The Department of Marvelous Makeup is here to provide some inspiration for those of you still pondering what to be for Halloween next week. Corie Willet is a professional hairstylist in Quad Cities, IL, but in her free time she’s an awesome amateur body painter. Willet began experimenting with Halloween makeup just a few years ago and has a real knack for transforming herself into all sorts of fantastic pop art zombies, ghastly ghouls, ferocious monsters, vibrant animals, and this nightmarish homage to Futurama in the form of gruesome zombie Leela:

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[via Twisted Sifter]


Halloween is (officially) over for another year, but the Department of Marvelous Makeup would like to salute legendary special-effects makeup artist Rick Baker who spent the day transforming his whole family into different versions of The Joker, each very different, but all equally awesome:

Baker’s daughter Veronica became the chillingly perfect likeness of the Killing Joke version of the Clown Prince of Crime. His other daughter Rebecca resurrected Heath Ledger’s iconic Joker from The Dark Knight. Rebecca’s husband became Gwynplaine from The Man Who Laughs, a silent film character whose appearance served as the original inspiration for The Joker for comic book artist Jerry Robinson back in 1940. Rick Baker turned himself into the horrifying New 52 Joker, who looks so impressively gruesome because he’s wearing the skin of his own face as a distorted mask. The only exception among the group was Baker’s wife, who instead became the unforgettable Harley Quinn.

[via Fashionably Geek]