Some faux-DLC bushes I made for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. They would sprout every three days like trees and produce 3-6 berries at a time. The ones that produce 3 berries at a time are rarer and the berries are worth more. For 6 berries a piece of the Alpine furniture set would be able to be modded to feature the berry. I am planning on redoing the alpine furniture set to feature feature the berries. 


I’ve been working on this lore-accurate Glamarye from The Witcher novels for a year now, and after lots of experiments it’s finally ready to go. 

“You flee my dreams come the morning,

Your scent; Berries Tart, Lilac Sweet…”

“Yennefer, having at last arranged the locks over her forehead, took a small, green, glass jar out of her saddlebags.…The enchantress uncorked the jar, which gave off the scent of lilac and gooseberries. She stuck her index finger in and rubbed a little of it under her eyes.…The enchantress turned back and Ciri sighed. Yennefer’s eyes burnt with a violet light and her face radiated with beauty. Dazzling beauty. Provocative. Dangerous. And unnatural.

“The little green jar,” Ciri realised. “What was in it?”

“Glamarye. An elixir. Or rather a cream for special occasions. Ciri, must you ride into every puddle on the road?”

-Excerpts of Yennefer & her coveted Glamarye, from “The Time of Contempt”, 4th book in “The Witcher” series by Andrzej Sapkowski.

Vengerberg Glamarye offers its esteemed customers the only Accurate-To-The-Lore Glamarye on the market.

This rich, premium-grade perfumed hand & body cream leaves you smelling of Lilac & Gooseberries for hours and has an additional property: When applied, it imparts a gorgeous, subtle, iridescent gold shimmer. 

Each bottle is stamped with a black wax seal depicting Yennefer’s favorite animal: The Unicorn.

Yennefer’s “little green jar” comes in its own black leather pouch. Perfect for saddlebag transportation, or wearing at your hip while in costume. The only Lilac & Gooseberry Glamarye Cream available that accurately replicates the author’s original description.

This product is a labor of love; I am a huge fan of all The Witcher novels. That, combined with my experience in perfumery and extensive experimenting has culminated in this: The first of 3 types of Perfumed Glamarye Creams from The Witcher Novels. For fans, cosplayers and anyone with refined taste. Stay tuned for more creams from Vengerberg Glamarye. 


Untitled by Maya Beano


Louise Moillon by Breut Hélène

Still life with cherries, strawberries and gooseberries - 1630

Louise Moillon (1609–1696) was a French painter in the Baroque era. She became known as one of the best still life painters during her time.

I have a 48 hour shift starting at 6 am tomorrow, so I’m finishing my week early.  Trolls Week 2017.  OC.  These are my Ocs “Gooseberry” and “Mulberry”  They are brother and sister, but based on my cousin and myself when we were younger.  Mulberry likes to push the envelope but avoids most consequences by batting her eyes and flashing her sweet smile.  Gooseberry is a little shit and doesn’t care who knows it.  And I love them both.  HAPPY TROLLS WEEK EVERYONE!  Have fun tomorrow!!