EXPERIence: Gorilla InTheKitchen

Okay, if the name doesn’t persuade you to go and try, I’ll say a few things about this cute concept restaurant. HEALTH & WELLNESS. When you talk about healthy choices, it gets everyone interested. Their menu offers delicious varieties that only uses healthy and natural ingredients, that have no cream, no butter, no deep fry and no worries. I’m not sure how they do it but it’s hard to figure out how their dishes can taste that delicious without any cream or butter! My friend Jake ( check out his blog: ifyourestarvingeat.tumblr.com) suggested  for us to try this restaurant, good call! The appetizer, two mains and smoothies that we ordered did not disappoint! The ambiance is very modern with a sophisticated feel. They even have a mini checkup room in the middle of the restaurant, you do need to be a member for those services though. It’s pretty awesome! This is definitely a restaurant to check out! I can’t wait till go back! 

  • Potato Pancakes with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce *Soul Care - 15 000
  • Garlic Olive Pasta with Grilled Chicken  Breast *Muscle Smart - 17 000
  • Wild Mushroom Carbonara with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce *Soul Care - 22 000
  • Very Berry Smoothie - 9 000

So delicious! :)

Website: www.gorillakitchen.co.kr

Address: 650 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea - Although it is in Sinsa-dong, this restaurant is closer to Apgujeong Station. Take a taxi from there and ask the driver to take you to Dosan Park’s front gate. Gorilla InTheKitchen is right beside the gates. 

Bae Yoon Joon's Restaurant - Gorilla in the Kitchen (고릴라 인 더 키친)

Bae Yoon Joon is my first Korean idol. His smile and charisma took my breath away. I remembered the first time I see him in dramas, I was very curious why would they cast this “common face” as the male lead. My sister got a shock when she watched Winter Sonata and Yoon-Sama was acting as a teenager when he is already in his 30s. In the state of confusion, we are also drawn to his charms unknowingly. Slowly Yoon-Sama took over all the hearts of the females in my house; including my mother. Yoon-Sama Zzang~~

After Everland, we are going to visit “Gorilla in the Kitchen”, the restaurant Bae Yoon Joon owns. Despite having the directions to the restaurant on hand, we had a challenging time locating the restaurant by foot. Many bloggers suggested to take the subway to Apgujeong Station, and take a cab in, but we love challenges. ><

(Credits to www.gorillakitchen.co.kr )

After asking a few Koreans, a beautiful Korean lady helped us a lot by walking us to somewhere close to the restaurant. Basically, you got to get to Dosan Park, and the restaurant is just opposite. Finally, we reached this famous restaurant.


Fatigue and hungry. We ordered the chicken spaghetti, chicken don and chicken rice for the main course, and tiramisu for dessert. The food is good, but the cake was the most enjoyable. The customers were mainly locals, business executives whom I believe work nearby the restaurant, some Japanese fans and others (which means us again). The deco of the restaurant is clean and tasteful, very Bae Yoon Joon’s style.

As Yoon-Sama loves his fans and customers deeply, the restaurant is going for the “No cream, No butter, No Deep Fried, No worries” concept. There is a small area set up for “medical checkup”, I guess it’s for checking the blood pressure and body fats level. The calories of food and the way the food is prepared were stated in the menu as well. What a health-conscious restaurant.