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20: what's your favorite eye color? and 28: sunrise or sunset? <333

20:what’s your favorite eye color?

“Gotta love those big blues of yours Scotty boy.” John laughs, neglecting to mention he’s actually fond of blue eyes because of the special place in his heart for Alan’s wide, hopeful ones when he wants to learn something spacey off his big brother. “Mine are pretty neat too. Virg and Gords probably got the poor end of the gene pool there.”

28:sunrise or sunset? 

“Sunset.” Little brother flashes him a grin, “Obviously. As much as I enjoy a jog along the beach as the sun is coming up… Sunset is when all the stars come out.”

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Really wish we saw more of Gordon

Me too, there was very little small guppy. But hey, we’re gonna get Gords in SPACE with Alan and I’m p sure that’s gonna make up for it. Give it time, am sure we’ll be seeing plenty of squid kid <33