Get To Know Me (again, ha-ha)

I was tagged for this by the always lovely @highwaydiamonds, thanks so much! <3

Nicknames: Mandy, or Ams
Gender: female (cis)
Star sign:  🙄 cancer, though I’m not much of an astrology person
Height: 5′3″ - 5′4″ ish
Hogwarts House: Slytherin, though I always felt a little more Hufflepuff - determination and hard work go hand in hand, no?
Favorite Color: gray, all day every day!
Time right now: 7:42
Average hours of sleep: 6 ish, most days
Lucky Number: 7, or 17 I guess?
Last thing I googled: pâte à bombe receipe - actually to make french buttercream out of, but very, very tasty on its own (which is how I ate like 2 tablespoons of, just like, off spoons to “test”)
# of blankets I sleep with: one, for now, usually two in the winter. cold climates are cozy af for sleeps
Favorite bands/artists:  such a hard question! Brand New seems to be the one I always go back to, no matter how long it’s been
Dream Trip: Pretty much everywhere, there’s always something new to see and do and learn. though the next trip actually planned is to San Fransisco for a friends bachelorette, so that’s exciting!
Dream Job: Ugh, idk dudes. One of my two jobs is one I genuinely love, but unfortunately it’s just not a livable wage in the country I live in on its own. It’s something that has been kind of weighing me down lately, the whole rigamarole of “who am I”, “who do I want to be”, “what do I want to accomplish” is difficult to work though, but I’ll figure it out (right?)

What I’m wearing right now:  booty shorts, big ol’ sweater - @highwaydiamonds is right, pants are legit. for. suckers!
When I made this blog: uuh,, March of this year I think? it’s a baby for sure
How many Blogs I follow: 196, pretty sure?
Posts: hahaha, 113? at least 100 of those are reposts! oof, that’s awkward
What I post about: a bunch of things, really. pretty pictures, feminism, things that are funny, rarely (but occasionally) smutty things ha-ha
Do I receive asks daily: literally never once!
Why I chose my URL: it’s that sense of longing for comfort, to get to that place where you can release the tension. whether its family, or family you choose, or not people or a specific place at all, just that feeling of ease and softness of the home you create is what I’m always, in the back of my mind, working towards. I’m not sure what it looks like yet, or whom will or won’t be there. But I genuinely am excited in a calm, patient way for the time in my life in which I can create a solid base of “home”, for myself and any/all who wish for sanctuary in a not always pleasant journey.

Ok, so I’m not gonna tag anybody this go, as I’m always nervous when I do? I don’t know guys. I absolutely adore reading them though, so please, please do it of you want to!!

Rules: you have to tag 10 of your followers that you want to know better.
I was tagged by @agentlesortofruthlessness !!

Nickname: ppl irl call me steph but also astrid
Zodiac sign: capricorn
Gender: female prbs *hand waggling motion*
Favourite colour: purple and light blue
Current time: 1:59 pm
Average hours of sleep: 7 ish
Last thing you googled: lush bath bombs
Current number of followers: 249
Height: 5′4″

im gonna tag @asexualhermione, @kuwata-kun and @thecynicalidealist !! i dont wanna bug too many people with tags so thats all ill do but i encourage anyone who wants to <3

Got tagged by @phantell to do an about me! 

Name/nickname: Rae- ducky, sofika nut, reginald, button nose, buck tooth III, mint mint, and raedar (these are so weird blame my cousin)

Gender: female 

Height: Like 5′2″ 

Hogwarts House: ravenclaw

Favorite color: black and really light pastel blue and mint

Time: 20:01 pm 

Last thing I Googled: bath bombs 

Fictional character I’d like as a sibling: celaena sardothien 

Number of blankets I sleep with: only 1 fuzzy one, but it only covers half my legs or else i’ll get way too sweaty 

2 favorite bands/artists: bts and got7 

Dream vacation: Either going to South Korea/Japan or Europe 

When I made this blog: June 14th, 2016 

How many blogs I follow: 291 

What I post about: umm pastel, aesthetics, and kpop?? if you scroll long enough you’ll find when i only posted dan and phil lol 

Do I get asks on a regular basis: aha no. 

Aesthetics: collarbones, taemin’s voice, the sound of birds at 2 in the morning, ivy growing on white walls, and space 

The lucky tagged: @phlanetexplorer, @muffinerd and @glimmeringlester 

you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to of course ^^