Newtown Festival 2011 Review

Newtown Festival 2011

Review by: Shane Fenton

Photographer: Shane Fenton.


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 For 18 years now the Newtown Festival has occupied my second Sunday in November, infact I clear my calendar for this one special day.  For 33 years the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre has organised this incredible social gathering in Sydney’s beautiful bohemian Inner West and this year’s event was certainly one of the most memorable in history.


As always Aunty opened the event with her declaration of the land and its true owners and then the real fun begun.


This year’s Newtown festival performers begun on a high note with the ridiculously talented Bec Sandridge opening the main stage, Bec’s opening set was filled with adorably catchy tunes and dry comedic humour which was perfect for the early Sunday morning audience.  By this time the heat was most certainly pounding down on the rapidly growing Newtown Festival audience.


Over at the Essential stage Slow Down Honey then kicked the festival into a more pop-rocking beat to a gracious crowd.  From there back on the main stage Tin Sparrow and then Melbourne’s brilliantly artistic Gossling haunted the audience with her melancholy majesty.  Though the main stage went through a rocking transformation when The Barons Of Tang woke the near silent Newtown audience with their incredibly intense gypsy funk metal circus insanity, quite honestly, it was the performance of the festival, The Barons Of Tang were outstanding and meticulously precise.


Following was solid performances from Aleks and the Ramps who get the award for being the best dressed band of the day, especially a pair of bright red hot pants, certainly was a crowd favourite with the women.. cough, cough!  Then make at the main stage crowd favourites Sticky Fingers rocked the Newtown horde, their energetic set was unmistakable and will be remembered for a while to come.


My next destination was back at the Essential stage with Australian up and coming rock goddesses Stonefield whom proved their musical abilities to the tough Newtown crowd, giving one hell of a performance, they proved why Stonefield are a name to keep an eye on in the coming years.  The final two performers I seen, Ghostwood and Dubmarine closed out the Essential and Main stages.


The 2011 Newtown Festival now at a close, I can say the 75,000 strong visitors attending this year’s event were witness to some incredible performances and as always continued the legacy that is Newtown Festival.


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