Did you know that Sense8 might get cancelled?

For all the hype around this show and the amount of people who loved it, I haven’t seen a single post about this yet. Sense8 HAS NOT YET BEEN RENEWED. Netflix has been silent about the renewal, and they said that the lack of views/audience for the show is worrying. Despite the show having 5 seasons mapped out, it might not get renewed for a second one and that’s something I honestly can’t accept. I don’t live in a country where Netflix is available, and I’m not sure how the website works but if you can increase the viewings by rewatching it then please do. You can also tweet @netflix on twitter (netflix on tumblr) and use the hashtag  #RenewSense8

Remember that this show has so much potential for improvement, and is one of the very few shows with such great representation and strong female characters. We can’t let this one go.