We love it when people find inventive uses for Google Street View (previously featured here). Artist Halley Docherty turned Google Street View into a time machine by taking paintings of London created in the 18th and 19th century and superimposing them over Street View images of the precise locations depicted in those old paintings. It’s as though contemporary locations, from river views and park trails to landmarks, intersections and street scenes, have opened themselves to reveal their own memories of how they looked and who was there many years ago.

“This is not the first time Docherty has created a merging of past and present. Other projects have included collages of present-day settings with classic album covers and another featured juxtapositions with photos from World War I. Docherty’s series help to reveal the aesthetic flavor and wide-ranging eye of Street View.”

Click here to learn more about these pieces and view more of Halley Docherty’s fascinating London paintings project.

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Today the Department of Miniature Marvels is delighting in an awesome new project by Google Maps (previously featured here). They traveled to Miniatur Wunderland, the world’s largest model railway, located in Hamburg, Germany, and mapped it so that it can be explored on their Street View site.

“…to capture the nooks and crannies in Miniatur Wunderland, we worked with our partner at Ubilabs to build an entirely new—and much smaller—device. Tiny cameras were mounted on tiny vehicles that were able to drive the roads and over the train tracks, weaving through the Wunderland’s little worlds to capture their hidden treasures.

Populated by over 200,000 itty-bitty citizens, Miniatur Wunderland features 13,000 meters (42,650 feet) of track that travel through miniature replicas of German provinces, famous locations in the USA, and a fully functional airport.

Click here to learn more about this geektastic project and take your own virtual tour of Miniatur Wunderland, which now also contains a miniature Google Street View car that was created to commemorate collaboration.

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The Guardian’s Google Street View specialist Halley Docherty has released an incredible new series of images that bring together famous album covers and their modern-day settings. Docherty uses Google Street View to pinpoint the exact location that’s depicted in the album cover, and then meticulously lines up the Street View scene and the album cover so that they blend together seamlessly. The series features albums by iconic artists like Bob Dylan, Oasis, the Beatles, and Led Zeppelin.


Umaid Bhawan Palace (उम्मेद  भवन) is one of the world’s largest private residences. A part of the palace is managed by Taj Hotels. Named after Maharaja Umaid Singh, grandfather of the present owners of the palace, this monument has 347 rooms and serves as the principal residence of the erstwhile Jodhpur royal family. Located on the outskirts of Jodhpur, the current building is divided into a hotel and a museum dedicated to the Jodhpur royal family.

(Jodhpur, Rajasthan)