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LISTEN though, Mado Kasuka and Kureo’s story. She was an Academy professor obviously older than him, whom he wooed successfully at all of 20 years old, and who gave absolutely no fucks, apparently, about the fact that their relationship was the talk of the Academy.

I remember laughing at her (as quoted by Akira), “I mean I like you, but changing my surname would be a pain in the ass.”

also i just went to look at ms translation of that scene and they completely butchered it which is why i’m writing this i am offended

oceanwildatelier  asked:

I absolutely love your blog. My question is what kind of path do you follow? Is it your own? Do you like certain gods? I get a very satyr vibe off of your picture. But I don't want to make assumptions :)

I follow my own path. :) I don’t really see it as a path as much as a story. I’m just living my life day to day and trying to be a full and blooming person, and to help those around me do that same. I follow no gods, but Hestia and Dionysus are very… Intriguing to me. Satyrs are super scary and cute. I like them a bunch, so I take that as a high compliment.
-Xoxox Gossip Ghoul