My new dream for Sense8 season 2 is that there’s some sort of huge Bollywood style dance number (probably during Kala/Rajan wedding attempt #2) during which one of the other sensates inconveniently visits and hilariously messes up the whole routine. 

I feel like Lito could possibly get through it with some minor hiccups. He’d analyze the routine rather quickly and barely anyone would realize something is different. Lots of ass shaking though and grinding against Rajan. A bit too much for a brand new bride. 

Will definitely wouldn’t know what to do. I’m making a headcanon right now at this moment that most of his dancing experience is with high school dances in the past. He’d flail about like a chicken trying to fly and everyone would wonder what happened. 

Nomi would have fun with it. She’s probably danced a lot with Amanita and while not quite following the routine closely, she’d improvise and it would appear the bride is just enjoying herself on her special day. 

Riley noticeably hesitates and a girl to her side bumps into her. She knows music, she knows how a throng of bodies dancing in unison looks. But even when she does dance, it’s usually the mostly mindless gyrations of a rave. In the end, she requires a bit of assistance from the girl who bumped into her. 

Sun is a deer in headlights. Fighting isn’t so far removed from dancing, but it isn’t as if she can get through this by punching or kicking the air. Her performance is about the same disaster level as Will’s, with a lot of accidentally elbowed ribs. 

Capheus enjoys himself. This isn’t the dancing of home. But he can follow the rhythm and beat well enough. In fact, he’s so happy doing this that the dance routine changes to follow his movements. 

Wolfgang just wants this to be over. He won’t purposefully fuck it up because Kala wants to get through this event. But his discomfort is quite evident in his body language and his meager attempts to follow this routine and the other dancers. Later on, someone will ask Kala if she’s feeling okay. 

Of course with her spontaneous dance number training, Kala would get through it flawlessly. 

friend 1: so what you guys looking forward to in December?

friend 2: CHRISTMAS

friend 3: CHRISTMAS, DUH

friend 4: X-MAS 

me: the feature length Sense8 christmas special episode.

friend 1: -

friend 2: -

friend 3: -

friend 4: -