“I don’t really feel that famous. I think I lead quite a normal life with the occasional something a bit different. I like getting on the train and normal stuff like doing the dishes, because you can so easily lose your mind in this world where everything is done for you, you get picked up, driven to things, given stuff for free and all that madness.”

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Prompt: "If you want to get technical it costs exactly zero dollars to murder someone if you keep it simple.“

“So you’re going to steal it?” you asked the five criminals sitting in front of you. It wasn’t that you had a problem with it, you wouldn’t be hanging around criminals if you did, you just wanted to make sure you were clear on the plan.

“Why do you keep bringing your girlfriend to these things, Quill?” Rocket looked up at him, his arms crossed.

“What? You came barging in here yelling how you knew what your birthday present to yourself was going to be this year!” Peter threw his arms out angrily.

“Whatever.” Rocket waved him off. “Yeah, we’re going to steal it. But they stole it first. We’re bringing balance to the universe.”

“I don’t think that’s how that works but ok.”

“While we are there, we can steal some of their weapons and give them to the people so that they may defend themselves against any further attacks from these men,” Gamora suggested.

“That’s a good idea.” Peter leaned forward to inspect the blueprints Rocket had provided.

“So now you’re Robin Hood and the merry men?” You raised an eyebrow at him.

“Gamora is not a man,” Drax pointed out.

“And you’re not so merry, big guy.” Peter gave the specs one last look, before returning his attention to Rocket. “Do you have a plan?”

“It’s a pretty easy to get into. We can just knock most the guards out and I can hack the doors easy.”


“But we may run into a problem here,” The raccoon hopped of his seat so that he could point to the area he was talking about. There was a small blurb of information connected to the area by a short line. “There is a security team here. Hard skulls. Ya know, if you let me buy-”

“I already told you, we don’t have that kind of money,” Peter said dismissively.

If you want to get technical it costs exactly zero dollars to murder someone if you keep it simple.“ You leaned back slightly, bringing your foot up to rest on the opposite leg. “I’ve been on this planet for awhile. I know the species. They may be hard to knock out, but pretty easy to kill, if you know what you’re doing. Don’t even need that fancy weapon Pete won’t letcha buy.”

Rocket looked up at you, clearly shocked. “I change my mind, Quill. You should bring her to more of these things.”

“I am Groot.”

“I don’t care. I like her plan.”

“We made a promise to the Nova man not to kill anymore people,” Drax spoke up.

“Guys, relax. I was joking. I’m not gonna help you kill anyone.”

“Were you serious about knowing the species though?” Peter looked at you.

You smiled at him. “Not only that, but I know this group specifically. They’re a highly skilled group of fighters that you can hire as security for the right price. They typically work in teams of five to ten.” Leaning forward and resting your arms on your legs, you looked at the blueprints. “If you can get me into their computer system, I could probably tell you the fighting style and strengths and weaknesses on the team working the day you plan on breaking in. Once you know that, you should be able to incapacitate them.” Pulling your attention away from the blueprints, you were suddenly very aware of the looks you were currently receiving.  “I, uh, worked at a bar by their…” You paused searching for what to call it. “Training facility. Get a man drunk enough and you can find out his whole life story.”

“I agree with Rocket,” Gamora looked from you to Peter. “You should bring her to more of these.”

“Don’t have to ask me twice,” he smiled at you.


Anonymous asked: If you’re still taking requests Can I have a Sandor x Jons twin sister were she’s been offered off to whoever wins a tournament as a “prize” and she finds out he’s entered she’s really annoyed because she thought he was different from the other men in Kings landing. He wins and he goes to see her in their now shared quarters. he thinks she doesn’t want him but he tells her he entered to protect her from the men with bad intentions and he loves her. Lots of fluffy adorable awkward please. TY

Here you are, anon! I do not own Sandor Clegane or Jaime Lannister. They are the property of George R.R.Martin. 

Warnings: A person being used as a prize, awkward fluff, a swear.

Pairings: Sandor “The Hound” Clegane x fem!Snow reader, mentions of Jaime Lannister

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What in the Seven Hells? You sat in the stands watching as man after man jousted. Each man had his eye on the prize. Something never offered before. The prize? You. This wasn’t exactly how you planned to find a husband. It was barbaric and it made you feel like a slave. However, you were a bastard. What more could you ask for? You certainly couldn’t expect a noble lord to marry you, even if you were the daughter of the honorable Eddard Stark. Now, here you were, waiting to see which deplorable man would win you as his wife.

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I don’t know why but this Gendry & Tyrion interacting , having a SL together is giving me small hope for a Gendrya & Sanrion reunion.

Like what if Sansa/Arya reunite too and have SL together (speculation is Arya helps murder LF w/Sansa) and Gendry/Tyrion have a thing while Sansa & Arya doing their thing then leading to end of season which I guess will be Jon/Dany and forces coming together , Gendry/Arya & Sansa/Tyrion reunite? 🤔

i understand jonsa shippers who want the fall in love and all that jazz. But really people think it hard:  The political marriage is SO much better, love in got world doesnt  last.  I want both Jon and Sansa ( especially sansa) to survive. Let them have a Cat and Ned type of marriage ( the best romance on the show for me). Besides just like Cat and Ned had to overcome Ned bringing home a bastard (jon). Jon and Sansa can overcome their incesty thing, with time and peace ( and lots of children who grow up in winterfell.. One is named Thorrien).  I am happy if jon and dany fall in love because thats mean there is NO way they get married and live happily ever after. NO way . too happy. its not grrm style. 

and to people who say that the starks wont do the incesty  thing: 

“ By what right does the wolf judge the lion? “ - Jaime Lannister  

( i see as a foreshadow stark incest..but that is just me lol)