Apparantly alot of other people here in Stockholm (fifth city world-wide) are interested in MongoDB too.

“MongoDB is becoming a very popular datastore for new web and mobile applications. So this is a crude proxy for where the new web and mobile applications are being built.” — Fred Wilson

Google Introduces News Lab: A New World for Journalists

Google is the most used search engine worldwide and yesterday, Google Inc. introduced News Lab where they team up with journalists and entrepreneurs to create a wider experience inside the media.  The Director of News Lab, Steve Grove posted on the official Google blog that their mission is to partner with journalists and entrepreneurs to help build the future of media. They will have teams from US, UK, France, and Germany to work for their site.

They have created new features which probably already sound familiar, but Google managed to squeeze it into a single tool. This service includes developing users’ story using Google’s research tools, enhancing the story using Google’s visualization, circulating story with the use of distribution tools, as well as improving and optimizing engagement using their analytic tools.

This is great news for journalists of every breed that Google Inc. has created a tool that would encourage amateur writers to enhance their abilities and proficiencies in the world of media. Journalists will be heard and experiences will be wider with the use of this tool.

Another platform also indicated in Steve Grove’s post is Google Trends. According to the Director of News Lab, “The new Google Trends provides journalists with deeper, broader, and real-time data, and incorporates feedback we collected from newsrooms and data journalists around the world.”

Their focus on the future of media is to empower new voices and to allow citizen reporting. They have launched collaborations with Matter, accelerators in San Francisco that supports media entrepreneurs, and Hacks/Hackers, a journalism organization that would help their startups and expand their impact.

More information about Google and its new services are yet to be announced and visiting the official

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Google da su alineación ideal de la primera ronda del mundial, en dónde aparece el arquero mexicano Guillermo Ochoa. Así mismo, también aparece el español Piqué y el portugués Cristiano Ronaldo, a decir verdad, sus actuaciones dejaron mucho que desear y sólo están ahí por el nombre. En su lugar yo hubiese puesto a Rafael Márquez en la defensa, cambiar la línea de cuatro por una cinco dejando a un sólo punto como Messi, y en lugar de CR7 poner a James Rodríguez de Colombia.

[Week 12] The Google of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving break was short, but needed. The break gave us a bit of breathing room before our finals, which are coming up very soon. Those extra days gave me time to catch up with my friends, for some of my classmates it was exploring this lovely city, extra time to spend with loved ones, binge watch some Netflix and more importantly we all stuffed our faces with food.

I have never had the pressure to host thanksgiving (and I am thankful for that) and since I am back in school, I do not have time. There is a lot of planning that takes place when hosting a thanksgiving dinner. One of my friends asked me “What would I do if I were to host thanksgiving?” After a bit of anxiety my response was, “I will start by getting a turkey, learn how to cook a turkey, figure out the stuff in stuffings and lastly, how much is chef? And it seems I was not the only one asking these questions. I came across some interesting data and trends about Thanksgiving.

Cosa cerchiamo su Google?

Vi siete mai chiesti quali sono le principali ricerche che vengono effettuate sul colosso di Mountain View? 
Scopriamole insieme!

Stando ai dati del 2014 di Google Trends (e ci riferiamo solo al nostro paese), le principali ricerche che sono state effettuate su Google potrebbero essere riassunte in una frase: 

Selfie con Robin Williams durante il Barbecue pieno di Blatte”.

No non siamo impazziti, e soprattutto non ce ne voglia la famiglia Williams, ma a quanto pare tra le principali ricerche che sono state effettuate nel 2014 abbiamo avuto un aumento di Barbecue nei giardini degli italiani, infatti molti hanno chiesto a Google <<come fare Barbecue>>; per non parlare della parola Selfie, che a quanto pare non tutti ne hanno capito prontamente il significato, chiedendo al motore di ricerca più famoso al mondo cosa significasse.

          Come fare più cercati:
1 - Barbecue
2 - Ciambelle
3 - Refil
4 - Tortellini
5 - Malocchio

         Cosa significa più cercati: 
1 - Selfie
2 - P.v.
3 - Nfc
4 - Giargiana
5 - Virale

        Personaggi più cercati:
1 - Robin Williams
2 - Schumacher
3 - Giorgio Faletti
4 - Veronica Maya
5 - Jennifer Lawrence

       Perchè più cercati:
1 - Vengono le blatte
2 - Pepa muore
3 - Bugiardino
4 - Energie rinnovabili
5 - Si soffre

Just another 80's love song

How is it that I have been on this earth for close to 31 years and FINALLY I am “trending”. To understand this, first you must understand what “trending” means. I will wait while you explain….no? Ok, to the online world of free dictionaries I go…

According to, TREND (the root word of TRENDING) has three meanings. The shortest, sweetest and most to-the-point definition is this; Current style. I like this, it makes my life easier.

At the years end, everyone tends to make lists. Best/worst lists are my favorites but today I was introduced to the Google Trends list of 2013. It seems as though a misspelling of my first name topped the charts for most searched girls names. Now I know I should give credit to Jimmy Fallon since this is how they spelled Fallon and he is “famous” and all but I’d like to think that my name has just finally caught on. I fear that I have missed the era of bleeding heart 80’s ballads about rock and rollers and their current love interest. Will I ever have a song that is entirely comprised of heart-felt melodies and excessive saxophone use devoted to my name? If dreams are meant to come true….

See for yourself. Explore the trends.

Decidió no ir a Brasil, pero sigue en la mente de los mexicanos

México están buscando 1.5x más a Carlos Vela que al partido de México vs. Camerún luego que éste decidió no participar en el Mundial.
Conoce los sentimientos, enfoque e intereses de México basado en las Tendencias de Búsqueda para este y otros partidos haciendo clic en el siguiente enlace:

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