at the right moment, thank you, my lord.”

“You’re bleeding.” He commented with a frown, seeing his fingers coated with red.

He helped you up.

“They don’t look that bad, I’ll help you clean them up”

“you don’t need to my lord, I’m sure I can ask someone else”

“Anyone else already has their hands full dealing with the casualties. I do know how to clean scratches”

You nodded and followed him. He took a pot of water and a rag and an antiseptic paste from Margaret and lead you through the castle to what you guessed was his room.

“I’m sorry but its the only place I’d like to be right now.”

“It’s fine”

You slipped the cloak off again and his eyes were staring directly at the snowflake. You turned and sat on the bed waiting for him to wipe the blood away.

“Can you see it?” You asked.

“See what?” He replied.

“My mark”

“I’m sorry for staring-”

“You don’t understand it, do you?”

“Understand what?”

“You’re the only one who can see that huge snowflake”

He stopped wiping and placed the water on the side.

“You mean -”

“Yes, nice to meet you, other half”

He chuckled.

“I don’t even know your name”

“Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N”

“Arya’s tutor Y/N?”

You nodded.

“You were right under my nose this entire time and I didn’t even know it?”

“If you stayed at the wall, you would never have known it. Can I see yours?”

He nodded and removed his armour and undershirt. You saw a feather quill down his side and traced it with your finger.

“It’s huge” You commented.

The feather started right under his armpit and went down three-quarters of his torso.

“So is yours. I still need to apply the paste.” 

You got up from the bed and had your back facing Jon’s. His fingers worked quickly applying a layer of the antiseptic on the scratches. Once he was done he wiped his fingers on the rag.

“I’ll go and find you some clothes”

You nodded as he slipped on his undershirt and left the room. You sat back on the bed and used the cloak to cover your bare chest. You were sat idly waiting for his return and your head looked around the room. This room could be yours soon if Jon accepted you. From the way he acted towards you, there was no sign to say he wouldn’t. However, the pessimist side of you thought that he wouldn’t. He would have to marry a high-born lady or a princess to keep his power in the North and you were only just a tutor. He was gone for a very long time and you felt like falling asleep, which was what you were going to do until you heard the heavy door creak open.

“I’m sorry I took so long, I had to deal wth some political matters. Your friend, Margaret, gave me a night dress and a new dress for you to wear in the morning.”

You got up and took the dresses from him.

“Thank you my lord”

“Jon. You of all people needn’t call me’my lord’”

“Thank you, Jon” you corrected.

He smiled and you pulled the remnants of your dress down so that it pooled to the floor. A blush crept onto Jon’s face as he tried to look away but ultimately failed. You stepped out of the dress and took the night dress in one hand and put your normal day dress on the bed. The dress was slipped over your head and you sat back down.

“What was this room used for while I was gone?”

“Well, your father didn’t change anything after you left for the wall, Theon left it as it was and Ramsay was going to use it as a ‘guest room’ but since no one wanted to stay with the sick fucker, it wasn’t used.”

“Smart and mouthy? I’ve struck gold with you”

You cheeks heated up as he stared at you.

“I hope I’m not being too forward but I’d like you to sleep with me in my chambers from now on. Now that I know your significance, I’d like you to stay with me so I can protect you”

“It’s understandable. Well, I’m going to sleep now”

“I’ll join you, today has been a long day.”

You walked to the other side of the bed and pulled back the furs and slotted yourself into the mattress. Jon stripped down into cotton trousers and took his place next to you.

“Good night, Y/N”

“Good night, Jon”

At first, you kept to your side of the bed. You didn’t want to overstep so you gave him his space, but it was cold. The layers of fur were keeping out most of the cold air but when you could feel the warm air radiating from Jon it took all of your power to not snuggle up to the heat source. You flipped over for the millionth time and sighed quietly.

“Can’t sleep?” Jon asked, turning over onto his back.

“It’s colder than usual.”

“Winter is here, so it’s expected.”

“Do you mind if we cuddle? I hear you conserve heat that way”

He nodded and you moved closer to him. You liked sleeping on your tummy so your face was buried into his chest as one leg was flung over his, you were practically sleeping on top of him. His hand rested on your head as if it was second nature and the extra warmth help you get to sleep.

That night you slept amazingly. You didn’t know if it was because you were sleeping with your soulmate or whether is was because the bed was so damn soft, either way, you didn’t want your sleeping arrangement to change.

On Neil Gaiman, and Heroes.

I think I realised something, a reason for why I love about Neil Gaiman’s work so much that I never realised before. Many of his main characters are very…wallflower. At least, they have been in most of the stories I have read. They aren’t celebrated. They aren’t suave or extra clever or grand in any way. They just are. Richard is a man with an okay job and an iffy girlfriend. Shadow is a down on his luck ex-con. The Narrator in Ocean is a man questioning life in his late 40′s, in a not too different way from how one questions in their 20′s. Barbie too, is just a girl. They all lead wallflower existences, unnoticed by those not looking, easily passed over by the random on the street. 

And then these wallflower heroes of his go on to see fantastic things, have reality warping adventures. Adventures on scales so abstract and so vast, and so, so beautiful. And then they come back. Then they come back to a normal life, or at least, a life normal enough. No one knows of what they’ve done. They aren’t congratulated or patted on the back. They come back and live more of their wallflower lives.

And I think the reason I really love this trope of his is because, as time goes by, I too feel more and more wallflower. As children, we dream big. I was going to be the next Tesla, re-invent electricity based technology for the world. Right now, I’d be happy to get a job out of uni that pays okay. Life lowers our expectations and makes wallflowers out of most of us, meant to go just watch the world swing madly on. We contribute to it, but in small ways, ways that seem insignificant. And when we pick up a book, we hide ourselves in awe behind heroes like Vin and Daenerys who can decimate armies and change the course of history in minutes. Which is fine - it’s a lovely escape. But sometimes, we need something a bit less from our heroes. Sometimes, we just need someone to see ourselves in, to stand by, to walk with, to fight with, and in the end, come back with to our everyday lives, with a world none the wiser, and feeling no more changed. Sometimes, we need Shadow, and we need Barbie, and we need Richard. And we need Gaiman.

dadvos  asked:

what about gendry and ned?? or meera & jojen and cat?? do the big starks like their kids friends and suitors?


  • See, Meera tries to make small talk with Ned and he responds politely but inside he’s just screaming because oh dear god why are they talking about the weather right now? He really, really hates small talk. 
    • He really respects her though because she has a great head on her shoulders, and she and Jojen were Bran’s first non-family friends and are very respectful and helpful to Bran. 
  • Cat adores Meera; Meera gets on with Arya and Sansa and Cat loves that Meera can bring the two girls together (Ygritte relates to Arya more and Talisa more with Sansa, but Meera connects so wonderfully and equally with the both of them). 
  • Ned and Cat are very protective of Theon and Gendry; they’ve practically adopted the two into their home. 
    • We all know about Theon’s shitty father, and Ned’s dealt with him more often in their business dealings so he understands and is completely fine with Theon coming over practically every day. 
    • Gendry is his best friend’s son, and while Ned loves Robert, it’s hard because Robert just refuses to acknowledge Gendry and Ned figures if Robert isn’t going to parent his son, he will. 
    • There are rooms made up for the both of them; Cat has a guest room set up and they tend not to stay over on the same days so they alternate using that bed. 
  • Margaery is interesting; she’s polite as hell but she puts Cat off because she reminds her of the popular girls she used to go to school with. She always lowkey expects Margaery to do something drastic and it never happens. 
  • Ned doesn’t have those same reservations; he finds Margaery to be incredibly respectful and she has opinions that she’s always backing up with facts. 
    • Cat likes this too; all three of them have definitely had a politics talk and they left it feeling not angry do you know how amazing it is to walk away from a talk about politics and not be pissed off??? 
  • Ygritte (and by association, Tormund) make Cat and Ned nervous because she’s so closely associated with Jon’s rebellion phase + running away from home, but they’ve learned about how rough her home life is and why she’s on her own now. 
    • They don’t approve of her actions, and Cat is always encouraging Ygritte to go back into school, but while they make clear the things they dislike, they both also tell Ygritte that if she runs into any trouble or needs advice on anything she can go to them, no matter what. 
    • Sam’s also vouched for Ygritte, and they both think very highly of Sam, so Cat and Ned have accepted her in. 
  • Cat is a bit put off by Jojen though tbh. 
    • “Ned he’s just so….quiet.” “I know, isn’t it wonderful?” “But don’t you ever feel like he’s just watching you in the meantime?” “Honey, as long as he doesn’t make small talk, he could be planning to rob a bank for all I care.”
  • Ned is fond of Jojen because while every other S.O. asks questioons about his life, Jojen is quiet. Not that Ned doesn’t enjoy talking to Margaery/Theon/Gendry/Ygritte, but he despises small talk; if you’re going to talk, Ned thinks it should be about something of substance. 
  • Their longest conversation was this: “Oh, hello Jojen. You waiting for Bran?” “Hello Mr. Stark. I am, he said he’d be out in a minute.” “Well I’m off then, goodbye.” “Bye.” 
    • See that? No questions about his day, no small talk, no meaningless chatting about the weather. It’s b e a u t i f u l.