There’s a fucking head in the refrigerator!
—  Police officer during the initial investigation of Jeffrey dahmer’s apartment

Goth ships :3

I was wondering how many peeps were shipped with Goth. Apparently this many :v


Poth (Palette x Goth): this one is an old and still popular ship. And can be seen as canon but Neko senpai did say any ships is canon for Goth ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Roth(?) (Rurik x Goth): its almost as old and popular as Poth. The fell version of Palette often took a “yandere” role when shipped with the original Goth.

Gothcest (Cupcake x Goth): another self ship and not popular as Poth or Roth but the ship is somewhat alive.

Goven (Raven x Goth): an incest ship thats pretty popular lately. Its pretty new and gaining a lot of shippers.

Joth (?) (Paperjam x Goth): an interesting ship that isn’t really popular but you can still see a few fan art once in a while.

Gory (Scary x Goth): an old ship and one of my favorites. The son of Nightmare and Horror took the role of yandere many times. Its too bad the ship is now dead.

Goaster (Toaster x Goth): a joke ship that was made by @blogthegreatrouge . the design was made by @nateeev It exploded for a first few weeks than died down and now its kinda dead.

Gray (Spray Cray x Goth): a ship that is also made by @blogthegreatrouge in her AU PJ’s daycare. Its kinda alive right now.


Goth & Lotus/ @nekophy

Palette & Rurik/ @angexci

Raven/ @ask-the-gothfamily

Paperjam/ @7goodangel

Scary/ @finfileors

Cray/ @weezy-pup


Plz correct me if I’m wrong about something or I missed a ship!


I added personal details too. :>

Originally I made him stand beside a zombie Tom but I scrapped the idea because Tom ended up sucking ass and Tord looked better off alone.

(*Whispers* but imma gonna tag it as TomTord anyways hehehehehe…)