Comment nettoyer les résultats négatifs de Google ?

Votre société ou vos dirigeants sont attaqués sur le Web ? Vous souffrez de diffamation ? Découvrez comment nettoyer les résultats de Google. L’e-réputation est bien plus maîtrisable qu’on ne peut le penser à première vue : elle repose sur un ensemble d’actions décidées et orchestrées par l’entreprise : discussion, transparence, partage d’informations… En savoir plus en découvrant le site du cabinet

Google Bombing

Hace un rato, leyendo un artículo de @JulioAlonso sobre la demanda de la SGAE hacia su persona por ciertos comentarios en su artículo SGAE=ladrones, me he enterado de lo que se conoce como Google Bombing, que no es más que posicionar una página web en el primer lugar de los resultados de Google de manera premeditada, colaborativa y con un aspecto subjetivo detrás (desde simple diversión hasta venganza extrema).

Son casos más famosos son los de Bush, con su “miserable failure”, o el caso que se explica en, blog de Julio Alonso, donde al realizar la búsqueda de la palabra “ladrones”, aparecía la web de SGAE en primera posición.

Sin embargo, parece que un cambio en el algoritmo de Google, hubiese puesto fin a estos movimientos ciudadanos.

Por cierto, yo también creo que SGAE son unos ladrones, y vosotros?


Google bombing ou résultat de réelles recherches massives par les internautes ? Les suggestions de Google quand on commence à taper le nom de “Hollande” dans la barre de recherche prêtent à sourire quand il s'agit de déterminer si le président est “mou”, “nul” ou “menteur”, moins quand on se voit suggérer qu'il serait juif ou franc-maçon… L'obsession d'un complot judéo-maçonnique n'est jamais loin.

PS : il s'agit des résultats obtenus au jour de la rédaction de ce billet (13/04/2013), ils auront sans doute disparu dans quelques semaines.

Two major US aquifers contaminated by natural uranium

Nearly 2 million people throughout the Great Plains and California above aquifer sites contaminated with natural uranium that is mobilized by human-contributed nitrate, according to a study from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Data from roughly 275,000 groundwater samples in the High Plains and Central Valley aquifers show that many Americans live less than two-thirds of a mile from wells that often far exceed the uranium guideline set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The study reports that 78 percent of the uranium-contaminated sites were linked to the presence of nitrate, a common groundwater contaminant that originates mainly from chemical fertilizers and animal waste. Nitrate mobilizes naturally occurring uranium through a series of bacterial and chemical reactions that oxidize the radioactive mineral, making it soluble in groundwater.

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Interesting science at play, redox reactions caused by a primary contaminant, nitrate (from fertilisers, it’s also a big problem in the UK, google ‘Nitrate time bomb’), causing uranium present in natural minerals to oxidise and become mobile ions in groundwater. 

just found out that when i type in “harry ginny ship” on google, my ship defense essay is on the top of page 3, when i type in “harry ginny ship defense” it’s #1 in the results!

so thanks to whoever has google-bombed me. :D

continue spreading it!  


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  • ONE THING THAT PISSES ME OFF: constantly have to be doing something — chill
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  • GENDER: cis female (she/her)
  • SEXUAL ORIENTATION: uh r.n i’m feeling sex-repulsed heteromantic bisexual but i can’t decide ever
  • WHAT I’M WEARING RIGHT NOW: b&w geometric dress thing and my big blue hoodie that i never take off
  • LAST BOOK I READ: Shadow & Bone - Leigh Bardugo
  • LAST THING I SAID TO A FAMILY MEMBER: “what’s my favourite food?“ @ my mum in anticipation for the question
  • FAVORITE BEVERAGE: cherry coke, 7UP, tea, apple/cranberry juice
  • FAVORITE FOOD: dark chocolate, anything w cranberry sauce (i love cranberries), german biscuits, apples, prawns, fried eggs, i like food
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: watched Love, Rosie (which is hilarious)
  • DREAM VACATION: Tokyo, NYC, Florence, Berlin
DREAM WEDDING: going to a registry office i hate weddings
  • DREAM PETS: three dogs/rats/mice idk called Atticus, Yarnie and Adlet
  • DREAM JOB: anything in History
  • RANDOM FACT: i’m terrified of getting on buses esp. alone

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ramble ramble about silly people not taking local terror threats seriously on facebook

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ISIS-chan and ISIL-kun are personification characters to disturb the propaganda of Daesh through google bombing.
Daesh is called ISIS, ISIL, IS, islamic state, etc. and イスラム国(Islam-koku).

It is simple work to only click. (During experimental installation)
ISISちゃん ISISchan ISIS-chan ISIS ISIL islamic state Daesh Daash
ISISちゃん ISISchan ISIS-chan ISIS ISIL islamic state Daesh Daash
ISISちゃん ISISchan ISIS-chan ISIS ISIL islamic state Daesh Daash

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