La La Land (Steve Rogers x Reader)

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A/N: Hey guys! So sorry there haven’t been any updates in a while but here is something!!! I have a bunch of ideas but I’m having trouble finding time to write. More stories to come soon! Leave some feedback if you’d like :) Also La La Land has become my new obsession so…. here. Enjoy!

Word Count: 2,018

Prompt: You’re at the cinema alone and so am I we might as well sit together and I swear I didn’t think there was anyone else in this universe who appreciates this movie like I do.

- Written by Brie - 

You’re lame. You’re so lame you can’t even believe yourself. Who the hell goes to the theater alone at two in the afternoon just to see a movie for the third time. You, that’s who. You didn’t even bother to stop at the concession counter for the classic popcorn and soda combo as you hurried to your theater door, by now were an expert at sneaking outside food into the theater. If only the snack counter sold chicken nuggets and fries, you wouldn’t have to feel so guilty sneaking in your salty contraband.

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Never Expire
Gossling (Oliver Tank Remix)
Never Expire

Gossling- Never Expire (Oliver Tank Remix)

This is a song made of mist and snow.

This sound truly astounds me. This is stand-alone music. This. is. it. Maybe I’m being slightly melodramatic, but I need to stop replaying this so I won’t tire of its perfection, like that really good book you wish you could go back and read anew. Today I bring you another of Australian artist, Oliver Tank’s, masterful remixes. This time he covers a song by fellow compatriot, Gossling, whose track, “Never Expire,” is a gem in and of itself. Tank captures the distinctive Tegan and Sara-esque indie pop vocals of lead singer, Helen Croome, that are so ingeniously arranged over the hazy guitar melodies and subtly layered synths of her single. Oliver artfully arranges these sounds into an indescribable amalgamation of ambient, electronic, lo-fi, chillwave and indie pop references. Just remember to breath, because this track is bound to leave you breathless.