So there’s this nice rich kid in my class

I saw him today during study hall with this SupaBoy portable SNES. He said he got it for about 90 bucks. I thought “Yep, that’s Michael.” because he can get that cool stuff every now and then. But then, about 5 minutes later, I heard someone say “how much was the watch?” I looked up and while playing with his 1992 Super Star Wars game, he was wearing a brand new Google Smartwatch.

Google’s Smartwatch will be available soon after the company begins mass production of the device in Asia. The Smartwatch, which will run on Android, will be integrated with Google Now. Google has also been working to reduce power consumption on the Smartwatch so it won’t require frequent battery charges, according to an intelligent personal assistant from Google. The Smartwatch will be able to communicate with other devices such as a smartphone, and draw information such as travel schedules from a user’s email through Google Now.

New Google Watch App Surpasses Apple Watch

There has been a lot of hoopla regarding the recent release of the Apple Watch. What many forget is that Google released its Android Wear last year. To steal some of Apple’s thunder, Google is releasing a new update today that offers four more features that will upgrade the experience of having a smartwatch with the Android OS. The new Google Watch app can even make it possible to leave your smartphone at home because you simply won’t need it when you travel.

Google Watch App to an Already Awesome Product

The Google Android smartwatch operating system offers many features that Dick Tracy could only dream of. New smartwatches do so much more than just provide the time of day. The Google watch app OS provides notifications from smartphones to appear on the face of your watch that you can interact with using a swipe of a finger or by just talking aloud, responding hands-free. You can just put your watch near your face and state your reply. Through Google Now, you can talk to your watch and get answers to questions such as, “Where is the nearest gas station?”

The app also helps you get going in the morning when you wear it to bed and use it as your alarm clock. The smartwatch will vibrate to wake you. Like a pesky little brother, it’s hard to ignore, but easy to manipulate with bleary eyes. Android Wear with the Google watch app also have smaller batteries that offer great operating power and can be recharged in a few hours, as opposed to overnight for your smartphone. You can also use it to communicate with other devices such as your garage door opener, smoke detectors and thermostats. There are many other great features, as well.

The New Google Watch App Update

This Google watch app update makes it easier to navigate without the need to put your fingers on the screen. All you need to do now is flick your wrist and you can see the next or last screen. Another cool feature helps save battery life. While you are viewing the screen you get full color, however, when you are not looking at it, the screen will dim to black and white saving battery power.

Though you could previously stream and store music on your Android smartwatch, you can now travel and leave your smartphone at home to do so. As long as your phone is up and working and connected to Wi-Fi, you can get notifications and stream music from it, wherever you happened to leave it. The watch and phone don’t even need to be on the same network. It also offers Wi-Fi radio.

One of the coolest features is being able to use an emoji without a keyboard. While messaging, all you have to do is draw on the watch face and the Google watch app will pick the emoji closest and send it. Take that, Apple! Your tiny little Android smartwatch does so much and charges so fast, you no longer need to take your smartphone along when you travel away from home anymore. Everything you need is right there in your smartwatch Google watch app.

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Android Wear gets major update before the Apple Watch ships

Google announced a major update for Android Wear which will begin to roll out in the next few weeks to most of the Android Wear watches beginning with the LG Urbane. The update adds features which will help its operating system compete against Apple Watch which begins to ship on Friday. New features include WiFi support, always-on apps, and emojis. 

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Google Announes Android Wear OS for Smartwatches

Google has announced Android Wear, a new OS for upcoming wearable technology. The Android Wear is bit more cleaned and simplified version of Android. It is the Nexus of smartwatches.

Android Wear operates with voice commands and reacts accordingly. Say “Ok Google” to ask questions and get stuff done. Android Wear shows you info and suggestions you need, right when you need them. The wide variety of Android applications means you’ll receive the latest posts and updates from your favorite social apps, chats from your preferred messaging apps, notifications from shopping, news and photography apps, and more. It also has some in-build apps to monitor your fitness and exercises.

Company’s like Moto, LG and ASUS has already started using Android Wear OS in their wearable devices.

Apple Watch sees new competition in $1,400 TAG smartwatch

The smartwatch market is starting to echo the traditional watch space, providing options in various tiers from affordable to coveted. Apple Watch was the first to set the bar high with its luxury line Apple Watch Edition seeing a price tag in the five digits. Now it’s Android Wear’s time. A report from Bloomberg has suggested that the upcoming TAG Heuer smartwatch running Google’s operating system will have a price tag of $1,400 USD.

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Google releases Android Wear introduction video ahead of I/O 2014

Google releases Android Wear introduction video ahead of I/O 2014

The Google Developers YouTube channel published a video that gives the audience a quick introduction to Android Wear. The video is narrated by Timothy Jordan, a developer advocate at Google. It is designed to introduce developers to Android Wear, the interface and the interactions that the devices will support.

Android Wear is going to be a important part of this year’s Google I/Oapart from…

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Google Will Launch Google Wear Smartwatch

Google Will Launch Google Wear Smartwatch

Google Will Launch Google Wear Smartwatch

Google Will Launch Google Wear Smartwatch

Android Wear Which is A Google’s new version of Android aimed specifically for wearables will run on third party devices in the same way as the companies Android OS runs on third party smartphones.

Google Wear will be the integration of Google Now for voice controlled functions while LG and Motorola have already…

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