Dizzy Dishes

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animated short film history
Release: Aug. 9th, 1930
Country: USA
Director: Dave Fleischer

“This short is famous for being the first appearance of Betty Boop.

Chef Bimbo waits on a hungry gorilla and then goes to the kitchen to prepare the order, roast duck. When he is about to bring it to the gorilla’s table, he sees Betty Boop performing on stage and falls in love at first sight. He forgets about the hungry gorilla and dances on stage with the duck. The gorilla, furious, goes after Bimbo, who escapes on a wooden train.

The as-yet-unevolved Betty Boop is drawn as an anthropomorphic female dog. Except for the ears, she resembles Betty Boop in her regular incarnation. Also, she is merely a side character; the main plotline revolves around the incompetent chef Bimbo and the irate gorilla.”


Dizzy Dishes is available on YouTube.

anonymous asked:

HEADCANNON !! Robert and Craig takes the twins back to school shopping, Craig does clothes and Robert does supplies, but poor Robert was a mess and got gorilla glue, and those kitchen scissors, and he ended up getting to many tissues for their classroom so now they have so many tissues boxes around the house and omg

Robert tries hes a good dad!!!!! HES A GOOD DAD!!!!!!!!!!