Torsofuck - Raped by Elephants

I picked up Carcass’ debut Reek Of Putrefaction sometime between the end of middle school and the beginning of high school. At that point, having only really been listening to Thrash 101, NWOBHM and Cannibal Corpse, this album was one of the harshest things I’d ever heard. Everything about it was pulverizing and incomprehensible; the cover is a collage of deli meats and human corpses, I didn’t know any of the words in the song titles, the production is demo-rough, and the vocals are a mess of gurgles and growls. I’ve never really wrapped my head around this release; it won’t let me. I love listening to it along with the aforementioned Symphonies of Sickness (listen to the song I posted if you aren’t a big fat pussy) and thinking about how this was released in 1988, before extreme music really took off. To this point, this album (to me) is the most brutal thing to have been released. As far as I was concerned as a budding 13 year old, it was.